100 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

When you are dating a girl, or in a relationship with her, she will appreciate romantic gestures, such as gifts and taking her out on dates, but she’ll also just as much appreciate compliments and romantic words. It’s a good thing to remember to compliment your girlfriend, or the woman you’re dating at least once a week (preferably more) and to mix it up – compliment her personality, her looks, the things she does, etc. Below you will find some samples of romantic and sweet things to say to her. Some are better said face to face, others can be sent in messages, or left as notes that she finds as a surprise.

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

1. Since I met you my life has become so much better.

Whilst it’s a bit of a cliché, if it’s a sincere comment (and you have a great life in general and aren’t clinging onto her) it is something she’ll love to hear. Who doesn’t like finding out they’re enhancing someone’s life?

2. Everyone told me love is great, but until I met you I really had no idea.

Show her that she is special as you’ve never felt anything like this before!

3. My life is so much more magical with you in it.

Who doesn’t want to be the one adding magic sparkle to someone’s life?

4. You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever met.

If you say it the right way showing her you think not just her looks, but also her personality, her heart and soul, are beautiful, you will touch her heart with this statement.

5. The clothes you’re wearing today make you look even more gorgeous than normal – you shouldn’t wear them too often or I won’t be able to think properly when I’m around you!

A bit of a flirtatious statement, but sweet nonetheless.

6. Nothing is as sweet as your smile.

Telling her that her happiness makes you happy is more than a little bit beautiful.

7. I’ve never been as crazy about another girl as I am about you. I don’t even think I knew what going crazy over a girl meant till I met you.

This will make her feel real special.

8. I think you deserve some real pampering after this week, so on Saturday I’m going to pour you a hot bath and give you a big cup of tea to sip, whilst I cook for you. And after dinner I’ll give you a proper massage.

There is almost no girl who doesn’t like being pampered! Especially if she feels you’re doing it because you’ve seen she’s had a hard week. That you pay attention and care for her will make her feel like a million dollars.

9. I bought you chocolate because I wanted to give you something as sweet as you. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true!

Showing up with an unexpected, small, gift is always appreciated. Especially when you accompany it with some sweet words!

10. No one has made me feel more loved than you.

It’s a great compliment to get that you love them in such a manner where they truly feel it.

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

11. Loving you makes me happy.

This is just plain wonderful to hear from a guy!

12. As corny as it sounds, you make me want to be a better man. You are so incredibly nice to others and I want to be the kind of man who deserves you.

If you’ve met a girl like an angel and show her how much you value that she’s such a kind soul, she’ll be very grateful to you.

13. I couldn’t resist picking this flower, because it’s as pretty as you are!

If you’re out on a country walk, this is the perfect sweet gesture.

14. Love is not all cute and cuddly – love is about being there for each other during the hard times too and with you I know I could handle that, because I love you enough to pull through whatever we may encounter.

Now there’s a serious declaration of love for you!

15. Good morning! You’re totally worth waking up for!

Now ain’t that a sweet phrase to wake up to in the morning?

16. I think I could truly look at your face forever. It’s like watching my own happiness. You make me happy.

Such a cute thing to say.

17. There are so many reasons I love you, but here are three…

Go on to list three reasons why you love her!

18. I still remember the day we met. It was one of the best days of my life, but I didn’t know it back then!

If you say this, you better remember that day!

19. You are tremendously, fantastically, super splendidly awesome!

A quirky kind of compliment for a quirky kind of girl.

20. When I go to bed at night I almost always think about you before I fall asleep. You are my favorite dream come true.

A very sweet goodnight conversation!

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

21. If I could I’d like to relive the date we just had at least twenty times. It was such a wonderful time! But I know we will go on to create so many more beautiful memories.

A wonderful thing to say after a wonderful night!

22. You’re like a bright shining star – always shining beautifully. I think it’s your heart that makes you so beautiful.

Isn’t that a great compliment?!

23. I consider myself so lucky to have met you. I know not everyone meet someone they are truly in love with, but I know I’m in love with you.


24. My life used to be great, but now it’s simply wonderful! I never knew loving someone could change your life so much.

That’s a very beautiful thing to say to a girl.

25. I wanted to buy you a gift, but I couldn’t find anything that showed how much I love you, so I thought I’d just say it instead: I love you. I really, really love you.

You could say this on her birthday, or any day. If it’s her birthday you should really bring a gift too, even if it’s not something which you think shows how much you love her.

26. Not even the moon shines as bright as your smile tonight.

If there is ever a romantic moment when the full moon is shining, this is the perfect line!

27. I think it’s people like you who make the world a little bit of a better place to be.

A wonderful compliment for a wonderful girl.

28. You’re so beautiful you give me goosebumps, seriously!

If that’s what happens tell her! She’s bound to be flattered.

29. You are wonderful, you know that, right?

Isn’t being wonderful amazing?

30. I wish all women were as wonderful as you, because everyone deserves someone like you in their life.

Especially great to say if she’s done something marvelous for you that day!

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

31. My life is much more beautiful with you in it.

Simple, but poignant.

32. I truly feel like I’ve known you for a very, very long time. Like you can see right into my heart and soul.

A beautiful way to describe the sensation of being soulmates.

33. With you by my side I feel like I can conquer the world.

If you’re talking about something you’re doing, it’s nice to slip this compliment into the conversation!

34. You know, just knowing you’re here make me happy.

Great if she’s visiting you.

35. Throughout time people have come up with lousy love poems and I’m starting to understand why now – you inspire me to think about writing a love poem and I’m the lousiest poet you ever met! They’re right when they say love turns everyone into a poet! You’re beautiful babe and I want to tell you in some incredible way. But I really can’t write poetry…

This is a long one, but it’s cute. Very cute. You gotta mean it though – she’s gotta inspire you to write poetry!

36. Your kiss just made my day!

A gorgeous thing to say to someone after kissing them.

37. I know it might sound trite, but you seriously make my heart beat faster every time you touch me.

Who wouldn’t swoon for that?

38. I wanted to take you out to do something really special tonight, but I couldn’t think of anything that’s as special as you are. I still hope you’ll like this, but if not, I’m sure you’ll help me come up with something better for the next date.

The perfect thing to say for a special date night.

39. I think I’m going to have to learn 365 different languages because I’d like to tell you I love you in 365 different ways every year.

This is cute, especially if you also talk about other gestures for saying “I love you” and how you can do that (i.e. one of the languages is compliments, another language is acts of kindness and so forth).

40. Just so you know, you’re absolutely gorgeous.

Something every woman likes to hear once in a while!

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

41. I am crazy in love with you.

Sometimes you think those things are obvious – you date someone so of course you’re crazy in love with them, think they are beautiful, love their personality and so forth, but you need to tell them too!

42. Every morning when I wake up I look forward to seeing your smile.

Such a cute thing to say.

43. Every night when I go to bed I hope I’ll dream about you.

The perfect thing to say when saying good night.

44. When I think of the future I always think of you in it.

Given you guys are really serious, this is something she’ll love to hear, because it will make her feel secure about the relationship, which in turn will make her shine.

45. I love how soft your skin feels when I touch it. It feels as beautiful as you look.

Very sweet!

46. I love it when my pillows smell of you.

Cute if you like falling asleep thinking of her.

47. They say the best things in life are free, but I believe a good relationship takes work. You have to love each other and care for each other every day so that the relationship doesn’t die when the first romance fades. And I am certain I’m willing to work for you.

Shows your commitment to creating a great relationship.

48. I want to make you feel special every single day. So tell me, what can I do to make you feel special?

A woman loves a man who cares enough to find out what she wants and then gives it to her.

49. I wish I could protect you from all life’s harm – I can’t. But at least I can be there with you to help you through it and make you smile.

A great thing to say if she’s going through something difficult.

50. I love the sound of your voice.

It’s nice knowing what someone loves about you, because it gives you confidence. In relationships people often forget to say these small things, but they’re important.

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

51. I can’t fix everything in your life for you, but I can always be there for you and I will.

Lovely to know you have all the support you need.

52. I think I become a better person just being around you. Goodness is contagious.

Wonderful compliment to someone who’s an angel.

53. Sometimes I wish I was a magician just so as to be able to make your dreams come true.

If you’re talking about something she dreams of doing, this is a really sweet comment.

54. Your cheeks are as red as roses. I hope it’s because I’m making you that happy!

If your girl blushes, or is all red cheeked one day from the wind, you can always take advantage of it by complimenting her for it! Just be sure she doesn’t feel embarrassed for blushing.

55. Your lips taste like candy. You’re so my favorite sweet right now!

Particularly good if she is wearing some lip balm that tastes like a sweet!

56. You have some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and you know what they say – the eyes are the windows to the soul!

A nice way of complimenting her eyes and soul at the same time.

57. No one has ever made me feel the way you do.

If it’s true, she’ll be flattered!

58. You’re sweeter than a cupcake, so from now on I’m gonna call you my cupcake!

Maybe a bit too sweet for some, but it’s cute nonetheless!

59. There’s no smile that make me happier than yours. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you smile. I think that maybe, just maybe I’m in love with you…

This is a swoon worthy thing to say to a girl!

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

60. Your eyes are as big and beautiful as those of a doe and tonight they look particularly sparkling. I hope it’s from the happiness of seeing me!

If your girlfriend has big, brown eyes, then this is the perfect compliment.

61. You are so beautiful in a real way that it knocks the wind out of me every time I actually stop to look at you properly.

If that ain’t a nice compliment, I don’t know what it is!

62. Your lips are the most kissable lips I ever saw.

Almost all girls compare themselves to other girls and if you’ve won her heart, she will want to know she is the one for you By saying things like she has the most kissable lips you ever saw, you make her secure in knowing you aren’t looking for any other lips to kiss right now.

63. You know, whenever I think of you, I catch myself smiling.

A man catching himself falling/being in love – very flattering.

64. I love your voice. I think sometimes you enchanted me because I forget what you’re saying, I just listen to the sound.

A nice way of complimenting her voice. A woman likes knowing she has unique traits that you’re attracted to.

65. I love the way you see me, like truly see me you know. I always have the feeling you understand me, whilst others, even if they listen, don’t really get what I’m saying.

If you tell her this she will feel really special. You better be telling the truth though because this is nothing to joke about!

66. I have this feeling we’ve known each other for a very, very long time and yet we met only a few weeks ago.

If you feel a true connection with her, this is a great line.

68. Your laughter makes me happy.

Knowing her happiness makes you happy will make her happy…

69. You’re the prettiest thing I ever saw!

Who doesn’t like being the prettiest girl in the world?!

70. You make me feel like a silly teenager in love.

Sounds pretty darn sweet!


71. I was thinking about all the great things that have ever happened to me throughout my life yesterday and you’re amongst the top five!

So long as the other four up there are pretty epic events, this is a good one. (Note: getting a playstation is not an epic event.)

72. I bought you a bunch of roses and when the last rose fades, so will my love. That’s why I put one plastic rose in there! (Alternatively you can buy a rose necklace.)

Gives her a cute love token to keep.

73. Every time I see you smile I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have a woman like you in my life.

Very cute.

74. Love is not something you can buy, but I do believe you have to be awarded it and I will work very hard for the rest of my life to ensure I deserve your love.

To know a guy does something every day to show he really treasures you; that he actively works to keep you, is every girl’s dream.

75. They say love hits you like lightning, but even if it only took me a second to fall in love with you, I’m certain my love for you will last forever.

Showing you want to build a future together in a cute way!

76. Love is never easy but with you I believe it’s still the most magical thing that ever happened to me.

The perfect thing to say after fighting and making up.

77. I swear babe, you’re the sexiest thing I ever saw!

A girl likes feeling desired and knowing she’s the most desired girl when it comes to you.

78. I would give up chocolate for you!

This is the kind of thing you say when you’re eating chocolate, commenting on it being delicious and then saying something “but it isn’t as delicious as you. I’d totally give up chocolate for you.” You can substitute chocolate with something else, like ice cream. Just don’t say something like “I’d give up soccer for you” as down the line, if she thinks you’re playing too much soccer, you’ll end up in an argument.

79. Every day at work I look forward to come home to see you. Never changes.

It’s sweet knowing someone’s looking forward to seeing you every day. Saying these small things will make a girl feel so much more secure in the relationship.

80. You’re so hot in that dress I swear you could set the whole town on fire!

A girl likes to know she’s desired! (You can exchange dress for anything else she’s wearing, of course.)

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

81. Your voice reminds me of birds singing in spring – it’s the sound of happiness.

Knowing you’re the sound of happiness could make any girl blush, couldn’t it?!

82. No one can be in a bad mood when around you for a little while!

Letting her know you’re brightening her day is very sweet!

83. You’re so the sunshine in my life.


84. You’re such an amazing person I have to pinch myself every time I think about you being mine.

Letting her know she’s all round an amazing person is always very flattering. Women want to be admired for all of them, not just their looks, or smarts, or kindness, or whatever it may be.

85. I bet all the other men in the room were jealous of me tonight, because I had you!

It’s nice letting her know that you’re not the only one who fancies her, whilst simultaneously showing that you thought she was the most beautiful woman at the party and you’re proud she’s yours.

86. Life is filled with really, really difficult things, but just knowing that I have you in my life makes it worthwhile.

Such a cute thing to say.

87. I love you more than I ever thought I could love a person, because I never felt this strongly about anyone until I met you.

Showing her you never felt more for anyone else is really reassuring for a woman – often women are too busy worrying about a guy’s exes to truly relax. The thing is, when she relaxes, she will give so much more of herself – in the relationship, in the bedroom, everywhere!

89. No one else turns me on the way you do.

Again, this will totally make her relax and find confidence in her sexiness.

90. If I made a dollar from every time I caught myself smiling thinking of you, I’d be so rich by now! But I already am rich because I have you.

If that isn’t sweet I don’t know what will be.

Cute Things to Say to a Girl

91. I can’t wait for us to live our dreams together.

Who doesn’t want to live their dreams with someone?!

92. Every time I dream of you I wake up with a smile on my face.

There’s something special knowing someone dreams about you.

93. They say when you can’t sleep you’re awake in someone else’s dreams. I really hope it was your dreams I was awake in last night…

If she asks you how you slept over text and you had a partially sleepless night, this is a really cute thing to say.

94. I love the way you dress.

A good compliment goes a long way any day! So long as it’s honest that is!

95. Seeing a text from you always gives me butterflies in my belly!

Her knowing she has that effect on you will make her love you even more!

96. I will love you F.O.R.E.V.E but no R because it would be the end of forever.

This is a cute text to someone you really feel like you’ll love forever.

97. Every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again.

To have a good relationship you need to fall in love every day.

98. Sometimes when I’m with you I want to stop time because I want to feel like this forever.

The perfect thing to say if you’re sharing an incredible moment, or you just feel completely happy when with her.

99. You’re everything I ever wanted in a girlfriend.

Doesn’t all girls want to hear just that?!

100. You know, even after all this time we’ve spent together, I still catch my breath sometimes when I see you, or my heart starts beating faster.

It’s quite incredible, don’t you think?!

Cute Things to Say to a GirlKnowing someone still feels like when they first met you is wonderful. Who doesn’t want their boyfriend to still be silly in love with them three, or thirty years down the line?!


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