100 Fun, Flirty, and Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend


At some point in every relationship the ideas for great, mind blowing dates start to slowly, inevitably disappear. Even the most amazing of boyfriends eventually finds themselves wondering what to do next that will keep their wonderful girlfriend invested and excited in the date nights they plan. There’s so much more to having a good time with your partner than just sitting at home watching reruns on Netflix… Again. It’s proven that trying out new and different things on your dates keep the relationship healthy and will help it also last a much longer time. You don’t have to be the plain, boring boyfriend any longer, there’s hundreds of different ways to keep the both of you entertained each and everyday. You don’t even have to leave your house at all or you can choose to travel to another country. Whether you’re rich, broke, active or lazy, we’ve got all the best date ideas there are out there and we put them in one big list.

Fun Things To Do At home

Utilize this list of various different exciting things to do with your girlfriend from the comfort of your own home. Never have another boring night in again! There are tons of different options, cheap and free, that you can do without ever having to take a single step outside.

  • Watch movie marathon of your favorite movies. Mow down on some popcorn and candy as you finally get your chance to whip out the Lord of the rings or Harry Potter box sets and binge watch all day.
  • Do a large jigsaw puzzle together. You can do this while listening to music and drinking tea/coffee!
  • Create a video together and then watch it later.
  • Brew your own beer. You can buy starter kits online.
  • Create music together. Sing, play instruments or just use an online simulator. You could even just play a musical game on your gaming console.
  • Speaking of gaming consoles- You can also play video games at home and have a wonderful time!
  • Play board games.
  • Get lost in youtube and watch funny videos together.
  • Make and enjoy brunch. Everyone loves brunch!
  • Let your inner kid out and have a pillow fight!
  • Watch some of your favorite cartoons from your childhood.
  • Take time to learn how to make a complex, yet tasty meal with your partner by utilizing the cooking tutorials on Youtube.
  • Read a book or magazine out loud together. Take turns doing so. If you’re not a fan of public speaking, you can both read your favorite books separately but still near each other.
  • Use the day to binge watch your favorite shows while coloring in some cool adult coloring books! They make tons of awesome coloring books for grownups nowadays.
  • Have a couples spa day in the comfort of your own home! Buy some oils, light candles and put on some elevator music.  Give each other massages and treat yourselves to a day of relaxation.
  • Camp out in your living room! Build a fort out of blankets, make some s’mores in the microwave and download a star mapping app so help you see the constellations without ever actually stepping outside.
  • Create a scrapbook of your relationship from the beginning of it until the present. If you haven’t started one by now then it will definitely keep the both of you busy for quite some time!
  • Make your own paper dolls by downloading templates and printing them off. It’s a good time if you’re feeling crafty!
  • Have a meme war. It’s bound to be hilarious in every way.
  • Play dress up and act out the characters.
  • Have a story-writing competition with each other and see how creative you can really get.
  • Make your own sculptures.
  • Sit by the fireplace cuddled up with some warm hot-cocoa.
  • Make it a real life slumber party and play truth or dare. See how far you’re willing to go!
  • Write out your bucket lists together and then plan out all the trips you’ll take to achieve the things on those lists. Include hypothetical dates, costs, flights, etc. It will be fun!
  • Learn a language together. If you’ve been itching to brush up on your español, this is your opportunity to do so!
  • Watch a foreign movie. If you’re feeling up to it take off the subtitles.
  • Have a romantic candlelit dinner on the rooftop. Don’t do this if your roof is weak or is slanted. You’ll want a flat, sturdy rooftop for this date activity to work. We don’t want anyone getting hurt while they’re trying to have a good time.
  • Grill out and become grill masters for a night. You can even grill a pizza if you want to. The possibilities with this one are endless.
  • Go on a walk at sunset and enjoy the view. Nothing is more romantic than a kiss at sunset. Don’t you agree?
  • Serenade each other with love songs. Warning: This one is a little bit mushy. But, hey, but being sappy is the definition of romance, right?
  • Teach her something you love. Whatever that may be, take the time to show her what your favorite hobby is. This is a definite way to bring you two closer together.
  • Have a fire. No need to actually go camping when you can just start up a fire in the backyard. Preferably only if you have a firepit.  You can roast real s’mores and enjoy a night cuddled up telling campfire stories.

Cheap (Or Free) Things To Do

We get it, sometimes the budget is a little too tight for a fancy night on the town. And that’s perfectly okay. You don’t need a lot of dough to impress her. Just the skills to follow through with any of the fun activities we’ve laid out below.

  • Take a walk. Yes, it’s simple, but you’d be surprised at how entertaining taking a walk with your girlfriend is.
  • Go to a petting zoo. Cheaper than a real zoo and you can usually feed the animals. How cute!
  • Take her to a museum or art gallery. Often times these places have no fee to enter, but if they do it’s fairly inexpensive.
  • Have a dollar menu date. Okay, before you get grumpy about how trashy this sounds, it’s actually a lot of fun to do. Take her to a few of her favorite fast food places and pick out one item from each that you pick up through the drive-thru. Then go back home to enjoy your mini feast and cuddle up with your stomachs happy and full. It’ll get you out of the house, but it won’t cost you an arm and leg to do.
  • Watch Ted Talks or documentaries and have intellectual discussions when you’re done.
  • Have a picnic in your local park and watch the sunset together.
  • Adventure to the nearest bookstore or booked change. No cost to you and it takes up a lot of time!
  • Go boating or fishing together. That is if you have the resources to do so.
  • Drive around and look at fancy houses in your city! It’s a lot of fun and keeps you busy for a minimum of a couple hours!
  • Set up a photoshoot the you do on each other. You don’t have to stay home for this,  you can go to the park or the nearest pub and just snap away!
  • Go to a beer or wine tasting. Usually these are low cost or free!
  • Visit your local nature center or state park. Besides the parking fee, they’re always free to visit and wander around. A lot of the time they have cool attractions or sights to see.
  • Visit the zoo or aquarium. Normally these activities are pretty cheap if you eat before you go and bring your own water bottle.
  • Play adult hide and seek at your local mall by using only your phones to text clues.
  • Feed the ducks.

Fun Things To Do In The City

Ready for a day out and about? Then this section is perfect for you. Whether you’ve got a lot in your wallet or you do not, these ideas are easily accessible in mostly any city at low-costs. Some of them are more expensive than others, but the costly ones are also totally worth it! You definitely won’t be boring her anytime soon. Try any of them out and you’re both guaranteed to a have a blast!

  • Go play some mini golf. It’s a really fun game to play, especially if you’re dating the person you go with!
  • Check out your local thrift shops and thrift markets for some cool stuff! They always say that one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.
  • Test your luck out at the casino. Maybe you’ll win big!
  • If you’re religious, check out the local church activities near you.
  • Check out your city’s minor league sports teams and go to a game. Going to see big league games can sometimes rack up quite a bill. Between food, drinks and tickets it’ll be awhile before you have any extra spending money again. Keep it cheap, but still fun by going to a local sports game instead. Not only are food and drinks cheaper, but the tickets are usually a quarter or the big leagues tickets prices.
  • Rent a vespa. Remember to wear a helmet!
  • Go check out a car show. If she’s down for that kind of thing!
  • Go bar hopping and get tipsy with your partner. Of course, you don’t want to over do it but going from pub to pub will be a blast!
  • Go to a botanical garden. It’s gorgeous and filled with great aromas to set the mood.
  • Go to the fanciest restaurant you can (if you have the funds), but wear your nicest clothes and have a truly classy “adult” date.
  • Brush up on your history by booking a tour for a historical house. A lot of cities have historical houses that you can call to set up a tour to visit.
  • See an improv show. You’ll get a few laughs for sure.
  • Fight for a cause together and attend a political rally! These can be fun and uplifting.
  • See an opera.
  • Take a spa day and relax with your girlfriend in peace.
  • Meet friends for a double date at a trendy restaurant.
  • Take the bus and just ride around to view the city.
  • Go for a carriage ride through the city. What could possibly be more romantic than that?
  • Go to the dog park and play with cute puppies. If their owners let you, of course. Get approval first. If you have a dog you can just take your own.
  • Treat yourself to see a ballet. Not only is it romantic, it’s honestly really beautiful.
  • Grab a coffee. Coffee dates are chill and good for deep conversations. You can even do a coffee-crawl instead of a pub-crawl. Check out different coffee shops near you. A lot of them host entertainment, art and other exciting activities. If you can’t find out when the events are, call around to ask or stop in and check out the bulletin boards they usually have up.
  • See a movie! When in doubt go veg out at the theater with snacks and all. Don’t forget the butter! If that’s not something you feel like doing or have grown tired of you, you can opt to see live theater instead.
  • Sick of the regular movies? Go to the drive-in!
  • Go to open-houses and take a peek at the houses for sale in your city.
  • Volunteer. It’s a lot more fun to do than it sounds! You can spend quality time with your boo while also helping humanity. There’s tons of places to volunteer in every city. Google, “volunteer opportunities near me” to see what’s available.
  • Go to a concert and rock out to your favorite band. Or go to a local band’s concert, they are usually cheap or free.
  • Be a tourist in your own town by visiting all the landmarks and attractions a tourist would.
  • Go to a book reading.
  • Take an educational class together.
  • Go shopping. No, for real, shopping is good for the soul!
  • Go to the local community center for a game of b-ball or pool.
  • Visit the arcade. Playing games not only releases your inner child, but it will bring you and your girl closer together. Unless you’re both competitive, then maybe you should stay away from games… Being a sore loser can take the fun and romance right out of any date, at any time.
  • Rent a hotel for a romantic staycation. Fire up the jacuzzi and order some romantic comedies!
  • See if there’s a hookah bar around and head over for a fun smoke sesh.
  • Check out the local record store. Maybe even go home with some cool vinyls or purchase her favorite CD.

Fun Things To Do Out Of Town

You don’t have to be a city slicker to have a good time. Keep her intrigued with this small list of cool things to do outside the city limits. You can do anything on it with the right motivation and most are extremely cost effective and totally adventurous.

  • Call and book a session to go horseback riding. Not only is it romantic, but it’s something you can go out in the country to do.
  • Go hiking in your local hills /mountains (if you’re lucky enough to have them), if not you can go trek the countryside.
  • Go cave exploring.
  • Fly a kite together. Or get a kite building kit for each of you and build your own kites. Then fly them.
  • Go storm chasing. It’ll be like the movie Twister, but in real life. Avoid going out in actual twisters, though, please.
  • Rent a cabin for a weekend away in the woods. Not only is this romantic, it’s also secluded for those who want to be alone for awhile. Not in a horror movie way, though. Definitely not like that. Keep it light and not creepy as much as possible.
  • Find a private river or beach and take a dive.
  • Go to the airport and pick out the first flight you can. Adventure somewhere new. If you don’t have the cash, just go watch planes take off. That’s also fun to do.
  • Go to a bed and breakfast. It has most of the perks of a hotel, but better beds and better breakfast.
  • Go panning for gold. Maybe you’ll get rich quick. That would really impress her.
  • Go on a long bike ride in the countryside. If you don’t have a bike, see if you can rent one. Check the terrain of your countryside and pick the bike you rent accordingly.
  • Visit a farm and play with all the animals! You can never go wrong when it comes to women + animals. Probably even better than going to visit a petting zoo. You can usually get a lot more up close and personal at a farm.
  • Go camping. Camping is a beautiful way to release stress and get away from the chaos of everyday life. Not only do you get to lay out under the stars, but you can roast weenies and reading scary stories… That way when she’s scared, you’ll be there to cuddle up and protect her.
  • Take a romantic stroll at the nearest beach. Or lay out and tan while you can get some peace and quiet. What’s more relaxing than a day in the sun with the woman you love?
  • Take her skiing/tubing/snowboarding. If you don’t feel like you’re equipped to try out either of those things you can also opt to take her tubing. Bundle up, it’s definitely a colder date idea.
  • Lookup farms near you that will let you go and pick your own produce. It’s a lot of fun, relaxing and you’ll get some quality food to take home with you.
  • Do some cross country style running together! If you like to do a lot of running, that is.
  • Rent an ATV and go rip up some dirt. This is a more risky activity and should only be done if you have experience. If you’re inexperienced, find someone who knows how to drive an ATV and have them teach you to be safe or take a guide with you.
  • Go white-water rafting. This can be scary, but oh-so exciting!
  • Get a metal detector and check out the woods around the city. You never know what you might find. Go try it to find out!

Unique Gift Ideas

Don’t waste your time with flowers. You don’t need to lame old jewelry or a cupcake. You can pull off any of these unique gift ideas right now and make your girlfriend smile.

  • An engraved necklace. Much more unique and meaningful than a regular piece of dull jewelry.
  • A scrapbook or framed picture. A gift like that is sentimental and means a lot to any girl.
  • Hair ties and bobby pins. Seriously, she’ll appreciate it! First, find out if she uses them, because some girls do not.
  • Cookie cutters in shapes of her favorite characters or series. A simple, yet adorable and thoughtful gift.
  • A jewelry fastening aid. Yes, they sell something to help fasten hooks and clips. That way she’ll stop asking you to do it!
  • A world map and some push pins. That way you can start placing pins in the places you visit together in the future. How cute is that?
  • Edible fruit or candy arrangement. Who needs flowers when you can get pure deliciousness instead?
  • A memory foam pillow. It seems unconventional, but it’s a truly useful gift.
  • A one of a kind painting.  Can’t go wrong there. No, you don’t have to create it, you can go out and purchase it. Try checking around at local vendors, oftentimes they have art that has not been duplicated. That way when you give it to your girlfriend you can truly say it’s a one of a kind item.
  • A salt lamp. Apparently they possess healing properties. They’re also really pretty and create a relaxing, ambient light.
  • A cute bathrobe. Mostly everyone needs a good bathrobe in their life. Try to make sure  it’s her favorite color and the right amount of fuzzy! Otherwise it might not go over so well. Although everyone needs a good bathrobe, no one wants an ugly one.
  • A subscription to receive a box full of makeup. Every month she’ll get a box full of girly goodies. It’s extremely gentle on your wallet, most companies only charge $10 bucks a month. It’ll be even cheaper if you buy a yearly subscription.
  • A bedside smartphone vase. Extremely handy for all her cellphone needs and also extremely adorable.
  • A personalized journal. Somewhere that she can write down all her thoughts and think of you while doing so.
  • A customized decorative pillow. You can get it ordered to say or look like whatever you want
  • A trip to her favorite place. Memories over materials any day.

Creative Date Ideas

Now is the perfect time to start thinking outside of the box. Dates don’t have to be traditional or uninteresting. Generic is never the way to go. There’s always a way to get creative with it and we’ve created this next list to help you out with that.

  • Try your hand at bird-watching. Perfect for any lovebirds out there!
  • Take a fitness class together. It never hurts to sweat a little bit and get your hearts racing.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • View an air show.
  • Check out your local home improvement store and spend a few hours fantasizing about all the cool stuff you’d put into your house.
  • Find a photo booth and take silly pictures you’ll remember always! If you can’t find one, invest in a disposable or Polaroid camera. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll have cute mementos for the future.
  • Make your own cologne and perfumes and gift them to each other.
  • Go out and forage for mushrooms. Be safe and ensure you know what type of mushrooms you’re looking for. Eating the wrong kind can result in death.
  • Crash a wedding! Sometimes it’s fun to be just a little bit naughty.
  • Get competitive and play some laser tag.
  • Release Chinese lanterns together on a beautiful, starry night.
  • Find a planetarium and search the stars. You can even buy a star and name it after your partner, then show it to her when you go. It may take a little time and planning, but it’s worth her reaction, promise!
  • Go wild at your nearest theme park! Adrenaline helps you bond.
  • Drive to the next state. Yes, just for fun! Road trips rock. If you have the time and money, why not go on an adventure?
  • Or just drive up/downstate if you actually don’t have the time or money to go out of state. It’s not always possible to just up and road trip somewhere. But if you have a weekend off you can use it to drive up/downstate and have a mini-vacation.
  • Skinny dipping is a creative way to get really intimate really quick. Probably not a smart idea to test this one out in the winter, though.
  • Play strip monopoly. The rules vary depending on how you want to play, but it’s a fun and can be adapted to pretty much any game. However, the best ones to strip down to are usually monopoly and poker.
  • Ever been out apple/berry picking? If not, now is the perfect time to start. It’s fun and you get some delicious, organic food to take home at the end.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride. Only if you can stomach the height, that is.
  • Find out when the next meteor shower is and lay out on a blanket to watch it.
  • Snorkeling. Do you like swimming and fish? This is perfect for you.
  • Go to the circus.
  • Join in on your local pub’s trivia night. There’s at least one bar around that has a trivia night. It’s always fun to let loose some knowledge. You might even win a prize.
  • Ghost hunt. Yes, really. Mostly every town has a notoriously haunted house or hospital or whatever it may be. Go find the dead with your girlfriend on a riveting adventure!
  • Play bingo. If you live in a college town, you might get lucky and even stumble across sex toy bingo.
  • Get your palms read or have a tarot reading done. How mystical of a date would that be?!
  • Have a water balloon fight and get soaked. Or bring out the water guns to up the game!

Artsy Date Ideas

You can let your inner artist out at anytime with these art-related ideas. From music to painting, there’s always a way to discover yourself alongside your girlfriend in fun ways. You can both become the next Van Gogh’s or just enjoy some work similar to his. Either way, we know you’ll have a great time.

  • Sign up to pose for an art class together. It takes a lot of confidence, but it’s a really enlightening experience. Be sure to get her permission on this one before you take her though.
  • Draws portraits of each other. See how silly or amazing they turn out and keep them as a keepsake.
  • Try out live action role playing. A.k.a larping. You get to dress up and act out the characters. It’s fun!
  • Go to your state’s renaissance fair. You can dress up or not dress up, it doesn’t really matter. But you can enjoy a trip into medieval times. There’s always great ale and scrumptious food available, plus many shows and attractions to view.
  • Learn all about glass blowing together and create something awesome.
  • Take a pottery class. If you’d prefer not to take a class, buy polymer clay and create something at home.
  • Do a writing RPG.
  • Find a wine and art class. Relax and paint together.
  • Enter an art competition near you.
  • Play pictionary and test your artistic abilities against each other.
  • Make a chalk mural on the sidewalk outside your house.
  • Do a home improvement or d.i.y project! Avoid this if you get frustrated easily. It may take time and patience, but it’ll bring the two of you closer together while giving you a chance to be creative.
  • Make art on each other’s bodies and faces with paint.
  • Recycle your clothing by making all new items out of old materials.
  • Take a nature hike and double it as a photo shoot. Become photographers for a day and see if you can take a great standstill.
  • Try out wire wrapping. This means molding a wire around objects to create pendants and jewelry.
  • Make jewelry. Even if you don’t dig it, she might.
  • Write poems for each other and then host your own poetry reading.
  • Learn how to knit or crochet. It’s very calming and you get to make pretty hats.
  • Make a mural on your walls.Paint, draw… It doesn’t matter. You want to ensure that you either own the house you do it in or get permission from the house owners.
  • Design cards for friends and family.
  • Go to a concert and see her favorite band!

Food Related Date ideas

Who doesn’t love a date with good people and good FOOD!? That’s a rhetorical question. Everyone eats, so why not make some fun out of it. Explore culinary boundaries with the girl you love by trying out any of the follow date ideas perfect for foodies of all kinds.

  • Go to the farmers market and wander around.
  • Take a cooking class together.
  • Have a bake off at home against each other.
  • Become a bartender for a night and create your own drinks at home together.
  • Plan a junk food night where you make your weirdest creations. Then munch out while watching your favorite shows or movies.
  • Host or attend a barbecue. There’s nothing better than your honey, good food and great friends all at once!
  • Buy some wine and pair it with a delicious meat and cheese tray. Then discuss the wines influence on the food.
  • Strawberries, champagne and bubble bath. There’s not much to explain on this one, you get the idea.
  • Have a fondue night and invite your friends over to try out all different types of the delicious food.
  • Make your own salsa or jam.
  • Wander around a foreign market. This could be a Mexican Bodega or your local Chinese store. Make it a game and challenge yourselves to pick out 5-10 items in 20 minutes and go home to create a meal with whatever you bought. Don’t cheat by using the internet. Just go in, grab and create. If it doesn’t taste good, at least you gave a new food a try and put your cooking skills to the test!
  • Take a tour of a winery or brewery. Not only can you have a drink, you can learn some cool stuff about booze.
  • Sign up for an eating contests. It may not be the most romantic to see your pruner stuffing his face full of hotdogs, but it’s a lot of fun to do nonetheless.
  • Become bakers and make your own bread together.
  • Become a strong team and join a chilli/soup/food competition. Together you can blow the judges away. Unless you suck at cooking… Maybe go on to the next date idea.
  • Ever been to a food truck fair? Not only will you get some fresh air, you will also get to eat so many different types of delicious, wonderful food! It’s a brilliant date idea.
  • Try your hand at making your own pizzas. Nothing could get better than a night in, eating fresh pizza with your lover.

Active Date Ideas

Are you into fitness? Is she into fitness, too? Good, then you both can test out some of the more active dates we’ve listed. These are perfect to keep you both bonding and getting into shape at the same time. The activities are listed in order from light activity to extreme activity.

  • Bowling. Bowling isn’t overly active so it’s a great date idea if you just want a chill vibe. There’s no pressure, competition is minimal and there’s always those cool light shows every bowling alley puts on. The food might suck, but you’ll have quite a few laughs!
  • Swimming. Go for a dip, swimming is great exercise and a lot of fun!
  • Go-karting. This might not be physically challenging by any means, however it is exciting and probably the closest you’ll both ever get to becoming NASCAR drivers.
  • Rollerblading. Definitely not for the super clumsy out there, but it is a lot of fun! You guys can blade all over town and maybe even stop for an ice cream on the way home.
  • Paintballing. Become a team in an epic battle against the other side as you shoot people with tiny balls of paint. It’s spontaneous, takes teamwork and she might even want to do it again in the future.
  • Fishing. You can go fishing or ice-fishing, either one can be a great active date idea to get you both outside.
  • Kayaking/Canoeing. A very relaxing date idea.
  • Rock climbing. You can go rock climbing inside or outside, it’s up to what you prefer. The inside ones may be a little less intimidating for you if you’re not extremely active.
  • Frisbee golf. A very slow, but very relaxing game you can play together. Frisbee golf keeps you walking and talking for hours.
  • Dancing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dance class, a night out dancing or just staying in and playing one of those dance games on your xbox. Dancing let’s you get up close and personal. It’s a great way to bond with your girlfriend.
  • Ice Skating. If you don’t mind getting a little chilly, go ice skating!
  • Paddleboarding. You can paddle board on pretty much any body of water. Give it a go!
  • Trail walking. A serene date would be a date on the trail. You can talk and admire the beauty of nature all at once.
  • Yoga. Try doing a peaceful yoga sesh with your lady. Not only is yoga extremely beneficial to both men and women, it’s a great stress-reliever.
  • Paddle-boating. Not paddle-boarding, paddle-boating. If you’re tight for cash and want a fun, active date, go rent a paddle-boat at your local lake (if you have one) and take it for a spin. They normally cost around $5 an hour. You can go swimming off of the boat or just take it out for a picnic.
  • Go to a skate-park and let out your inner kid.
  • Trampoline. There are a lot of areas that have a place that’s made entirely of trampolines inside. Yes, it’s a real thing.
  • Obstacle Course. Not for the lightly active, but a load of fun if you’re into it.
  • Bungee jumping. Not for the weak of heart.
  • Crossfit. If she’s really into fitness (and you are too) sign up for crossfit! Crossfit is defined as an extremely intense program that mixes elements from different types of sports and exercises together.  
  • Skydiving. If you’re not afraid of heights, that is.
  • Marathons. Every city has a marathon at some point. Not only are the great cardio, they’re usually beneficial to charities.
  • Hang Gliding. A little less extreme than skydiving but still just as thrilling!


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