12 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend


Do you remember in the beginning of a relationship when you can’t seem to stop talking to your girlfriend about anything and everything? Those are generally the most fun times simply because you’re learning about who they are and everything they like.

However, after some time, you may find that you run out of things to say. Since you know them so well and you don’t have much more to learn about them, it can be particularly hard to keep a conversation going and keep that spark alive in that part of your relationship.

There is good new, though! Just because your conversations run dry sometimes doesn’t mean your relationship is in jeopardy. It just means that you have to actively think of topics to discuss instead of just waiting for those topics to just pop up. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few to get you started.


  1. Current Events

There are so many things going on in the world it’s ridiculous. You could turn on the news and watch it together and then have hours of conversation waiting for you when you’re done. The trick here is to talk about events that could affect your lives. Talk about things that are controversial and how she feels about them. If you read current events, you’ll see that you may not have a clue how she feels about different things.

  1. Her New Hobbies/Interests

Your girlfriend isn’t going to have the exact same hobbies or interests as when you first started getting to know her. Sure, she may have a few that are the same but she probably also has new ones that she may not have even told you about. Just ask her if she’s picked up any new hobbies or interests lately and you’ll be able to have a solid conversation about why she likes it and how she even started doing it. Plus, you’ll get to know something new about her and what makes her happy.

  1. Books You’re Reading

If you two both enjoy reading books, talk about them! My boyfriend and I both are into the same types of books so we often will read the same book and then discuss what we liked or didn’t like. We also suggest different books to each other based on if we think the other will like it. Books contain hours of material for you to talk about. You can even discuss what you would have done differently if you wrote the book!

  1. New Shows You Started Watching

This is basically the same concept as the books. When you’re not together, you probably watch TV and they probably don’t watch all the same shows as you. It’s always fun bringing up new TV shows and talking all about them together. You may even suggest certain ones they might like and be able to go on and on for a long time about them. This might even spark a conversation about old shows you used to like.

  1. Ask About Her Friends and Family

You must know all her friends and family by now. If not, you can discuss meeting them and what they’re like and that you’d really like to get to know them since they’re so important to her. If you do know them, you can ask if anything is new, any drama going on, and if she’s happy with them. Sometimes there’s a lot of strife between your girlfriend and her friends and it would be nice for her to vent to you about it.


  1. Her Short and Long Term Goals

What always shocks me about couples in relationships every now and then is that they simply don’t discuss their goals. Sure, when you first started dating you probably talked to them about what they wanted to do with their life, but those goals change – especially the short term goals – and they may not mention those small changes. Ask her if she has any short term goals she’s working toward and if you can even help in any way. It’ll give you an idea as to what she’s busiest with and give you a great topic to discuss.

  1. Talk About Your Secrets

Everyone has secrets. Some secrets you may take to the grave, but others you keep to yourself but can also share with her. Obviously, don’t tell her anything that will upset her or anything but you can tell her little secrets that will bring you two closer together. Not only does this create a sense of trust in a relationship, it’ll also boost both of your egos knowing a secret about your partner. It will also give you a lot of things to discuss.

  1. Old TV Shows You Used to Love

This has been an amazing conversation started with me and my boyfriend. We all have those cartoons and shows we used to be obsessed with when we were little that no longer play and it drives us nuts. We both watched completely different networks so we got to explain the shows in great detail and discuss what we liked about them. We also took is as far as looking them up and watching some just to show the other. It’s a great way to learn more about her childhood and get a great conversation rolling.

  1. Places You’d Like to Travel To

Traveling is something that all couples should discuss at some point in their relationship simply because it’s something that would affect the other. You wouldn’t want to plan your life traveling around the world and then spend your life with someone who never wants to leave their hometown, would you? Talk to her about where she would like to visit someday and then tell her where you’d like to go. You can even discuss your reasons for desiring those places. This discussion can last a long time.

  1. Your Fears

You have fears. No matter how macho you’d like to act, you’re afraid of something. And I’m not talking about spiders, snakes, or ghosts, either. Talk about what you really fear out of live and what she does, too. You may know that she can’t stand bugs at all, but you may not know what deeper fears lie within her. These are important things to know about your girlfriend, so talk about them!

  1. Religion and the Different Kinds

Religion is a very important topic in a relationship. I’m sure you may have discussed it at one point and what you believe in, but you can take this discussion a step further by talking about different kinds of religion and how you feel about it. This will help you learn about where their faith lies.


  1. Superstitions

You may roll your eyes and laugh at this one but there are a surprising number of people who have superstitions you’d never know about unless you specifically asked them. Do this with your girlfriend! Find out what sort of superstitions she has and then tell her yours. You can even talk about some crazy ones other people have and laugh about them.

Having great conversation with your girlfriend is really important for a happy and healthy relationship. With these different topics, you’ll have no problem getting the conversation going!


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