Throat Feels Tight

491 can be very uncomfortable to endure a tight feeling in the throat. It may need serious attention sometimes especially if you are not sure of its cause. There may be different causes for this situation, which makes your throat feel tight. Sometimes, you may judge the root cause yourself. But, it is advisable to speak to a doctor if you are not able to find it out.

Causes and Cures

  1. Anxiety

Causes: Sometimes, you may not even realize it, but anxiety causes tightness in your throat. And even worse, if you become even more anxious about this condition, it may become worse. You may feel further symptoms like chest tightness, trouble in breathing, sweating and rapid heartbeat. When you clench the jaw when you are anxious, it gives you a feeling of tightness in throat.

Cures: Though there are no precise cures available for addressing anxiety since these symptoms are not causes by any physical cause; you may try these tips to reduce anxiety:

Determine the cause: If you are aware of the problems that make you anxious, stay away from such issues. Even if you face them, try to face them boldly.

Drink water: If you drink plenty of water, it may reduce tightness in throat. When water moves down your throat, it assures you mentally and physically that your throat is not clogged.

Jogging: If you are facing any problem in breathing while you are anxious, it may seem difficult to jog but you must give it a try. Your body lets loose stress when you jog. Jogging also helps to release chemicals in your body which relax your muscles. Thus, the tight muscles in the throat are also relaxed when you go for a run.

Herbal solutions: Herbs like passionflower, valerian or kava can also help to relieve you from stress or anxiety. You may even conduct your own research to test what suits you best.

  1. Thyroid disorders

Causes: Your neck consists of thyroid gland and if you are having any problem with it, it may give you a feeling of tightness in throat. Sometimes, nodules develop on the thyroid gland, which constricts your esophagus and make it difficult for you to swallow. At other times, your throat may feel tight due to hypothyroidism as well.

Cures: Thyroid is typically treated medically. Though hypothyroidism is not responsible for tightness in throat, still doctors sometimes prescribe some kinds of artificial thyroid hormone to raise the levels of hormone. If you are diagnosed with nodules on the thyroid, your treatment will be undertaken depending upon the mass of nodules and their effects on your health. If the nodules are not cancer, the healthcare provider may wait for changes or may treat you with a replacement of a synthetic thyroid. And in case, the nodule is cancer, you may have to get it removed by surgery.

  1. Acid Reflux

download (2)Causes: Gastroesophageal reflux or GERD is also called Acid reflux, which may cause a sensation as if something is stuck in your throat. When the acids from your stomach splatter up into the esophagus, the tissues get damaged and this tightness occurs. You can take cure this condition by taking OTC medicines, consuming lesser food in one go, eating less spicy food and increasing the head side of your mattress by 6-8 inches.


If you alter your medications, diet or lifestyle; you may yourself heal the symptoms of this condition. You must avoid consuming foods which do not make you feel good and trigger the episodes of acid reflux. Such acidic foods include onions, garlic, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other spicy foods. You must also avoid consuming carbonated beverages, caffeine, alcohol and quit smoking. Sit in such a posture that your stomach lies below the throat. You may also eat early in the evening to avoid sleeping on full stomach. If you do not get relief with OTC medicines, you must take the advice of a doctor for stronger medications.

  1. Food allergy

Causes: Any food that does not suit your body may cause allergies to you. Most common foods that cause allergies are eggs, dairy products, nuts, wheat, and seafood. If your body is allergic to these foods, you will feel swelling or itching on the lips or tightness in your throat. Your skin and the back portion of your throat may also develop rashes. In case, the reaction is too severe, you may even have trouble in breathing, throat constriction and wheezing after you feel tightness in throat.

Cures: The first and foremost cure is to stay away from such foods which cause you allergy. When you are buying processed foods, you must read the labels carefully to avoid the allergen. You may also take OTC medicines to help you deal with the symptoms of tightness of throat. You may even ask for an allergy kit from your doctor if you are severely allergic to some foods. You may use this device to inject epinephrine yourself if you face a dangerous allergy sometime.

  1. Medication allergy

Causes: Sometimes, people become allergic to some medications as well. The symptoms may include body and throat rashes, swelling on mouth, lips and throat; tightness of throat leading to trouble in breathing. It may also make you feel anxious and dizzy. You must consult a doctor if you realize an allergy from medication.

Cures: You must avoid the specific medicines and ask your doctor for substitutes. You must put on a Medic Alert Necklace or Bracelet to signal the medical personnel if you are not able to tell them. Your doctor may also recommend an EpiPen if you have severe reactions.

  1. Allergy from Insect Venom

Causes: You may one of the few people who are severely allergic to insect sting or bite. If you feel tightness in throat, you must consult your doctor.  Common symptoms include itching or swelling in throat and problem in breathing afterwards. You may also experience confusion and anxiety after the effects of venom show up.

Cures: If an insect bites you, take out the stinger. Keep the portion of swelling below your heart level. If you see the swelling rising, keep the area elevated. Rub ice on the affected area for nearly 20 minutes. You may also take hydrocortisone or calamine lotion to deal with the itching. An EpiPen is also helpful to avoid allergies.


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