Tingling in Left Arm


When you experience tingling in the left arm, it can be caused by a number of different medical conditions. Known as parenthesis, this condition is a symptom of another problem. It may feel like a prickly sensation, numbness, burning or feel like pins and needles. Whatever the underlying medical condition, the main cause is a change in the nervous activity in the arms. These abnormal sensations are causing the nerves to perceive pain.

Tingling in the left arm is often ignored by people as just a sign of excessive working out. They may feel like it is a muscle spasm or just fatigue. While the symptom may be caused by something harmless, it can also be caused by a more serious medical condition.

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Potential Causes for Tingling the the Left Arm and Treatments

Some of the most common causes of tingling in the left arm include:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

One of the most common causes of tingling sensations in the left arm is carpal tunnel syndrome. In this condition, the nerves experience numbness, pain and tingling. It may be due to overworking the muscles from repetitious activities, or carpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused by the swelling of body tissues during pregnancy. It may also occur as a result of serum fluid level changes or hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism.

Handling carpal tunnel syndrome can be as simple as avoiding the activity or exercise that is causing the pain. It may require surgery in severe cases, and wrist braces are commonly used to stabilize the wrist. Rotating the wrists and stretching may help to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. If there is an underlying condition causing the carpal tunnel syndrome, then that condition will have to be treated to make the symptoms go away.

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2. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

When someone has congenital birth defects like poor posture, growths in the neck area, cervical rib defects and cervical tumors, it can cause Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. When this syndrome is present, you may experience a weak grip and tingling in the arm. If there is a tumor, it can cause poor blood circulation which lead to dark spots ion the arm, facial swelling and changes in the color of the face.

Some people can develop this syndrome because of repeated, continuous physical activities that tear some of the tissues in the body. Swimmers and basketball players may have to change their lifestyle to alleviate the symptoms. You can also reduce the symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome by using relaxation techniques and practicing good posture.

3. Stroke

Your brain is responsible for everything that goes on in your body. When it is supplied with enough blood, the brain can control all of the motor and sensory activities that your body needs. Sometimes, the supply of blood is stopped due to an atheroma formation in the blood vessels, a thrombus formation in the heart or brain or blockage of the blood veins. When the veins are blocked, the brain cannot receive its normal supply of blood. This can cause a stroke to occur. You may feel a sense of tingling in your arm, loss of bodily functions and mental problems.

Some of the risk factors of a stroke include high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Managing these conditions can help to prevent a stroke. You will have to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure while controlling your blood sugar levels. If you believe that you are having a stroke, seek immediate medical care since this condition can be fatal.

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4. Heart Attack

A heart attack is often caused due to muscle problems in the heart, vascular defects or blockages in the blood vessel. When the heart is not able to supply blood to the rest of the body an mind, a heart attack begins. Initially, you may notice tingling or numbness in your left arm. This pain may radiate to the left portion of your chest, left jaw or left shoulder. You may feel pain and weakness in these areas. If you believe that you are having a heart attack, get medical care immediately.

To prevent a heart attack, individuals have to eat a balanced diet and receive moderate physical activity. Antioxidants can help to prevent free radicals from damaging the body while a low cholesterol diet will help to reduce the chances of the blood vessels becoming blocked. Meditation can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and decrease the chances of another cardiac event. Meanwhile, you should also discuss your treatment options with your doctor for healing after a heart attack and preventing a future incidence.

5. Weak Blood Circulation

For your body to receive nutrients and oxygen, the blood has to transfer these tools to the tissue. If your blood circulation is weak, then your tissues are not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients. This can lead to cold or clammy hands and feet. You may have problems moving your left arm quickly and venous stasis ulcers may form because of the lack of oxygenated blood. Often, weak blood circulation is connected to vascular disorders like atherosclerosis, although it can be caused by an overly tight outfit.

Getting enough exercise is one of the key ways to improve your blood circulation. Exercises like swimming, hiking and lifting weights will help to get your blood flowing and stimulate oxygen transference to your body’s tissues. In the short term, switching between hot and cold compresses can also stimulate blood flow.

6. Other Potential Causes

If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency or another vitamin deficiency, it can cause tingling in your left arm. Multiple sclerosis, vascular damage, medication side effects and chemical damage to the vessel wall can cause the same effects. If you have been inactive for a long period of time or have been carrying an especially heavy weight for a long time period, this can cause tingling in your left arm.

You should see a doctor if you have progressive weakness in your limbs or a severe headache. If you think that you are having a stroke or a heart attack, you should seek immediate medical care. You should also contact your doctor if you have recently suffered from an injury or a fall.


  1. My girlfriend’s left arm is experIence numbness and tInglIng. Ever sInce yesterday.
    What Is It and what should I do?

    • It could be caused by many things, and some of those causes can be quite serious. Your best option is to schedule an appointment with her doctor right away and get checked out. Good luck and stay safe, Stacey Polly!

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