10 Topics to Talk About With your Crush


There are moments in life, which you just want to share to your crush. Wants to be loved and get pampered is the emotional bliss any love pairs would love to have. You want to laugh out together, stay close to each other looking into each other’s eyes. Such moments just pass speechless. But still there would be lots to speak till the mobile battery is dead and you are out of balance, still you would not be satisfied that’s the beauty of love.

Here is appended ten most important things to talk to your crush are as follows:

  • Get to know him/her

The conversation starts introducing yourself and then start to ask about him/her. Try to know each other’s childhood memories that would make either of you feel connected and make him/she feel close to you. If the other wants to share, do just listen to him/she and don’t even interrupt. Make sure to create a feeling that you are enjoying listening to her.

Topics to Talk About With your Crush 2

You can ask her/him as many questions you want when they are talking about themselves; it would show how much you are concerned and interested in knowing about each other. Do share something about you as well; which would make him/she feels they know you too. Avoid talking about the family that would make it boring, if something interesting then only does mention about it.

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  • Common Interest

Never be shy to ask her/him their area of interest. The conversation becomes more interesting when you have something in common to talk to, and it turn out to a long conversation has loads to share and will be fun too.

In fact, sharing a common interest will bring a lot of opportunities to meet again, for example if you both like watching movies u can hang out with each other whenever he/she wants to watch a movie. If you both interests in pets, take your doggy for a walk together. If you both like dancing join for a salsa class together by which you would get more time to spend with each other. It’s good if you have something in common, if not try to check for at least one between you.

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  • His/her Passion

Try to know the passion of each other and it not necessary it might be something you like. If his liking is in bikes, which you may be clueless but still can try to show your interest for his passion. Talk about the new models that are in the market, try to know which one he like. Ask him to take you for a ride on his bike.

If he is an ardent lover of some sports, then try watching his favourite sport along with him.  You can ask him for his favourite player. Same goes for girls, talk to her about her passion. Most girls like shopping and if it’s in her gene take her for shopping but make sure you have sufficient balance in your account.

Topics to Talk About With your Crush

  • Weather

It’s the most romantic topic to talk to your crush.  Don’t make it boring by talking it out in a traditional way but try to weave out something new and exciting. It’s such a pleasant weather out, can we go for a drive. Make him feel that you miss him so much and be generous in complimenting about the wonderful weather and how you feel about it. He would surely take you for a drive and a coffee. When it is raining girls always likes to have ice cream, call her and ask her if she wants to have some ice-cream, pick her up for an ice-cream she will love this gesture!. These are small things that may seem unimportant but gives enough sparks to the relationship and makes them strong.

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  • Current Events

When you are out of topic and not finding anything to talk it out, then take up any current news that has been discussed in the socio – political circles.  Taking up the subject and you come to know that he/she also need to know about it,  then do start up the conversation with that topic. It’s always good to share out your knowledge but try to avoid being a scholar in the related subject that would be very boring unless you are encouraged by the listener. Rather there should be a concern for her/him while you are sharing the current news and advice her to message you or call you when she is boarding a taxi for the safety purpose that would show how your care for her.

compliment him

  • Compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? May it be a girl or a guy, both will like to get complimented that is natural and human tendency.  Everybody loves to get appreciated. It boosts their self-esteem. And also make a good start for a conversation. Do compliment him/her on their dress, or looks, or accessories, or on their smile or anything. It not only makes them feel good but also shows that you notice them in detail that is a very good sign in a relation. Tell her she smells so good and ask her to let you know the perfume she uses. Sometimes you never know that the same stuff would be the choice of both until he/she compliments for the same thing.

Be Humorous

  • Anything Funny

Always being serious and tensed is not at all good. You should sound energetic, charming and humorous. Bring out something funny that you have seen or come across on TV or any other show, and make the other to laugh at it. Avoid being a saddest all the time. Try to be lively and happy, he/she would be attracted and stay connected to you. When the other is dull due to some or the other reason, try to make him/her laugh with the humour you have.

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  • Work

Talk to him/her about their nature of work atmosphere, how are they doing there, how they like their job and so on. If both of you are working at the same place, you will find a lot in common to talk. May it be your areas of interest or another way round any that is interesting would be a good subject to discuss.  You can talk about your boss or your teammates. You can discuss building your profile, your choice for work, which place is preferred most for working either out of station or in the same town, preferred domain to work, and the company you want to shift and why and soon.

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  • Life Experience

This is a very serious and also can be interesting subject to talk. You can share your special experience and also hard times that you have faced in life. You can speak out how you overcame such problems, how you look into things after such experiences. You can share how you have grown as a strong individual in life. Tell him/her what you want down the lane of four to five years and your plans to achieve it. Sound always positive, and try to be empathic rather sympathising for anything. It can show your maturity.

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  • Questions Bristling

We always have questions at the end of the day, and that’s the only better way to know someone. Ask his/her dream. Ask his/her favourite cuisine, favourite colour, and favourite music band. You can continue to know something persona, try asking to know their ideal wardrobe collections. Ask him/her what he/she does on weekends. Ask her/him about the recent movie she/he watched, what did they like the most in the movie, which song was romantic so that it should be fun talking with each other. Talk about his/her bucket list in life.

Questions after question that are developed over the threads of interaction would certainly show the interest on the subjects that were being discussed by the couples.  This kind of situation will always be very much interesting, and you will experience, you need more time to spend together, and you will never feel comfortable in the absence of the other party.


Many times we could hear general confession, people saying that they got up in a tongue-tied situation and unable to find subjects of mutual interest.  These kinds of situation suddenly bring a kind of vacuum and eventually lead to a kind of boring situation. Either of the parties must take bold initiative to carry forward the meeting lively with subjects that can generate curiosity and interest.  Instead of revolving around personal information, it would be better to explore areas that are with common interest.


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