20 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask A Guy


Truth or dare questions have been around for decades and had been a favourite game to do with your friends during camping, retreats and parties. Playing this game is fun but also nerve wracking, you will never know the dare things you are going to do and what you have to confess in front of your friends.  It’s also a chance for people to get really know each other and for girls a chance to get to know the guy they like much better.


Truth section:


  1. What is your greatest fear?

If you ask this question to a guy, you will get a chance to know what his deepest fear is. The guy would never really want to tell you his deepest fear when you’re in a normal conversation, but since it is a truth or dare question he has to tell the truth no matter what the situation is.

  1. What do you hate about yourself?

This question is a chance for you to know more about the guy. He may not tell you the real truth, but it but it will still give you a small clue about him.

  1. Describe the girl you like?

This is a good question to ask if you could ask this question to your guy.  If you had a secret crush on the guy, it’s a chance to know more about what he likes in a certain girl. But be prepared if you are not matching to his description.

  1. If you had one wish, what it would be?

This question is very popular and has always been present in this kind of game. It’s a cute question that reveals a lot about a person greatest want. It reveals his greatest desire if ever gets the chance to do something or change something.

  1. If you had the chance to date one girl in this room, who would it be and why?

It would be fun to know who he picks.  If you are the one he picked among the group it might lead to something else, you’ll never know. But if he doesn’t, his actions will give you an idea that he’s not interested in you. You are saved yourself from an unexpected heartbreak.

  1. Have you ever stolen anything?

Stealing something is not a minor thing, not even stealing your mother’s money. It shows your personality trait. But this question is just for fun, but you might be surprised if he ever confessed something.

  1. Have you ever cheated someone?

This question is a bit tough since it would hard to confess to everyone that you had done wrong. If this question is asked to your guy be prepared to take a decision on the relationship. If you are getting a hurting confession, you can have a second thought on the relationship whether to continue or not.

  1. Who is your fist kiss?

This question is also a classic question and has been around ever since truth or dare existed. But even though it’s an old question it’s still nice to know who had his first kiss. The first kiss is such a big deal because they say the first kiss should be with the person you really like and not just a random person. So having to know about the person’s first kiss would be very exciting to hear.

  1. What is the one thing that nobody knows about you?

A tough question indeed! It will force him to think hard. It would be a nice question to ask especially for a person that is really not open to anything. It’s a chance to know more about the person and know his deepest secret.

  1. What is the most embarrassing moment you had in your life?

Everyone experience some embarrassing moments in their life, and it’s always fun to hear stories from others. But be careful what you ‘re going to tell since they might get teased afterwards.


Dare section:


  1. Kiss the person you want to kiss who is present in this room.

This been a classic dare to everyone who ever played truth or dare. It’s exciting since you will never know whoever he is going to pick. And if you’re a girl who had some crush on that guy, be prepared if he ever picks someone else.

  1. Dance in front of the girl you like and then walk away without saying a word.

It would be a good dare game since this will give him the chance to tell the girl what he feels. It would be funny since it might get people’s attention too.  It will be a reason to cause teasing and awkwardness afterwards. But it would be a great chance that might lead to something else at a later stage.

  1. Call the girl you like, and tell her you like her.

Confessing your feelings to anyone would be very scary and nerve wrecking. But this dare game gives a chance for the person to tell finally what he/she feels about someone. But he has to be prepared for whatever answers he might hear. This would be hard to do if the guy is a bit shy; it needs a lot of guts and courage.  It will be an embarrassing situation if he gets a negative response.

  1. Go up to a person and hug them for 10 seconds, and then walk away.

This will be an exciting game as it will be done to a random person and not to a person you already know. Walking up to a person you just don’t know would be scary, you don’t know his personality. It might cause any commotion if he had picked a person who is not up for it. It may end up being yelled or screamed at, and that would be a plus since that would make it more interesting to watch.  A crazy idea, indeed!

  1. Give a piggy back ride to someone, and run around for 20 seconds.

It would be a good dare to do since he has to pick a random person and give them a piggyback ride. It would be very funny since the person who he picks would be in such confusion. But he must be prepared if he ever gets yelled or hit at afterwards.

  1. Go up and stand on the table, and sing your heart out.

It will be a fun dare to do as this will give a chance to show off his singing skills.  There is every possibility to have two type of climax for this show, either he would be praised for his singing skills, or booed and this dare game will be one of his crazy nightmare in life. It will definitely attract attention if he ever does this in public places.

  1. Pound your chest like Tarzan.

Everyone knew who Tarzan is. Tarzan is one of the popular childhood cartoon heroes for everybody.  It will be fun to watch if your guy mimics like Tarzan. It would definitely attract people’s attentions and probably get some funny comments.

  1. Call anyone and order 100 pcs of chocolate shake and then hang up.

Calling a random person is something bizarre. For sure the person in the other line will be very confused since they don’t even sell any chocolate shake.

  1. Spell your name with your butt.

It’s a good dare game to do as it requires to show off his flexibility, and hidden dance moves. It will definitely give laughter to the group.

  1. Tell a funny joke, if they don’t laugh you have to laugh for a minute.

You have to make sure to pick a nice joke that will make everyone burst into laughter. If not, you have to suffer more consequences. This would be a good dare because if he fails, he needs to laugh for a minute, and for sure it will make the group join the fun moment.



Truth or Dare questions are always fun filled party game event.   With a lot of expected twists and spins, this game is played to exert the inner hidden mind of people participating in the game.  Some of the questions are straight to the point with a clear intention to know the person and their personality traits. The game can be hilarious if you can prepare some good questions and keep it ready for firing.


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