Two Periods in One Month


What is a menstrual cycle?

In females, menstrual cycle happens from the onset of puberty to the menopause age.  The puberty stage starts at the age of 11 or 12 and continues the menstrual cycle till she reaches the menopause age between 45 and 55.   When a woman has not conceived the fine lining of the uterus is discharged along with blood and mucus fluid through the vagina.  The process of discharge will continue for 2 to 7 days, and the cycle will recur after every 28 days.


What is an irregular cycle?

When the monthly recurring cycle is failed repeat on the said period, or having a menstrual period every two week, or recur every 24 days, having two menstrual periods in a month or having a menstrual period on invariable dates are called irregular cycle.

Reasons for having two menstruations in one month:

There is no single answer to this question.  There could be minimum 10 possible reasons why two periods are happening in a month.

  1. Puberty stage:

During the early stage of puberty, girls may experience two periods in a month.  Since girls have just entered the puberty stage, naturally it will take a time to have hormone balancing at the required level and after a certain period; they can expect to have regular recurring menstruation cycles.

  1. Regular and natural menstrual recurring cycle

A healthy woman can experience 2 periods in a month.  One menstruation occurs during the beginning of the month and the second at the end of the month.  We can say it is natural because natural menstruation cycle can happen anytime between 21 and 28 days. There is no medical risk involved in it unless there is excess bleeding, foul smell or other complications.

  1. Cysts or unusual mass

Unusual mass or cysts or fibroids in the uterus also could be a reason for having two menstruations in a month, i.e., one menstruation in every two weeks.  These unnatural growths may disrupt the normal menstruation cycle of the woman and also may cause pain and discomfort in the uterus.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the main issue with many ladies.  The most commonly reported imbalance is due to dysfunction of thyroid glands, and its variation is a reason for two periods in a month. Women reaching the menopause stage also face hormonal imbalance, and they will have two periods in a month and it could be an indication that they are advancing towards menopause.

  1. Uterine line thickening

Unusual thickening of uterine wall lining is also a reason for an irregular period.  When more estrogen is consumed or when a woman is suffering from hormonal deficiencies, the uterine wall line may develop thickening.

  1. Other possible reasons for occurring two periods in a month
  • Excess workouts: Excess workout can disturb the level of hormone and can be a reason for two periods in a month.
  • Abrupt changes in body weight: Abrupt body weight can change the hormonal level and can be a reason for two periods in a month.
  • Medication or illness: Some medicines and illness can disturb the menstrual cycle. If you are under medication and noticed the change then immediately consult your physician and will ask you to discontinue the medication.  You have to continue the treatment with some other medications.
  • Stress: Stress will have an impact on changing your menstrual cycle and, as a result, you will have two periods in a month.
  • Contraceptive reaction: Oral contraceptive pill can sometimes create changes in your monthly cycle.
  • Sexually Transmitted Decease: STD infected woman will have vaginal bleeding, and this can be mistaken as a monthly cycle.

Take professional help:

Women who experience unusual bleeding, heavy bleeding, bleeding along with foul smell, bleeding, and heavy pelvic/abdomen pain or heavy cramps must see a doctor and take proper medical advice and treatments.  Abnormal periods or two menstruations in a month need to be treated under medical supervision.  Excessive bleeding can lead to anemia and also severe health issues.


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