Types of Doctors


download (3)You may have wondered why there are so many different names for doctors and do they all treat the same medical conditions or does each one have their own distinct zone. There are many different specializations of doctors and each medical arena has a different team of doctors. For instance, if you have an ear related specific problem, there is a specialized doctor for that who you should go to. To help you understand the different kinds of doctors and their specialization, we have created a list below for you. This will help you understand who to go to for what problem. It is also of good use for those who may want to specialize in a particular field of medicine.


General Medical Professionals

General physician/ family practitioner: This is the doctor you go to in order to treat mild conditions like flu or cold and cough

Internal medical doctor: This doctor specifically deals in the treatment of adults and prevention of any diseases

Emergency doctor: This doctor is always on call any time of the day and specializes in emergency cases

Hospitalist: This doctor specifically looks after those patients who have been hospitalized

Palliative care specialist: Helps patients overcome their extreme pain and improve their life

General pediatricians: This doctor specifically treats any normal medical issues in children, adolescents, and infants

Intensive care specialist: This doctor helps treat conditions that are a severe threat to one’s life and requires constant monitoring as well as organ support

Geriatrician: Helps treat any medical conditions of old people

Anesthesiologist: Helps provide and administer anesthesia during surgical procedures

Surgeons: A surgeon specifically performs different kinds of surgeries

Doctors Who Treat Heart Problems

download (2)Cardiologist: A doctor who deals in heart related ailments and anything related to the blood vessels

Pediatric cardiologist: Helps treat infants who have heart ailments

Vascular medical specialist: Helps treat patients who have vascular problems related to lymphatic system, veins, and arteries

Doctors Treating Hormone/Gland Problems

Hormone doctor/endocrinologist: Doctors who treat and diagnose glands disorders and endocrine system

Pediatric endocrinologist: Doctors who treat adolescents, infants, and children who have gland and hormone problems

Doctors Treating Stomach/Liver/Bowel/Colon/Kidney Problems

Urologist: This doctor helps treat patients suffering from diseases in the kidney, urinary tract, and urinary system

Gastrologist: This doctor helps treat patients that have any stomach related ailments

Hepatologist: This doctor helps treat patients that have any liver diseases

Nephrologist: This doctor helps treat patient with any kidney disease and conditions

Rectal/ Colon surgeon: This doctor performs surgeries on patients with colon, anal, and rectal disorders

Doctors Treating Reproduction/Sex Problems

Andrologist: This doctor helps treat any disorders or conditions with the men’s reproductive system

Gynecologist: This doctor helps treat any disorders or conditions with women’s reproductive system

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist: This doctor specializes in childbirth, C-section, PAP smears, and removing ovarian tumors

Sexual medicine practitioner: This doctor analyzes and treats any conditions related to sexual intercourse

Fertility specialist: This doctor helps treat patients who have hormonal imbalance and infertility menopause sexual disorders

Doctors Treating Immunity/Allergy Problems

Allergist: This doctor helps treat patients who have any disorders in their immune system as well as allergic reactions

Immunologist: This doctor helps analyze and treat any disorders of the immune system

Doctors Treating Cancer

Medical oncologist: This doctor helps care for cancer patients and coordinates with other cancer specialists

Radiation oncologist: This doctor helps treat cancer with the help of radiation therapy

Surgical oncologist: This doctor helps treat cancer using surgical procedures and conducts biopsies to diagnose and remove cancerous tissues

Pediatric oncologist: This doctor helps treat those children who have cancer

Doctors Treating Lungs and Blood Problems

Pulmonologist: This doctor helps treat patients with any lung disorders and conditions. They look after the patients using ventilator support

Hematologist: This doctor helps study and treats any blood related disorder

Doctors Treating Brain/Nervous System Problems

Neurosurgeon: This doctor helps treat any disorders of the brain and the nervous system

Neurologist: This doctor studies, diagnoses and treats any mental conditions like seizures, Alzheimer’s and strokes

Doctors Treating Joints/Bones/Muscle problems

Orthopedist: This doctor helps replace or repair any broken bones in your body. He also treats any tendon, joint and bone problems

Orthopedic surgeon: This doctor helps perform surgeries and treats any disorders involving the bones, muscles, and joints

Rheumatologist: This doctor helps treat rheumatism, autoimmune and vasculitis disorders

Podiatrist: This doctor helps treat any foot and ankle related disorder

Doctors Treating Nose/Ears/Throat/Dental/Eyes/Skin Problems

Audiologist: This doctor studies and diagnoses any hearing related disorders

Otolaryngologist/ENT specialist: This doctor studies and treats any throat, ear and noise health disorders

Opthalmologist: This doctor helps correct eye vision and also performs any surgery related to the eyes

Periodontist: This doctor helps treat any disorders of the teeth and its supporting structures

Dermatologist: This doctor helps treat any skin disorders and the condition of its structures

Doctors Treating Psychological Problems

General psychiatrist: This doctor helps study and treats any behavioral problems and mental conditions

Neuropsychiatrist: This doctor is specifically required to treat any brain or mental disorders

Geriatric psychiatrist: This doctor helps treat elderly people who have mental complications

Forensic psychiatrist: This doctor helps understand the relation between crime and psychology

Other Types of Doctors

Parasitologist: This doctor studies and treats parasitic disorders and conditions

Diagnostician: This doctor studies the reports and symptoms of various patients to determine the disease he is suffering from

Epidemiologist: This doctor studies diseases on a large scale, and notes how it affects a large group of people. He studies the different patterns of the diseases in an area and tries to make sure such epidemics/pandemics don’t happen again


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