Vaginal Itching Before Period


itching vaginalVaginal itching before period and, in fact, any other time throughout your menstrual cycle is not only incredibly frustrating and sore after a while, but also very embarrassing. It’s hard work trying to soothe that irritation when you’re in a public place. That’s before you even get to the other symptoms that vaginal itching often brings with it.

Normally, itching of the vagina isn’t something you need to be overly worried about and can be part of your natural menstrual cycle as the levels of hormones change. Sometimes however, it can be a sign of something a little more sinister.

Let’s take a closer look…

What causes vaginal itching before period? 

There are a number of reasons why you’ll be experiencing this symptom and you will normally be able to work out what you are suffering from by the other symptoms it comes with.

Bacterial vaginosis, for example, is a very common complaint among women, occurring when the pH and bacterial levels in the vagina become out of balance. It is normal to have bacteria in this warm and dry place, and it is this bacteria that keeps it nice and healthy.

Wearing tight underwear, using heavily perfumed soap and beauty products, overzealous washing and wearing clothing that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe can all cause this.

Other symptoms include a change in discharge that becomes thicker in nature, a fishy-odor, inflammation, vaginal itching before period, burning and redness.

Thrush or a yeast infection is another condition very common in women that causes vaginal itching before period and is also called vaginal candidiasis. It is reported that three quarters of all women will suffer from yeast infections, and many suffer from them on multiple occasions. There is a natural present yeast called candida in the vagina and when it becomes overgrown, causes infections on the vulva and vagina.

Bringing vaginal itching before period, inflammation, redness, tenderness, a thick cottage-cheese-consistency discharge and at times, a foul smelling discharge also.

There are a number of ways you can treat a yeast infection of the vagina using home remedies and as well as natural yoghurt, garlic and evening primrose oil have been shown to bring relief to symptoms which you are at an increased risk of getting if you are pregnant, have a weekend immune system, are on antibiotics or have recently had a lot of sex.

Irritation is something that many sensitive skin sufferers will experience and chemical reactions are relatively common these days. If your vaginal itching has come out of the blue and seems to have come with a red rash, scaly and sore patches of skin, it could be that your skin is reacting as a result of laundry detergent, contraceptive foams, body lotions and other creams, condoms, fabric softeners, scented toilet paper, soap and more.

Sexually transmitted infections are never pleasant but sadly, vaginal itching before period is just one symptom of many of them. Common STI’s that come with this symptom include gonorrhea, genital warts, herpes, chlamydia and trichomoniasis.

Gonorrhea comes with other symptoms including white or green discharge, pelvic and abdominal pain, pain when urinating, itchy and red eyes, spotting or bleeding after sex and between periods and swelling / inflammation.

Genital warts can lie dormant for weeks, months and even years before symptoms start to occur and can happen anywhere around the genital area such as thighs, anus, vulva, cervix, vagina, penis, scrotum, urethra, and also around the mouth if you have had oral sex with an infected person.

These warts are usually painless but can bring an itching or tender sensation, bleeding and pus from erupted warts, and even a disrupted urinary tract if the warts are developing in the urinary system.

Herpes is a similar condition to genital warts and often brings with it similar symptoms including red, raised and painful lesions which often ooze pus before becoming dry and sore.

Chlamydia is a very dangerous condition to women, often causing an infection without any knowledge or symptoms, and can cause infertility in the long run. It can cause pain in both men and women as well as painful sex and green, white or yellow discharge can come from the sexual organs alongside pain when urinating.

Hormonal changes are another reason why you may experience changes in the vagina as a whole, itching being just one of the changes. The menopause and puberty are two times where symptoms are expected the most, especially menopause when estrogen levels drop leading to dryness and in turn, an irritated and sore vagina.

In turn, stress can cause a change to the hormone levels in the body and can also lead to increase symptoms.

How to treat vaginal itching before period

Vaginal Itching Before PeriodThere are plenty of things you can do to soothe that itching and irritation. Natural yogurt is great when used directly from the fridge so that the ice cold temperature provides immediate relief. The natural compounds and bacteria found in the yogurt will also help to counteract the bacteria founding a yeast infection too, soothing symptoms and helping to fight against the infection at the same time.

You can use natural yogurt directly on the affected areas. You can also soak a tampon in natural yogurt before inserting into the body.

Changing your clothing is a great idea if you keep experiencing vaginal itching and you should also look at changing your laundry detergent and fabric softener which are often the biggest culprits.

Vaginal Itching Before PeriodThe purest materials are the best materials so try to pick cotton and naturally breathable materials for your underwear and try not to wear tight fitting clothing for long periods of time. If you are wear a thong or g-string throughout the day, switch to loose-fitting, more breathable underwear for when you get home.

You should also look at the material in your bedding and towels too. Cotton bedding will be more breathable for your body as you sleep, leaving you less susceptible to problems such as yeast infections.

Keeping the area clean is important but over cleaning your vagina is just as bad as overzealous cleaning. When you clean too much, or use highly perfumed cleansing products, you will be disrupting your own body’s pH levels and this can cause BV and thrush.

An ice pack can be used for when you need immediate relief from the burning, irritating feeling and drinking plenty of water can help to flush any infections through the body quickly. Eating lots of good, natural foods is a great idea too, particularly looking at probiotics and natural bacteria-boosting foods.


  1. I use boric acid (you can make the capsules yourself). I place one in at night with a light pad to catch the drip. This helps balance the pH. It has been a life savor!

    • Thank you for sharing your insights. Some people may find this helpful. Others, who not feel comfortable making their own remedies can be served by a medical professional or pharmacist. Have a great day, Ari!

  2. Hi so i was tested for stds,everthing was fine,my vagina has been itching,no bad smell or discharge,it feels and looks dry,but when im on my period it doesn’t itch,i can’t seem to figure out what’s going on down there ,any ideas ?

    • Continue to monitor your experiences at this time. It is great that you spoke with a medical professional about your symptoms. Create a journal to monitor your experiences. See if there is anything that seems to influence these sensations. Bring this to your next medical appointment to address any questions that your medical professional may have at that time. Best of luck, Jeana!

  3. My vagina has been itchy for about a year now. Only recently did I notice the correlation between my period and the itch. It starts about a week to a wk and a half before either in the morning or at night. I was told by my Dr it was BV but the itch seems to have gotten more intense. Maybe I will adjust my diet.

    • Adjusting your diet may help. Bacterial vaginosis can be treated using antibiotics, but these same antibiotics could increase your chances of having a yeast infection. Probiotic foods like kimchi, yogurt and sauerkraut may help to balance the bacteria in your body. In addition, some naturopaths recommend antibacterial foods like garlic, honey, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

  4. I do have serious irritation before and after menstrual period… I also do have daily creamy discharge… And sometimes when I pass out urine I feel pains…When it happens that way,I urinate in seconds…What is the treatment please

    • You probably have a yeast infection, a sexually transmitted infection or a urinary tract infection (or a combination). Go to your doctor to get checked out. Most of the possible causes of your symptoms are easily treated, so it would definitely be worth it to go to your doctor, get diagnosed and get your treatment. Good luck, Phyl!

  5. I am a diabetic but I didn’t have yeasts until I was pregnant now I skip a month on my periods and for the last few months I’ve been itching badly like a week or two before my period comes and I have ovarian cysts disorder I’m scared could this be why I am itching

    • Yeast infections could easily be the cause of the itching. It is actually quite common in diabetics, and there are easy treatments for it. Other than over-the-counter options, you can also talk with your doctor about other medications or preventative measures that you can use to handle the yeast infections.

    • It could be due to a yeast infection or a similar infection. If you have not had a yeast infection before, go to your doctor to get checked out and make sure that it is the cause–some conditions can mimic a yeast infection’s symptoms, so it is important that you check with your doctor first to make sure that you have figured out the accurate cause. If this is the cause, then your doctor may recommend different treatments that you can use each month when you have the reoccurring yeast infection.

  6. I’ve got vagina itchiness as well as very sensitive feeling skin and discharge that is brownish purple (but doesnt feel like it’s just the start of my period). Symptoms only just started today and my period should be within the next two weeks sometime.

    • If you are experiencing discharge that is purple toned, then you should speak with a medical professional. It is possible that it is a mixture of old and new blood. The itchiness may be a sign of another problem. If you normally experience vaginal itchiness, then it is likely not a concern. Best of luck, Ela!

    • This may be a normal experience for you, but you may also want to speak with a medical professional. They may be able to answer your questions and give you advice. If he itching increases over the next few months, then be sure to make an appointment. Best of luck, Lisa!

  7. Ok, my vagina has been through hell and back. It has been itching so bad on and off for about a year. I had a baby on 7/15/17 and during the whole pregnancy i had a yeast infection on and off and then i had bv. The Dr’s said that was normal and they gave me some medicine and the symptoms would go away but not for good.. i had my baby and i thought yes i get my normal vagina back…. not… its been doing the same thing and i cant stop scratching. Ive had two pap smears done, std testing on 3 different occasions and they say i dont have anything.. it has to be somethong wrong. My fiancee been checked numerous of times and nothing. Its starting to disrupt my love life, my relationship and my social life. I dont feel the same. I dont know what to do.

    • It could be your yeast infection recurring. You may want to go to a naturopath since this seems to be a frequent problem for you. Yeast infections often occur when your pH balance or other factors encourage the bacteria to be overgrown. A naturopath may be able to recommend lifestyle changes like consuming yogurt and avoiding sugar to help reduce the re-occurrence of the yeast infections.

      • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. It is beneficial for our community when such positive comments are shared. Have a great day, Nat!

  8. I only have irritation before my period along with a white thicker than normal discharge. As soon as my period starts it immediately disappears. I am pre-menopausal and my period will skip a month. How can I know for sure if it’a an yeast infection? Any suggestions…

    • You may have an infection. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having for other signs of infection. It would be best if you speak with a medical professional at this time. Make an appointment. Though your experiences may turn out to not be associated with an infection, it is best to take care of possible infections as soon as possible. Best of luck, Pam!

    • I had severe itching in my vegina & is been treated for PID infection.But i have never read anywhere that PID can cause veginal itching.ples guide me ,to as the treatment i am taking is right.I am on antibiotics from past 1yr.

      • It can be itchy, depending on the cause of PID, but not normally. It is also possible that you are having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. You wrote in your comment that you have been on antibiotics for a year? You should talk to your doctor again because that seems like an unusually long time to take antibiotics for this–most cases of PID clear up fairly quickly once you get treated. It is also quite possible that the itching is due to a yeast infection. Being on antibiotics makes a yeast infection much more likely to happen. Many yeast infections clear up on their own, but there are also over-the-counter medications that you can use. You probably have a yeast infection from taking antibiotics, but I would go to your doctor to find out for sure.

    • Continue to monitor your experiences. This may be due to an infection, a grooming incident, or perhaps something more serious. If you find that the itching continues or intensifies, then make an appointment with a doctor. The longer that you wait for medical care, the more problematic it may become. Best of luck, Latoy!

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