Watery Semen


Have you been ejaculating quite often in the last few weeks and noticed that your semen seems watery? Have you been panicking over the consistency of your semen? Do not worry. It is not a matter of being so anxious?


Your frequency of ejaculation determines, as a primary cause, the texture of your semen. Normally, sperms take several months to get matured in your testicles. If you ejaculate more frequently in a day, through intercourse or masturbation, your testicles might not produce enough sperm to make the semen white and thick. It results in lesser number of sperms being there in the semen and it becomes watery fluid.

It is normal?

You do not have to worry about the quality or quantity of the semen being discharged from your penis unless you do not discharge at all. The thickness of semen does not have anything to do with your fertility. And, the standard amount of ejaculation for men is approximately 3-4 ml. But, even if it is less than 1.5 ml, it is normal. That means, even if you discharge a teaspoonful of semen, it is absolutely fine.

You can father a child even with the least amount of semen because many other factors count apart from the consistency of semen. And, this is good news for masturbators. You do not lose your potential to become a father just because of frequent ejaculation at some point of time.

Also, men have an impression that the thicker semen is better. But, that is not true. The thickness of semen may vary every time you ejaculate. The sperms are little swimmers that can make their way up to the eggs of the female.

One more important thing you must understand is that if you notice a fluid coming out of the penis while you are aroused sexually; do not mistake it for semen. It is precum or pre-ejaculate that is produced by bulbourethral glands or Cowper’s gland. It is there at the tip of your penis to provide lubrication while having sex. Many men think of this fluid as watery semen. However, it does not contain sperm every time.

What factors contribute to the consistency of the semen?

  • Among other factors, diet is an important factor that determines the texture of your semen. You may observe watery semen if you do not consume the required amount of essential nutrients. For instance, protein is believed essential for making semen thicker.
  • As stated before, the thickness of semen depends on how often you ejaculate. If you ejaculate very frequently in a day, it does not give enough time to the sperms in your testicles to produce or mature. This means you will have lesser sperms in your semen and you will see it as a watery liquid.
  • If due to any other reason, like testicles being kept at very high temperature, the sperms are not produced in your body, you may see watery semen coming out of your penis. Very tight clothing sometimes raises the temperature of your testicles, particularly when you exercise. The low count of sperms is also responsible for watery semen.

In general, there is not much to worry about watery semen. However, you might need to seek doctor’s advice if you experience pain during ejaculation along with watery semen.

What you need to worry about?

  • Semen normally smells like chlorine. If you notice any other unpleasant smell other than normal, it may indicate an infection.
  • Other than smell, if you notice odd colors or blood in the semen, there is something to worry about.
  • If you notice too less semen coming out, it may be because of blockage in the seminal vesicle or ejaculatory duct. You must have an idea about the normal volume of semen you ejaculate usually.
  • If the amount of semen is too low, it may also be the result of a medical condition known as retrograde ejaculation. This condition makes the semen flow back to the bladder rather than come out of the penis. It may happen because of diabetes, prostatic infection, and other medications.
  • If you feel dehydrated for a long time, your semen may turn thick. However, it is a temporary condition. You need to worry only when you see that the semen is clumpy also. It happens because the testosterone levels are abnormally low. If you see that this condition does not change for several weeks, you should see the doctor.

Keep checking the color of the semen than its consistency

You already know that the semen should be white or off white in color and it should turn clear and runny in 30 minutes. Any change in its color is not a good sign. If the semen is reddish, there might be some problem in prostate.

If the semen is bright red or brown in color, it may be a result of the bursting of a blood vessel in the prostate. In such a case, the color should return to off white in a few days. But, if it does not happen, it may be the result of infection, trauma or cancer. You must consult a doctor.

Also, yellowish or greenish semen also indicates infections. If the color is prominent, STDs like gonorrhea may be the cause. You need to take prescribed antibiotics to cure this infection.


  1. I ejaculate once a day from either sex and masturbation. Is that too frequent? I heard rumors that if you don’t get an erection for long, your penis will either shrink or not be as hard. Is this true, like the saying, don’t use it, lose it.

    My semen has always came out very watery and not much volume. My gf can’t even tell if I cum inside her or not and I find that embarrassing.

    Could my frequent ejaculating be harmful? I wonder if I take a break from it, my semen will be thicker and white.

    • You are aware that your semen is thin, which may be a sign of excessive ejaculation. Abstain from masturbation at this time. You may find that your semen is thicker and more abundant. Perhaps speak with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. Please feel free to share your insights in the future. Have a great day, John!

  2. I am a regular drinkar from last 10 years…but mostly beer…but i used take wisky..n mainly vodka few years back…now i got married…now i m seeing my semen is very waterly…though its white in color…now i am masterbate at least 2 to 4 times daily as my wife is not near by…im confused wheather it is because of masturbation or vodka..am i able to be a father…pls suggest

    • You may find benefit in abstaining from masturbation at this time. You will also want to abstain from drinking alcohol. Both of these actions may be influencing your watery semen. Continue to monitor your experiences, as this will help your body. You will find that you have more energy and you feel healthier. Best of luck, Jyoti!

  3. Some liquids come from my penis whenever my penis get erect. Even if it for a short time. It comes even if I see any hot pictures or talk some dirty talk (adult jokes) with my friends. Sometimes it comes when I stare at a girl. Sometimes it creates a nerve pain in my left nose and head of that section. Is it a disease? What will I do now?

    • It is likely that you are experiencing precum leakage. This is normal for people who are highly aroused. If you masturbate frequently, then you would be benefited by abstaining from masturbation. Only masturbate once a week if you are able to do so. This will help you in many ways. You may even find that you are more energetic and confident. Have a great day, Shah!

    • Continue to abstain from masturbation. This will help you retain nutrients. Develop a plant based diet, and avoid processed foods and added sugars. Develop an exercise routine of at least half an hour a day. In a month, if you find that your semen is still watery, make an appointment with a medical professional. Best of luck, Rone!

  4. I have a problem that is my sperm is so watery… I have quite the masterbation… It has been 1 month Yesterday when I was watching porn it ejaculated within a minute of masturbation and it was watery too though I did it after 5 months… Please give suggestion

    • Continue to abstain from masturbation. This will help you retain nutrients. Develop a plant based diet, and avoid processed foods and added sugars. Develop an exercise routine of at least half an hour a day. In a month, if you find that your semen is still watery, make an appointment with a medical professional. Best of luck, Rone!

  5. I have a problem that is my sperm is so watery… I have quite the masterbation… It has been 5 months… Yesterday when I was watching porn it ejaculated within a minute of masturbation and it was watery too though I did it after 5 months… Please give suggestion

    • It is possible that you need to improve your lifestyle. Develop a plant based diet, as this will help your body with vitamins and minerals. Increase your daily exercise routine. This will help your body in a variety of ways. Continue to abstain from masturbation at this time. If you want to speak with a medical professional, then make an appointment. Have a great day, Ali!

    • Excess masturbation may cause groin pain. You may also find that your shoulder and wrist may experience pain because of masturbation as well. It is beneficial to reduce masturbation. Reduce masturbation at this time. Have a great day, Ravi!

  6. Well it’s me again . My sperm turns to his normal state . It became white like it used to be . My advice to guys who overmasturbating till their sperm became watery is to stop masturbating, stop ejaculating if you want to have normal cum. I stopped masturbating for almost 90 days and i feel greater than ever so stop masturbating it is bad for health

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. It is great that you shared your experiences. It is certain that you will help other men with similar problems. You may find that you have a large increase of energy at this time. It will likely remain as you continue to abstain from ejaculating frequently. Have a great day, Johnny!

  7. hello i am talha, age 30. i am married since 2012 body fat 29% weight 110kg height 182cm. i have a daughter also, at the time i was newly married my sperms are thick and yellowish but after few years pass . my sperms become very watery i dont know how it happens still figuring, but now i want another baby but i dont know why my sperm stop fertilizing
    i told my body fat because four years after my marriage i started weight lifting and stay consistent till now after i started workout in 8 months i already lose 30 kg now i am between 80 to 85 kg. i dont know may be my sperms are watery because i lose a lot of weight or doing a heavy weight workout not clear to me i also want to remind about my supplements may be they have something related to this i am not sure but at the beginning i start taking protein shake, L- Carnitine, multivitamins, bcaa, creatine and glutamine. i have also lost the erection that used to have before i was discharge 3 to 4 times during intercourse but now after first discharge my erection is dead i really hate that feeling but i dont what to do i dont want to share this to anyone but i find this blog i think may be i can get some advice or any supplement that can help me in this situation i hope you understand and can give me some good advice will be very appreciated .

    • You will be greatly served by reducing and eventually abstaining from workout supplements. It is highly likely that they are negatively influencing your situation. If you frequently ejaculate, then you will want to minimize your ejaculation at this time. If you make these changes and the symptoms do not improve, then make an appointment with a medical professional, Best of luck, Talha!

  8. I have pain in my rectum and testicles mostly all the time like blue ball’s but ten times worse when I ejaculate it feel like I am dyeing and it burns as the semen comes out. It hurts to stand it hurts to sit it hurts to walk every thing except soaking in ice water or ejaculating 4 or 5 times a day seems to help a little does make it better but I cant live in a ice bath or jerkin it all the time. I want to just cut them off myself it’s that bad. I told my doctor it was a reaction to my Zoloft medication and he looks at me like im nuts IDK what is wrong with me. it started two month ago went away for 3 or 4 days then came back and wont stop.

    • You will be best served by avoiding masturbation at this time. Attempt not to ejaculate for a week. If you find that you are still having serious concerns, then make a second appointment and explain your situation. If it is possible that you have an infection or disease, then antibiotics may help the situation. Best of luck, Charles!

  9. Hi. I am 21 year old. I am very much worried about my self. I used to masturbation when I was in ,12 or in 13 regularly but it was my mistake that 1 day I have done Therese and that day I scared because the blood came out. But piss was like a dehydration. And that after long time I masturbat my sperm color was yellow . And that day and now the sperm is yellow . Even I am eating healthy food . And yes yellow color and watery also . Please tell me how to recover.

    • You will want to reduce the frequency that you masturbate. This may help increase the thickness of your semen. If this does not solve the issue, then you may want to speak with a medical professional. Drinking more water will help to return the color of your semen to normal. Continue to monitor your symptoms. Best of luck, Ameer!

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