12 Ways to Make Him Jealous


We can all bear witness that making someone jealous is one of the weirdest things we can think about. However, sometimes this is a very helpful tactic that spurs long-lasting relationships. Enhance your relationship as a lady by making you guy feel jealous of you. Perhaps you can win his affection and love towards you. Whatever your aim of making someone jealous below are 12 helpful tactics that you can find suitable.

how to make him jealous

  1. Do not open up easily

Be very secretive as a lady and do not open up yourself to that guy who is eying at you. Keep most of the things to yourself. In fact, when conversing to the guy, keep it as brief as possible. Let him know as a lady who speaks very little.  Guys like cool chicks who keep to themselves concerning some pertinent issue. Do not be a kind of a person who airs everything without thinking twice. You can leave that for our radio and television stations. This will draw the attention of that guy because he will long to learn more about you. Let the guy himself dig deep into you so that his affection towards you is deep rooted as he tries to learn about you and your personality.

  1. Do not be too cheap to give in easily

Play it safe. Be a little bit difficult to give in. Do not be a kind of a lady who is easily lured into what the guy suggests to you. Have your principles and virtues and be very careful to guard them. Check on the patience of the guy by always saying ‘No’ to whatever he suggests. Guys get attracted to ladies who are upright and are principled. Of course you can easily win the favor of that guy by practicing this important virtue of being principled. Make your decisions and go by them or else you will be seen as the kind of the person who is led by others. Be a leader of yourself.  Also be very careful when refuting because he will always ask you why. Therefore, you should have facts with you to reinstate your statements.

  1. Freely speak about your plans

Develop the confidence of speaking about the great plans you have when the guy is around. Perhaps you can do this when your other friends and his friends are round. Be an innovative lady and always speak of development plans. Even if these seem unrealistic, speak them out. Guys are impressed by ladies who are thinking of development every day and they easily get attracted to them ad dream to independent. Let the guy feel that you can do without him or his support because you got all it takes to stay alone.  Avoid being retrospective in you thinking by just talking about the past. Let the guy understand you as one of those modest ladies their main agenda being how they are going to develop themselves and those around them.

  1. Never ever show your weakness

Never make a mistake of revealing to the guy your area of weakness. Keep this for yourself and find ways of solving it without his knowledge. A guy can use this area to tremendously misuse you. Always depict yourself as a strong lady every time you are in his presence. Even if it is weighing heavily on you, put on a smile and pretend as if nothing bad has happened to you. Do not be a type of the lady that ventilates all to the guy every time you have a pressing issue that is giving you sleepless night. You can air this out to your fellow girlfriends but not to that person eying on you. However, be very careful also to kind of girlfriends you air out to because some can even propagate the problem.  Guys admire and go after ladies who are strong and are not disappointed with the discouragements they face every day.

  1. Show off you positive attitude towards strangers you come across

Guys like being very social to everyone and therefore they expect the same from any person they come across. Be a socialite.  As a lady therefore you need to be able to mingle with everyone freely without any boundaries. Do not place yourself into a particular class. Simplist is what will make that guy be jealous of you. Do not discriminate others based on their social class, race or the region where they come from. Even in the midst of strangers always try to create a rapport with them. Respect every person and show them courtesy just as you will love to be treated by them. Be at peace with every person you come across and always embrace them. Guys are after ladies who are social and can work with everyone despite the different backgrounds we have.

  1. Show off your gadgets and accessories

Some guys will just become jealous of because of what you posses. They feel secure with a lady who has precious and most expensive accessories. Go out and buy some of the latest models of phones. This could be the iPhones, iPads, precious tablets or latest smart phones in the town. Show them off. Perhaps you can carry them around whenever you are going out especially if you are to go out in his company. Boost of how expensively they cost. You can go to an extend of starting that you have just imported them from abroad. Let the guy feel jealous of your lavish lifestyle because this can just be an opportune moment to draw his attention towards you. Do not live just a normal life which is common to everyone. Be a little bit extraordinary. This can only be portrayed by what you own in person.

  1. Watch your grooming

Our clothes portray in real sense who we are. They are a symbol of our image. The way and the kind of the clothes we put on is enough to tell our character. This means as a leader you need to be very careful with how you dress. The colors we pick on, the models of dresses we put on and the kind of hair style we embrace. With time get to learn the kind of clothes that embrace that guy who is chasing after you. Put them on whenever he is around. Walk into the new boutiques in the town and see the kind of fashion that is trending now. Put on the latest designs that will leave that guy marveling at you. If possible perhaps you could take a short course pertaining fashion and design so that you can bring out the best of you through that attire. Be a model and let the guy be jealous of you.

  1. Show yourself off on social media platforms

Social media can be a platform that you can real advance your tactics of making the guy jealous of you. Take your latest photos and be posting them every time. Perhaps you can always be tagging him in those photos. Make sure the photos are of high quality and of good resolution. Watch over the background and let be attractive and appealing to the eye. Include those photos that you took when attending very special occasions more so those that are romantic. If you have been in a past relationship, you can post the nice moments you had with your former boyfriend just to stir something in the mind of the guy who is after you.

  1. Avoid gossip

Being mouthy is not a good character at all. It is a sign of idleness because it is only small minds that discuss others. Be a lady of your own type by segregating yourself from those who like sitting into small groups and talk about others. The habit of gossip will send a bad picture of yours because nobody will love to associate with small minded people who are just about discussing matters that affect others. Be a real lady who is after handling her own problems and spends more time to develop herself rather than just discuss others or what is trending. Gossiping is time wasting and this could send a bad picture to your guy because he will think that you do not value time.

  1. Be an all-round person

Do not limit yourself. Explore every corner of this world and unlock all possibilities. Do not be so much into some things and ignore others. Do not indulge too much in some activities until you have no time for other things. This is more so for those pursuing their academic goals. They concentrate so much in academics until they have no time for other things such as recreation activities. You are not a robot. Spare some time to enjoy the other part of life. You equally need to rest a bit and just turn away from the academic world. Let weekends be times you spent out with your friends. Develop Nan interest in everything and always aspire to be the best even though it is impossible to be the best in everything. Try your level best. This will intimidate your guy and he will have so much respect for you because you will be a lady of her own caliber. Make good use of every opportunity of your life and be a outgoing lady who is equal to task of exploring every opportunity in life that presents itself.

  1. Have a superb walking style

It is true that guys can at time be very funny in judging a lady. Perhaps some just get attracted at the walking style. Some will categorize and grade you based on this. Be very careful then next time you are in front of that guy who has some affection towards you. Make him to see nothing g else other than you by watching over your walking style.  Be a model and walk with some calculated steps that bring out that beauty in you. Take you ample time to make those carefully calculated steps. Perhaps you can learn from the models on various television shows and try to emulate some of those walking styles. However, you need to be very careful to make sure that you do not struggle with the new walking style. Just be at ease and do it as if you have been doing it since time immemorial. Guys hate pretenders.

  1. Keep calm and be happy all the time

Wear that smile always. Guys will be jealous of you just by being happy and lively all the time. Avoid being gloomy even if you are going through most difficulty times. Keep it calm and enjoy every bit of your life. Guys will like to be part of that happiness and will definitely be jealous of you.

Does your man get jealousy easily? It is not bad to make him a teensy bit jealous as long as you be very careful not to hurt him.


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