What Do Girls Find Attractive?


It seems almost impossible to find out what attracts women to men. This is because there are many instances when this list is quite contradictory, probably because what one woman will want may be different from what another one wants. However, research has found out that there are certain traits that attract women more to men. Here are a few things which nearly all women are drawn to.

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Leadership qualities

Many women agree that they are attracted to men who show leadership qualities. They prefer a man who leads the way and has a plan that makes them to feel protected and cared. Women prefer men who are self-starters and are not afraid to make a name for themselves or are out to change the world.


Confidence is definitely a big plus for those gifted in it when it comes to attracting women. The good news is that even if you aren’t confidence, you can project it. All you will need is a good posture and a great smile. This will make you look as if you are full of confidence even when not.


Most women will not care much about your current position. They will be more interested on where you are going and your method of getting there. You could be a line cook who has big aspirations of becoming the executive chef or even opening a restaurant. You will attract women more than the office drone with no ambitions.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a multi-billion-dollar entrepreneur or famous rock star in order to attract women. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a career, hobby or even dream that excites you and ensure that you pursue it. Whether you are a beginner who is new in a certain career field, you will produce the passion for a certain thing and this will work to attract women.

Sense of humor

As a matter of fact, nothing sells better to the world than humor. The main reason why women love men who have a sense of humor is that it shows that they are confident. It is also good in dismantling the natural anxiety that usually happens during interaction in public places. This makes it one of the key things that women find attractive. However, you must avoid putting other people down so that your sense of humor will be noted.


A sense of style doesn’t necessary mean that you need to be a fashion icon. All that is needed is a little attention to details and this can make a lot of difference in your sense of style. Therefore, it is important to wear clean and fitting clothes that are a match to your age and position.


Another great way of looking confidence is by smiling. Also the smile will make you appear friendly. This is something that will help you to sell even in other situations including those which do not involve girls.

A plan

It is important to consider whether you have any plan for your life or you are just passing life. Even if you have a plan you will still need the drive as a plan will be useless without one. The plans should be actual and she wants to hear when you expect to complete such and such task.

A well-kept and neat apartment

If you plan to bring a woman to your home, you must ensure that your place looks neat and organized. Ensure that you also offer her something light to eat as well as a non alcoholic drink.


This is more or less like drive but it is a bit different. Consider whether you tend to get worked up about certain things. This could be politics, baseball or taking time to feed some homeless kids. If you have passion for anything, you will find that women will easily be attracted to you.

Good body

A great body works like a magnet for women. Therefore, you will need to do away with those unhealthy meals and start going to the gym.

Good hair

If you would like to attract girls, it is advisable to be neat by cutting that long beard and hair. Therefore, ensure that you pay a visit to your barber at least once per week. When you look well-groomed, you appear organized and mature.

Good listening skills

If you are a good listener, you will definitely attract women. This is because many women would like to be heard, respected and valued. If you have poor listening skills, you will be seen as cold, uncaring and disrespectful. Be sure to find out what she is saying. When you ask questions, this will not only show that you are listening keenly but it also enables your brain to store the information that she is sharing with you. When you are able to store the information and later b ring it back, it is a great way of improving your attractiveness to that lady whom you are interested in.

Being good to your mum

When you are respectful to your mum, this is a good indicator of how you can treat other women. After all, you mother is the first woman in your life whom you had an opportunity to interact with. Therefore, if you are able to interact well with her, this is an indication of how you have been brought up. It will show that you respect women.

Has an independent mind

If you are able to do something on your own and you can say no to an outing with the boys so as to spend time with your girl, this will highly of you. This is actually a sign that you are a man who knows who he is and what he needs. This can also come out as sexy.

He remains the same whether around you or around friends

This is definitely a right way of showing that you are genuine with no acts and no fronts. When you invite her and welcome her to hang out with your buddies, this will not only enable you to pass a big barrier but it will enable her to see the kind of person that you are.

Expresses yourself in some little ways

It could be that you send that random email saying “Hi” o even a Whatsapp video that you think she likes. You could also be picking for her that rose or just but a flirting message. She will definitely pick the cues.  This will enable her to see your caring side and she will definitely like that.


Studies have shown that women prefer dating men who are taller than them. In fact this is why the stereotype of a tall, dark and handsome man came about. This is because women find men who are tall to be attractive because of the importance of physical protection to her as well as her future offspring.

Deep voice

Research has also shown that women also find men who have deep voices to be attractive. With these traits, it will be possible for you to attract the woman of your dream.


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