What does it mean when your ears ring?


People often complain that their ears ring. This ringing sensation that people experience from time to time is also termed tinnitus. The phenomenon related to ears ringing could also take the form of buzzing, whistling, chirping, hissing, etc.  The frequency of the noise may vary from person to person. The noise can either be intermittent, or continuous. Therefore, it can be told that the loudness related to ears ringing can vary. This article is aimed at highlighting the causes of tinnitus and the possible remedies.


According to medical science, the tinnitus affects a large population of adults throughout the globe. Some severe cases of tinnitus may also affect people while sleeping. Sometimes, severe tinnitus may also be the probable reason for psychological distress. Tinnitus is often associated with the hearing loss of the people but, it may be mentioned that tinnitus is not the principal reason for hearing loss. However, in some cases, the noise produced as a result of tinnitus might force people to mask the external sounds. Sometimes, tinnitus may be caused due to the underlying infections or blockages in the ears. The noise that is a result of tinnitus may cause permanent damage to the sound – sensitive cochlea, a spiral – shaped organ in the ear. It may be worth mentioning that a sudden exposure to loud noise may also cause tinnitus.

Grades of Tinnitus

It is important to mention the grades of tinnitus that may affect an individual. Sometimes, people may give several possible explanations to the phenomenon of ears ringing but, there are underlying medical conditions that cause tinnitus. The various grades of tinnitus may be classified as follows –

Serious Tinnitus (Pulsatile)

The severe form of tinnitus might need the immediate attention of a doctor. It may be mentioned that this type of tinnitus is caused due to the damaged blood vessels of the neck. If you experience the noise similar to that of a heartbeat, you might as well be affected by pulsatile tinnitus.

Benign Tinnitus (Non – pulsatile)

This form of tinnitus is considered to be the mild form. This type of tinnitus may be associated with the loss of hearing caused by the exposure to the loud noise or aging. This kind of tinnitus may produce sound in the form of buzzing.

Potential causes of ears ringing

The phenomenon of ears ringing is often explained regarding funny answers. However, the reality is different. The tinnitus may be produced due to the following reasons –

  • The principal reason behind tinnitus may be the blockage of ears related to underlying infections. The infections may be the result of wax build – up in the ears. In some rare cases, the cause of blockage related to the human ears could also be the presence of benign tumors.
  • The tinnitus may also be the consequence of the precise form of medications. These medications may be in the form of aspirin and other types of antibiotics. The drugs may also cause this in the form of sedatives, antidepressants, anti – inflammatory, quinine medicines, etc. According to medical science, various other types of drugs may also cause tinnitus.
  • The reason behind the appearance of tinnitus may be an entirely natural process. It may be caused due to the aging in humans. The aging process in humans affect the cochlea and might cause deterioration of the same.
  • The other probable reason behind tinnitus may be the Meniere’s disease. This is a disease that affects the inner part of the ear.
  • Medical science identifies the likely cause for tinnitus as otosclerosis. This disease is caused by the stiffening of the bones in the middle ear.
  • Some of the other forms of diseases that may cause tinnitus are as follows –

Cardiovascular disease




An under – active thyroid gland

Circulatory problems

High blood pressure

  • Sometimes, the injury to the head or the neck may cause tinnitus.
  • Medical science also relates the reasons of the tinnitus related to the neck or the jaw. This is also defined medically as the temporomandibular joint syndrome.

Other probable causes of the tinnitus may be highlighted as follows –

  • Consumption of too much alcohol.
  • Use of high level of caffeine.
  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Abnormal extension of the neck.
  • Loss of weight.

Urgency of visiting the doctor

It is always prudent to ask medical advice when you are suffering from any abnormalities related to your healths.  Similar is the case with tinnitus. You should always try the expert advice of the doctor so that the potential causes of the tinnitus may be identified. You might have to undergo treatment for longer durations in some cases. It is worth mentioning that tinnitus may be the potential reason behind the loss of hearing. Therefore, you should address the situation immediately to get faster relief.

The remedies to tinnitus

Some of the efficient solutions to the problems related to tinnitus are as follows –

  • If you have the habit of smoking, it is high time to quit. Smoking disrupts the normal flow of blood that may affect the damage related to the nerves.
  • The phenomenon related to tinnitus may be experienced more when you are exposed to the quieter environments. Therefore, you should consider soothing the silence by –

Listen to the radio

Play soft music in the background

  • You should plan your daily life so that you have the time to relax for some time every day. Stress related medical problems may induce tinnitus.
  • Always make sure that you have enough sleep daily. Lack of sleep may produce fatigue and cause tinnitus.
  • The other possible remedy to the problems related to tinnitus is regular exercise. You should make sure that you often exercise during a week. This will lower your stress levels, improve your sleep and reduce depression.
  • You should also consider protecting your hearing. The cause of tinnitus may be the exposure to loud noise. You can protect your hearing by –

Always keep music at a low volume and do not listen for more than 60 minutes at a stretch.

Always use ear protection while working in a noisy environment.

Consider wearing ear plugs while at loud concerts, music performances, etc.

  • To get relief from tinnitus, you might need to undergo treatment for certain health conditions as follows –

High blood pressure

Thyroid disorders

Misalignment of the jaw

Lyme disease

Traumatic injury to the brain

  • You should learn how to ignore tinnitus, and this is possible in the following ways –

You should avoid noticing buzzing or hissing.

You should keep yourself occupied all the time.

Employ the coping techniques and figure out what works best for you.


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