What Does It Mean When Your Veins Show?


Visible veins are a common occurrence for all groups of people, particularly in those with light colored skin. This condition does not require medical treatment because it is harmless and does not have a negative effect on health or circulation. While there are people who are concerned about their showing veins, there is no reason to become worried.


What Does It Mean When Your Veins Show?

1. Complexion

A light complexion is a common reason why veins are more apparent in some people rather than others. Pale skin may cause veins to look like dark blue or green lines along the body. This is often common in places where skin is softer, like the sides of the chest, under the arms or along the elbow divot. Some people may find that their veins are less noticeable during the summer months, and this is likely due to the natural darkening of the skin due to the sun.


2. Body Form

Thin people often seem to have protruding or dark veins. This is caused because their veins are less concealed by fatty tissue. Those who are athletic or exercise often may also find their veins protruding more than other people. Increased blood pressure and large muscles due to exercise often cause veins to become rigid and therefore more exposed. Many people have veins that are naturally closer to the skin as well, regardless of their body form and exercise. “

3. Stress

Stress has an influence on the body’s blood pressure. Throbbing veins are commonly seen on the head of people who are in a great deal of stress or who are angry. This is because of their placement over the firm skull and lack of obscuring fatty tissues. This is temporary and will diminish when the person has removed themselves from the stressors or who have chosen to stop being stressed.


4. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Because of the demands of bringing nutrients and blood to the growing child, the circulation system increases in its volume and exertion. This excess blood and pressure may cause veins to appear darker or raised. This is normal and will decrease after the birth of the child. During breastfeeding, the veins may appear for pronounced as well. The blood flow will reduce in time, and the visible veins will eventually return to normal.

5. Aging

As the fatty tissues of the skin diminish with age, many people who are older may find their veins being apparent and visible far more often than during their youth. Lightness of skin, thinness of body, smoking, alcoholism, and other such influences may make the older person’s veins even more pronounced. Spider veins, often thin and light colored veins on the legs or face, and varicose veins, dark and slightly protruding veins on the legs and feet, are occasionally seen on older people as well.

6. Medications and Health Concerns

Naturally produced and medical steroids may cause veins to become more visible. Heart and circulation influences, which are often caused by stress, may also be a reason for veins to become more pronounced. The sudden appearance of visible veins may be cause for concern, and it may be advisable to make a visit with a medical professional. Bruising, swelling, rashes, pain and skin change are common accompanying symptoms that may be signs that you should speak with a doctor.



1. Diet and Exercise

Increasing body fat or reducing exercise may reduce the appearance of veins. However, the health of the body should never be sacrificed for vanity. For people who are excessively thin, it may be helpful to increase fat intake from bananas, avocados, nuts and other healthy foods. For people whose exercise regimen may be immoderately intense, they may find that relaxing the body will bring them many great health benefits. Those who do not get enough exercise or who are overweight may find great benefits in beginning a healthy and natural exercise regimen.

2. Movement

For people who sit throughout the day, they may find that standing and walking around may bring benefits to their veins and circulation. People who are on their feet throughout the day may find it beneficial to sit down or raise their legs whenever it is possible. A leading cause of varicose veins is due to weight on the feet throughout the day for many years. If possible, take breaks or stand on springy mats.

3. Medical Treatment

Doctors may be an invaluable source of help for people who desire to have their veins to be less noticeable. It is important to speak with a medical professional before taking any drugs or making any major lifestyle changes. They will be able to determine the source of the problem and address it in a healthy and safe manner. A doctor who does not believe that medical prescriptions will beneficial may prescribe cosmetics as an appropriate treatment.


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