What Does Sperm Smell Like?

Sperm, the cells which reside in semen, do not have a smell that we can sense. Instead, we smell the odor of semen. Semen is the white fluid that the sperm use as a habitat. Some situations allow the smell of semen to be sensed. Curiosity may influence us to wonder what does sperm smell like. There are ways to influence the natural smell of semen. Potential infections should be treated by a medical professional.

What Does Sperm Smell Like?

1. Chlorine

The most common smell of semen is the smell of chlorine. This is caused by alkaloids in the semen. This smell may be more or less apparent with regards to time and diet. If you notice the smell of chlorine after ejaculation, then there is nothing to be concerned about. If the chlorine smell is extreme, then make some lifestyle changes and see if the odor is reduced.

2. Odorless

Another healthy sign is that there is no odor. This is most common for people who have a healthy diet and exercise regimen. A healthy body will develop odorless semen. It is possible that the odor of semen may vary between odorless and chlorinated. Monitor these changes as lifestyle changes occur. It may be beneficial to see what influences change the smell of the semen.

3. Pungent Odor

Odors may be present that are signs of infections. If a smell seems as though it may be a sign of infection, then it would be wise to speak with a medical professional. The smells may have a hint of fish or almonds. These odors may also be associated with painful or burning sensations. Discolorations, such a green or a red hue, may be present as well. Avoid sexual intercourse if you may have an infection. Antibiotics will likely be necessary to eliminate an infection. Be certain to speak with a doctor as untreated infections may cause permanent reproductive harm.

4. Urine

Semen may mix with urine during ejaculation. People who are dehydrated may have powerful smelling urine. During this mixture, the semen may take on some of the odor. Yellowish hues may be present in the semen. If the semen repeatedly smells like urine, then it would be beneficial to drink additional water throughout the day. Be certain to remain hydrated, as this influences numerous parts of the biological system.

Odor Factors

1. Health

The health of the person who is ejaculating is one of the most important factors that cause the smell of the semen to change. Medications, antibiotics and vitamins may also alter the smell. The use of drugs, such as nicotine and alcohol, may lead to unpleasant odors as well. Anyone who is using cigarette or alcohol should abstain from future usage of the drugs. It is important to drink plenty of water and to develop a healthy diet.

2. Diet

The diet is an important factor regarding the odor of semen. Processed foods may cause the semen to smell especially chemically. Fruits and vegetables will reduce the smell. Meats and animal products may cause the smell of chlorine to be more apparent. Routine tests of the odor of semen may be beneficial to determining dietary health. Be certain to stay hydrated, as this may reduce unpleasant odors associated with urine.

3. Time

Ejaculate that has been inside the body or a long duration may be more powerful than newly developed sperm. This may be due to a higher concentration of alkaloids, and it may be due to a higher count of old or decaying sperm cells. Sperm that resides outside of the body for a duration of time may have a more noticeable smell. This is commonly found in soiled towels or laundry. If a potential sexual partner may be concerned about the odor of the semen, then attempt to ejaculate two days before the sexual encounter.


1. Medical Professional

If it is possible that there is an infection, then speak with a medical professional. Antibiotics will help to reduce infections, which will cause an offensive odor to diminish. It is especially important for people who may have a sexually transmitted infection not to have sexual intercourse. This will lead to the further spread of the infection, which may cause serious medical concerns for other people. Untreated infections may lead to permanent reproductive problems, and serious infections may lead to other medical concerns. Bladder or kidney infections may be signs that a lifestyle change is needed.

2. Lifestyle Change

Drug abuse, specifically tobacco and alcohol use, may lead to many health problems. One of these problems is an unpleasant odor associated with the semen. Avoid using these drugs, as they will cause further problems in the future. Poor diet will also influence bad odors. Reduce the consumption of processed foods, excess sugars, animal products and other unhealthy foods. Attempt to develop a plant-based diet and healthy exercise regimen. Fruit-based diets may cause the taste of the semen to improve and change from salty to sweet. As the body becomes more healthy, the sperm and semen will begin to have a better smell.

3. Working Conditions

Some people may work in conditions that are filled with chemicals and pesticides. It is not healthy for the body to be around chemicals all of the time. For those who are working in industries that place them in situations that expose them to chemicals, it would be wise to find new employment. The smell of sperm may be a warning sign that high quantities of these chemicals are working into your blood stream. It is possible that this may lead to reproductive issues in the future.


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