What Does Suboxone Show Up as in a Drug Test?


Suboxone is a type of medication that is made from the chemicals buprenorphine and naloxone. These two chemicals are technically classified as opioid medications despite the fact that naloxone is really an opioid antagonist. When someone is trying to remove an addiction to opioids, they are often prescribed Suboxone. If you are prescribed Suboxone, it is natural to wonder, “What does Suboxone show up as in a drug test?”


Suboxone and Drug Tests

The test used depends on what the tester wants to find out. If you are being tested by an employer, they will most likely be testing for illicit drugs instead of a specific drug. In comparison, your doctor may want to perform a test fro Suboxone to see if you have been using the medication correctly. They may test your blood to see how much buprenorphine is present, or they can test your hair or urine. Laboratories typically use tests like mass spectrometry, ELISA tests or gas chromatography to see if buprenorphine is present.

The ELISA test is basically doing an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test. This looks for medications within your system. It takes roughly two to five hours to carry out the test. If you have drugs present in your system, they may end up showing up on the test. It all depends on the half life of the drug, when you took it and how much you used.

What Does Suboxone Show Up as in a Drug Test?

There are a few factors that determine if Suboxone will show up in your drug test. Suboxone will generally take several days to show up in the drug test. It has a half life that ranges from 24 to 60 hours. This means that the drug requires a decent amount of time to be metabolized by your body before it truly leaves your body. If you have at least 10 ng/ml in your system, you will test positive on the drug test.

This is only true if the drug test is actually looking for Suboxone. If you are getting a standard urine test for drugs, it will generally look for drugs like opioids, ecstasy, codeine, barbiturates, cocaine and methamphetamine. In some cases, an employer may test you for drugs like alcohol, antidepressants or quaaludes. Each drug has different levels required to be detectable, and your body has to have a high enough level for you to test positive. Suboxone is not considered an illicit drug, so it will not be tested for in a drug test. The only times that you may be tested for Suboxone is when your doctor orders the test. They may do this because:

– They think that the drug is not being properly absorbed by your body.
– They believe that you may not be using the drug correctly.
– They think that you may have sold some of the drug to other people who

Because of these reasons, Suboxone will only show up on a drug test if someone specifically asks for Suboxone to be tested for. The doctor may have one of the above reasons or a similar reason for wanting to know if you are taking the drug properly. Since Suboxone contains buprenorphine, your doctor may want to make sure that you are not overusing the drug. In some cases, prescription drug overdoses have led to death, so your doctor may be acting with extreme caution for your safety.

While Suboxone may not show up on a drug test, it is important to always use it properly. Any drug that is misused can lead to harmful, and potentially fatal side effects. Follow your doctor’s directions correctly and never use Suboxone that was prescribed for someone else.


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