What Does Toner Do?


What Does Toner Do? Many people dismiss the idea of using a toner in their beauty and makeup regime mostly because they don’t really know for what purpose it serves. There have been many myths and misconceptions flying around about this beauty product for years but we think it’s finally time to bust those myths and to bring you the truth.

This is really what toner does and why you should (or shouldn’t) be using it…

Why should I bother with toner? 

The right toner can have a pretty impressive result on your skin. When you use the right kind of product for you, it can help alongside your cleansing regime to give you a beautiful, blank, cleansed canvas for you then to put your makeup on. It can help to restore the skin’s natural pH balance, and more natural toner’s now available on the market offer no pH changing abilities whatsoever for those who just want to cleanse without changing too much about their natural skin.

Essentially, the right toner will not only cleanse your skin and remove impurities, it will also enable it to look fresher, younger and more youthful with the nutrients and hydrations it provides.

What does toner do? 

The right toner will start by refreshing your skin. Although cleansing the skin should remove all impurities, it doesn’t always. How many times have you looked at your pad after you’ve used toner on your face – there’s always some discoloration.

Toner is meant to remove any lasting residue from your beauty and makeup regime. It is meant to give you a completely blank canvas for you then to put your moisturizer, primer and makeup on.

Not only that, sweeping toner over your face helps to refresh you when it’s hot and sticky outside.

Not only will toner refresh your skin, it will rejuvenate it. Many toners these days contain extra nutrients and are fortified with vitamins and minerals which your skin will appreciate. Keep an eye out for any that contain vitamins A, C and E because these will have the best results. They can help protect the skin against the aging process as well as sun damage and not only that, they can help fight back against free radicals which are known to cause cancer and other problems within the body.

The water content of toner also means that it moisturize and hydrates the skin. It will pump the skin full of moisture which it desperately needs in order to be fighting fit and healthy. This can help fight back against irritation.

The right toner with botanical ingredients can even shrink down pores removing any risks of irritation and allergens which could cause redness, dry skin and even spots and acne. It can also help with oily skin concerns.

Finally, the right toner for you can help remove old, dead skin cells from the surface of your face and when you do this, they are not ‘wasting’ nutrients that other, healthier skin cells could benefit from. Many contain ingredients such as glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy and these are acids which will help to slough off the layer of dead cells, leaving skin looking cleaner and more refreshed and also battling ingrown hairs also.

What toner should I buy? 

There are three main kinds of toner which you can buy:

  • Water-based toner
  • Water and glycerin or glycol-based toner
  • Alcohol-based toner 

The latter, the alcohol-baed toners, are best to be avoided because alcohol is well known to dry out the face, removing hydration and nutrients. With hazel is often another ingredient found in these astringent toners and these can do more harm than good to your face, especially if it is already dry and / or damaged.

Glycol and glycerin-based toners can be irritating on certain kinds normally because of the essential oils and other compounds they contain. These can work on some skin such as combination skin, but aren’t good for those who suffer with sensitive skin issues or acne as they can make the problem worse.

Water-based toners are the best kind of toners to go for if you want something that will have little or not adverse side effects, and cleanse your skin in the most natural way possible.


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