What to eat when you have a fever



460545615_XSFever is something we have all tried our best to avoid but have failed to do so. A slight change in weather or a change in diet or lifestyle can create a fever, which then heats up the body. But the fever is only of a serious kind if it is above 102°Celsius and you can take an acetaminophen or ibuprofen to treat the same. You can also have a lukewarm bath to cool your body down.

What your diet should include when you are sick

It is always better to eat smaller meals when you are sick and they should contain mostly fluids and substances that are easy to digest. Don’t avoid eating altogether as this can bring the body’s resistance and prolong the sickness. You can eat the following foods when you are sick to bring the fever down:

Vegetable broth

Your fever can reduce substantially if you mix ginger and rice pudding with a vegetable broth and have it atleast once a day. This is easy for the body to digest and gives it the required nutrients to heal. The ginger is the most effective as its ant-inflammatory properties bring down the fever right from the first bite.


It is important to keep your body hydrated at all times when you are sick and you should sip a glass of orange juice very three hours. This is because orange juice provides the body with immense energy as well as provides it with a number of nutrients. This increases the body’s resistance to these infections and germs and helps you recover faster.

Hot tea

You should drink atleast one cup of hot green tea or lemon tea to soothe your throat and get rid of that congestion, when you are sick. Hot tea also contains anti-bacteria compounds that help the body re over from a fever faster.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup has always been the favorite cure for fever as it not only cools down the body and reduces congestion; it also helps the boy heal by providing it with a lot of nutrients. Drinking a bowl of chicken soup atleast once a day can repair your body’s tissues as it contains the necessary proteins. You should mix some vegetables in it to make a warm broth that provides your body with a number of antioxidants andnecessary vitamins.

Fresh fruitsimages (2)

Eating fruits is always a good idea and more so when you are sick. Fresh fruits are a great source of vitamins for your body and are also easily digestible. Fruits that are especially beneficial in curing fevers are oranges, lemons, grapes and apples. Try to avoid eating any canned fruits or fruit juices as the preservatives in these are harmful for the body’s immune system.

A soft diet

A soft diet mainly includes foods that are easy for the body to process and break down. It includes a combination of yoghurt, steamed vegetables, boiled eggs and porridge. Eat these food items when you are sick and you will surely recover within no time. These food items also give your body a lot of energy.

Probiotic foods

Probiotics are basically good bacteria that benefit your body rather than harm it. Many studies have shown that probiotic foods help in curing fever and flu symptoms, especially in children aged 3-5 years. These food items include fermented cabbage, buttermilk, fermented soya products, yogurt and sauerkraut. Probiotic foods are especially good for curing a cough and cold when you are sick.

Foods to include in fluids

There are many food items that may be easy to digest when eaten plain, but if you add them to a liquid it could be good for the body. Garlic is one such food item that you add to hot water and consume as it contains a lot of antioxidants that help the body recover from a fever.

You can also add angelica root and tartar liquid to food to make it easily digestible for the body. Angelica root in act brings down the body temperature by a large extent. The odorless tartar liquid helps cure a cough and cold effectively.

You can also add raisins to water and have it as these contain a lot of antioxidants that help the body heal. One of the best herbs to have when you are sick is basil as it brings down the fever by a large extent.

Oregano, which is frequently used in seasoning, can also be added to a hot liquid and consumed when ill. Oregano cures colds, coughs, fever, a sore throat as well as any respiratory problems that may occur when you are not well.


There are also several food items that are best avoided when you are ill. These include a variety of crunchy, spicy, acidic food that is difficult for the body to digest and cause immense pressure on the intestines. You should also not consume fried food, junk items and raw food.

Even sweet stuff can be harmful for the body as it increase the inflammation in the body and heightens the fever. So try not to eat any kind of sweet substances when you are ill.

In general, you should avoid eating large meals and food items that put too much strain on the body. Rather have a balanced diet divided into small meals throughout the day which should include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Stick mostly to warm liquids and fluids like chicken soups, vegetable broths and hot tea.

If the fever persists after a few days and is accompanied by a severe headache as well a sore throat and skin rash, you should get a checkup done. You should also go to the doctor if you are vomiting profusely, are having difficulty breathing, are getting irritated easily, are not being able to stand bright lights and getting confused on many occasions. These could all be symptoms of a more severe disease and must be treated by a trained professional.


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