When Do Girls Stop Growing?


Various reasons are affecting person growth. The three top reasons are the environment in which they brought up, lifestyle and genes. The average height of American’s is 170 c.m. and as far as an American woman is a concern it is 164.5 cm. So this question may sometimes arise in our mind that when do girls stop growing. Here’s some explanation.


When do girls stop growing in height?

It was observed in every case that the maximum increase of height of girls is 12 to 15 or at 16 years of age. After this age growth will be discontinued. This discontinuation starts at the end of puberty. Hormones and nutrients play a vital role in the growth of woman. At the age of 15 or 16 hormones and nutrients used for growth reaches its permissible limit. At this age, these reach to the threshold value. It is most common that girls start their rapid growth at the onset of menstruation. At this age, their menstruation starts and gained the height of 2 inches per year and reached their adult height. These age limit slightly differs due to the various factors like the start time of menstruation or puberty begins.

How to Grow to Your Full Height during Puberty

So now you are aware of “when the girls stop growing”. But what will be in the case of models or what can be done to attain maximum height during the adolescence period. To attain maximum growth during puberty, you are advisable to follow the following steps.

  1. Have a Balanced Diet

Balance diet in the sense of taking different values of food like protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, calcium, zinc, etc. regularly. Take three meals daily or small six meals regularly. If possible, then schedule a balance sheet for meal taking and time of taking meal and follow it.

  1. Do Exercise Regularly

There is no controversy that exercise and appropriate stretches will help you to grow. It was granted by everyone unanimously. If someone do the exercise like yoga, swimming or appropriate stretches regularly, it will help her growth in puberty period as well as remains her diseases free in many cases.

  1. Have Enough Sleep

Tissues grow tremendously during deep sleep. That’s why teenagers are often advised to take quality sleep regularly. Quality sleep refers to deep sleep in night 8.5 to 11 hours. This quality sleep will enhance the production of hormones that are responsible for growth.

  1. Avoid Any Growth-Stunting Factors

Any malnutrition products such as Cigarettes, alcohol, steroids, caffeine should be strictly avoided. These very much affect the growth of tissues as well as health is also concerned. As mentioned in the earlier passage, for real growth you should take quality sleep and quality food. These 2 are mainly secret of good health and healthy development of human body.

  1. Practice Good Posture

A good position is also an important factor that affect growth significantly. One should remain straight while walking or sitting, slumping and hunching should be always avoided. Good posture always makes you look a right personality holder.

Can I Grow More After Puberty?

While reading this topic question like whether growth can be possible in the human body after puberty may arise in our mind. Let me tell you this can happen in a very rare case. Some instances lead to this rare instances. Some reasons are described below.

Plate power: A child who reached to his maturity period does not mean that his tissue growth will be halted in all the cases. These mainly seen in cases of boys. Growth plates are remains open for two years more in cases of boys than girls. For this reason, some people grow after the twenties also.

Growing glands: During puberty time pituitary gland produces growth hormone in human bodies. It is hypothalamus that controls the amount of somatotropin will be allowed to be released by the pituitary gland. These glands are active in some human bodies that show prolonged period of growth. The overproduction of hormone will lead to plate closing process delay.

When Do Girls Stop Growing Breasts?

Breast development starts in the age from seven to thirteen. Breast increment can vary from the age seven to thirteen. These can be vary person to person. Breast growth will stop after seventeen to eighteen years. This breast growth timings and rate entirely depends upon person’s body, genes and hormonal levels. In the case of a pregnant woman or during breastfeeding breast also increased to some extent. Breast also increased during breast massaging also. Breasts are stopped growing during the age of late twenties.

Other Changes to Your Body during Puberty

Many changes are seen in our body during growth. Some changes in the case of girls are listed and described below.

Hair growth: It is the first sign of puberty, it grows in very light in colour in underarms and progressively getting darker in colour.

Body shape changes: During puberty it is common to increase weight fifteen pounds daily as bones, hips, mussels, stomach all begin to rise. Weight gain during this period is, as usual, nothing to worry just exercise regularly and take good food.

Skin changes: Some people are facing the problem of spots and acnes on a skin. This is mainly due to much production of fat and sweat-producing glands. Acne Vulgaris are seen on face, necks, back and chest. Genetics is usually caused 80 percent cases of acne. An improper diet like smoking increased the chances of this growing acne. This can be easily eliminated by proper cleaning, medication, an appropriate diet like sugar may help.

Body Odour: As the production of hormone and sweat, a bad odour from teenagers is very common. Proper washing is the best solution to this problem.


    • You should still be able to grow taller. The average woman grows until around age 18, although most of the height stops around 15 or 16. It all depends on your genetics though–if you are already as tall as your mother and the rest of your family members, you probably won’t be growing much taller in the future. If you are worried, you can always talk to your doctor about it.

  1. Hello,
    I’m 21 years old. Having a maintain figure. My height is 5.2ft. There’s is any chance at this age to grow in height?

    • You will generally reach your maximum height by age 14 to 15, so you won’t be growing anymore at this point. If you want to feel taller, your main options are high heels or moving to a country with a fairly short average height.

  2. Okay so im 16 about to turn 17 nd like my butt is really flat yea i know ?? i really dont eat alot im skinny but i want to know if im still goin to grow more at least from my hips??

    • Your body may have changes over the next few years, but you will likely not change too much. Your best option is to learn to appreciate and love your body. Take this time to look in a mirror and nourish your positive feelings about your body. You can gain weight and it may help add form. Best of luck, Lesly!


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