White Bump On Gums

white bump on gumsIf you ever spotted white lump on your gums, don’t worry, it does not mean a proven serious disease. This can be an infection or even an irritation from the bracelet. In some cases, white bump on your gums can be a more severe condition such as a gum disease or cancer. In this case, it is advised to operate the affected area and remove it surgically to prevent any metastasis.

Causes of White Bump On Gums

So, there are some conditions which can be followed with white bump on gums. Some of those are not that serious, while other can mean an urgent condition which needs to be resolved immediately. Some of the those are, as we mentioned, an infection, canker sore, jaw or teeth cancer or even a hormonal change among pregnant women who are having hormonal conditions called granuloma gravidarum or pyogenic granuloma.


An infection is one of the diseases which can be easy to treat whereas cancer can be a serious problem. Teeth infection, for example, can cause a white bump on gums, and it can develop into an abscess if it doesn’t get treated and develops into a chronical state. The purpose of the infection is the white blood concentration in order to prevent any foreign invading from harming the body. So, the immune system tries to block the pathogens by flushing it with fluid and killing it with antibodies and other immune system cells.


Irritation of gums is most common among people who’ve been wearing the braces. Among those people, many have sensitive gums, since the braces can be pretty irritating due to numerous metal wires which can be harsh to the gums. Some people wear braces after they extract their teeth, which can be another reason for gum irritation where it can be also metal wire or even a special glue that can irritate the inside of the mouth.

Gum Disease

A gum infection called gingivitis is a gum inflammation caused by many pathogens. It can be followed with white bump appearance on gums and also with swelling and painful gums. They can bleed as well, where it can be a certain indication that your gums are inflamed. You should seek professional help and go to your dentist.

Canker Sore

A canker sore is a form of ulcer inside the mouth and can appear on gums as well. They have a white bump due to white residue inside and can be a sign of bad diet, stress or hormonal change.


Cancer is not often, but it can be diagnosed with the histopathological test. The gum cancer usually looks like any other condition but has to be thoroughly inspected for the cancer cells in order to be sure and to opt for cancer treatment such as the surgery.

Symptoms of White Bump On Gums

If you are experiencing bump or gum boil/parulis, you might have a non-vital tooth or a dead nerve in your gums. This can be followed by an inflammation where the body wants to reject the dead or now, foreign object and it starts to build up the inflammation cells inside the teeth hole. The inflammation cells create a pus inside the affected area which tries to exit the gum by creating a bump on the gums. This can end up with pus extraction on its own or by surgical measures. It can feel salty if it bursts and kind of bitter. This is called gum boil and it doesn’t have to be accompanied with pain, but it is advised to be treated by professional. The dentist will probably extract the dead tooth or the dead nerve.

How to Obtain a Healthy Gum?

As you’ve been taught when you were little, there are a few steps that can keep your gums healthy.

Washing Teeth

It is extremely important to wash your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes. This will ensure that you flush all the bacteria, a plaque that has built up overnight or during the whole day while eating all kinds of things. This will not only kill the bacteria but will keep your teeth white, prevent the odor and teeth infection. The night is important due to sugar dissolving in your mouth which suits the bacteria development. In order to prevent any infections, wash any food residue before going to bed.

Mouth Wash

An additional teeth care is needed in order to kill bacteria and help your breath stay fresh. You can use a mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol and it is healthy for your gums. You will further kill the rest of the bacteria that is still there after washing the teeth. The most important thing is not to rinse the mouth after mouthwash since it will flush all the good ingredients such as fluoride.


Another way to extract all the food residue that is persistent in staying between your teeth is flossing. You can floss every day to remove all the food leftovers in between your teeth. It can be good for your health and prevent bacterial infection, so don’t skip over this step.

Another TIP is to cut the sweet and other types of snacks. Reduce the sugar and you will also reduce the possibility of bacterial infection. Rinse your mouth after eating something sweet or drinking a fizzy drink which contains a lot of sugar.

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