White Spots on Nails


White-spot-fingernail-Garma-On-HealthHave you ever seen someone with white spots on nails? Well even if you have experienced spots on your fingernails it is not anything uncommon. In fact, it is a frequent thing that is most likely to happen to you once or twice in your lifetime.

White spots on nails can be caused by a number of conditions or can be a tell-tale sign of a variety of things. Knowing what types of white spots are bad and what type are good can help you identify whether or not they warrant further investigation.

The Many Causes for White Spots on Nails

Reaction to Nail Treatment, Glue, Nail Polish and Manicure Chemicals

Sometimes there are chemicals that are directly applied or exposed to the nails that can cause these white spots to appear. It could be  number of things including: dish soaps, cleaners, nail polish remover, nail polish, nail glue, manicure chemicals and more. Also applying fake nails made of acrylic can cause your nail to have white spots and to be traumatized.

Direct Injury to the Nail

One of the major causes of spots that are white on the nails is the nail being injured or directly traumatized by something. A nick or slam of anything can cause the nail to have a white dash, dot, or spot on them. You may not know or remember what exactly, directly impacted the nail- but its quite possible you did not realize it at the time and that its just a small injury to the nail that will remedy itself and heal in time. .

Nail Fungus

There are all types of nail fungi that can impact the nail and the nail bed. Many times any white spots experienced on the nail itself is just a sign of some sort of fungi that is hindering the nail and causing the imperfection. Although there many be many types of fungi that impact your nails as so, it is important to now that there are some severe fungi such as Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis that can happen and that need to be treated with an anti-fungal medication.

Deficiency of Vitamins and Nutrients in Your Diet (Calcium, Zinc, Protein)

Having a deficiency of many types of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can heavily impact the health of your nails and also cause them to have white spots or blemishes on them. Among the many popular types of nutrients, here are the most prominent ones that can cause this condition:

Protein: Protein plays a large role in nail and hair growth and health. Without this essential a person would not be able to survive. The white spots that appear on nails when you have a protein deficiency will take on the appearance as a stripe or band that runs from one side to another horizontally. These lines are actually present not on the nail itself but underneath the nail bed. These line disappear rapidly once your body is reaching its point of having enough protein to function properly.

Zinc: Zinc is a fortified nutrient used and required by the human body that is actually a natural metal. The lack of zinc in a person’s system can results in dots and spots on the nails. The best remedy for this one is supplementation and making wise changes to diet. Eating foods that are rich in Zinc including: Nuts, whole grain breads, spinach, beans & legumes, and oysters can help you to get rid of white spots on nails.

Calcium: Calcium is very responsible for bone, nail, and teeth health. When a calcium deficiency is present the nails may become thin and brittle and also appear with white spots on them. With the market being flourished with supplements that are Calcium fortified, you should have no issue remedying white spots on nails caused by a calcium deficiency. Use supplements, drink, orange juice,  and getting the recommended amount of dairy products in your daily diet will help.

Other Misc. Causes of White Spots on Nails

Among the above listed causes of white spots on nails, there is a whole divided list that include more serious reasons that these types of spots appear:

Anemia: A deficiency of iron is a major thing unlike the other vitamin deficiencies mentioned above. It can make your tired, weak, and very sick. But it also can make your skin  and nail color very pale or almost white.

Liver Diseases: Liver diseases caused by cirrhosis of the liver or hepatitis can result in white spots on nails and also indicate further problems that warrant medical attention.

Kidney Disease of Failure: Different issues with the kidneys including kidney disease, cancer, kidney failure can cause the nails to be pink or white.

Home Remedies for White Spots on Nails

There are many different home remedies that you can try in order to alleviate and cure white spots on nails. Here are few simple suggestions that we recommend you try:

Take vitamin supplements: Taking vitamins supplements can help your nails and hair grow much stronger and to be much healthier. Also vitamin supplements can help you alleviate other deficiencies and health issues from occurring.

Just let your nail remedy itself: You can just let the nail grow out if it does not bother you too much. Even with time the spots may vanish completely without intervention on their own.

Try covering it with nail polish: If the white spots really irritate you and you think they are unsightly then you can easily just use nail polish to paint over them.

Use moisturizing hand lotion: You can try using a moisturizing hand lotion that works well with your nails. Do this regularly if your hands are dry and you will have those white spots gone in no time!

Eat a well balanced diet: As aforementioned, it is very important that you take in a well-balanced diet so that your nails and health are as well as possible. Taking in all of the daily food group recommendations with vitamins, minerals, and essentials.


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