Why are my nails purple?

When it comes to diagnosing health problems, there are many things to look for. Everything from the way that your tongue looks to your fingernails can be used to show a potential illness. Normally, your finger nails should look a healthy pink shade. If they are not pink, it could indicate a potential illness. Purple nail beds can be a sign of several different disorders, and it can indicate that your body lacks oxygen.


Why Your Nails May Turn Purple

The number reason for your nails to turn purple is a lack of oxygen. This color may be accompanied by tingling or a lack of sensation. Normally, your fingers will turn purple when the blood is not bringing enough oxygen to the nail bed. If you are a smoker, this may also occur because your fingernails are deprived of oxygen from smoking.

In addition to a lack of oxygen, your nails could turn purple because you are anemic. When your body has a low level of iron, it causes your blood to lack some of the oxygen that it needs. If this is the cause, it can be remedied by taking a vitamin C and iron supplement every morning.

On some occasions, just one fingernail may turn purple. This still indicates that you are not receiving enough oxygen, but it does not represent a broader medical condition. Instead, it most likely shows that you injured that specific nail. It may have caused a bruise that is preventing oxygen from getting to the nail. If this is severe, your doctor may puncture a small hold in the nail to help remove some of the pressure. You do not want to do this on your own because it could lead to an infection or other problems. When in doubt, always get your doctor’s advice and professional opinion.

Treating Purple Nail Beds

Since a lack of oxygen may indicate cardiovascular issues, you will want to get a doctor’s opinion. You may also want to start working out and eating a balanced diet to improve the strength of your cardiovascular system. An instant way to potential fix your fingernails is to use heat and massage. This will help to naturally boost your circulation and will temporarily fix the nail beds. Afterward, you can squeeze a small ball throughout the day to keep the circulation going in your fingertips.

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