Why is My Sperm Yellow?


When sperm is white, it is considered to be in a healthy state. Mild yellow discoloration may be present and should not be a cause for concern. That said, if your sperm is deep yellow or green in hue, then you may want to speak with a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. Other symptoms may be present as well, so it is important to note any associated experiences to better answer the questions that your doctor may ask.

Why is My Sperm Yellow?

It is important to note that sperm cells are not actually yellow. The fluid that the sperm lives in is called semen. The color of the semen is most healthy when it is white. Healthy semen may also have mild discoloration that may be yellow or gray. Health concerns, diet and lifestyle influence the hue of semen.
Common Causes

1. Urine

Dehydration and improper fluid consumption may cause the urine to become yellow. Ejaculate may mix with yellow urine and come out looking yellow. This may also be associated with an odor or urine. To test if this is the reason why your semen is yellow, be certain to drink plenty of water. This should clear up in a few days. Be certain to continue to stay well hydrated to prevent this problem from arising in the future.

2. Diet

Other dietary choices may cause discoloration of the semen. Often times, the change in color will also have a change in odor as well. In the case of excessive consumption of garlic, onions and other pungent foods, you may notice that the ejaculate is colored and odorous. Dyes, especially those inside of sweets and soda, will influence the color as well. Developing a plant-based diet and abstaining from processed foods will help reduce the yellow appearance of your semen.

3. Infections

Infections of the kidney, bladder and other organs along the urinary tract may cause discoloration. Some sexually transmitted infections will also influence the color of semen. In many cases, these influences will cause leakage, burning and foul odors. If you are experiencing unpleasant sensations and other problems that may be due to an infection, then you should immediately seek medical attention. Unaddressed infections may cause permanent damage. Abstain from intercourse at this time to prevent the potential spread of diseases.

4. Age

As we get older, certain parts of our bodies begin to change. One of the changes that may occur with age is that our semen becomes more yellow. If you are over the age of fifty and seeing these changes, then you may be able to stop concerning yourself with this change. However, it could also be a sign of a medical concern that you may want to address. A medical professional may be able to offer testosterone boosters for age related complications.

5. Inactivity

A lack of exercise or an excess of certain types of exercises may lead to problems with semen. An inactive lifestyle may lead to a reduction of the production of hormones. This may lead to discoloration and other problems. On the other hand, excessive bike riding may cause the testicles to be injured and the sperm to become infertile. You may find that exercises that do not impact the genital regions will be beneficial in reducing the discoloration of your semen.

6. Infrequent Ejaculation

If your semen is discolored, thick, sticky and clumpy, then the discoloration is probably due to infrequent ejaculation. The semen is old and likely discolored because of urine mixing. There is no reason to be concerned about this, as there is no biological reason to frequently ejaculate. If you are concerned about a potential reaction of a sexual partner, then relieve yourself a few days before intercourse.

Treatments for Yellow Sperm

1. Hydration

Be certain to adjust your fluid consumption. Increase the amount of water that you drink each day. You should attempt to drink a gallon of water every day. Your boy uses water in nearly every process, and your sperm cells and seminal fluid require water to be healthy and properly colored. Reduce consumption of soda, coffee, energy drinks and any other fluid that is processed, dyed and filled with additional sugars. This will not only decrease this discoloration, but it will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Alcohol and Tobacco

Immediately stop consuming alcohol and tobacco products. These poisons can reduce the quality of your sperm. They may cause discoloration and odor. Excessive consumption of these drugs may also cause fertility problems in the future. Instead of relying on these crutches, attempt to strengthen old relationships and make new ones. This will help you end your reliance on these substances.

3. Diet

Reduce or eliminate the consumption of processed foods, dyes and excess sugars. Additionally, excessive animal products, such as meat and animal fat, may be a negative influence on your health. Instead, move toward a plant-based diet. Fruits and vegetables will increase the health of your sperm and semen. This diet will also help to make your sperm smell better, and certain fruits help to make the taste less salty and unpleasant. A plant-based diet is not only beneficial for your sperm and fertility, but also for your general health, which may lead to healthier sperm.

4. Exercise

Develop a healthy exercise regimen. Hormones and chemical balances in the body may be causing this discoloration. You will be able to naturally increase your testosterone levels by increasing muscle mass. This will have other positive effects as well. For those of advanced age or physical disability, using testosterone boosters may help. However, it would be best to avoid taking these supplements unless there are no other options.

5. Medical Professional

Visiting a medical professional may be beneficial. They will be able to properly diagnose the cause of your discoloration. After the diagnosis, they will be able to give you the proper treatment. Be certain to share any other symptoms that you may have, even things that you believe may not be associated symptoms. Green coloration is a sign of infections, while orange and red coloration may be signs of blood. Watery discharge may be signs of excessive ejaculation or other medical concerns. A doctor will be able to address any specific questions that you may have.


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