Widow’s Peak Vs. Straight Hairline


While most people have a straight hairline, there are still a number of people who have a widow’s peak. A widow’s peak refers to the way your hairline is shaped. It grows in a way that makes a V-like shape in the center of your forehead.

On men, it is very easy to spot a widow’s peak or a straight hairline because many men wear their hair in fairly short cuts. Women can tell if they have a widow’s peak by standing at their mirror and pulling their hair back, away from their forehead like they would for a pony tail. If you see a V-shape, then you have a widow’s peak. If you have just a straight hairline without any bends or changes, then you do not have a widow’s peak. While this type of hairline is quite common, it is normal for people to be curious about what causes a widow’s peak to happen.

Widow’s Peak Vs. Straight Hairline

The reason why people have a widow’s peak or a straight line is entirely inherited from their parents. No one can choose to have this type of hairline. Genetics play a key role in determining the way that the individual’s hairline develops in the uterus.

How Do Dominant Traits Play a Role?

A dominant trait is a type of genetic trait that basically determines how the offspring will look. If the trait is dominant, then it means that the offspring will develop that trait. Meanwhile, a recessive trait is less likely to develop. For you to develop a recessive trait, both parents would have to give you the recessive gene. If one parent gives you a dominant trait and the other gives you a recessive trait, you will develop the dominant trait.

One allele is given from each of your parents. A capital letter is always used to signify a dominant trait, while a lower case letter is used to signify a recessive trait. Thus, you could get AA, Aa or aa from your parents. AA or Aa genotypes will mean that the dominant trait appears. Only aa genotypes would allow the recessive trait to appear.

Inherited Possibilities

Let’s take a closer look at this. At birth, these are your options:

Father (A) + Mother (A): You (AA)
Father (A) + Mother (a): You (Aa)
Father (a) + Mother (a): You (Aa)
Father (a) + Mother (a): You (aa)

As you can see, recessive genes are less common in the population because they are unable to appear if the dominant trait is present. While this is true, the recessive traits can still be passed along. If you were Aa, you still have one recessive trait that could be passed to your child. If your spouse is Aa or aa, they could also pass along the same the recessive gene. Thus, the gene could appear a generation later even if you do not physically manifest that trait.

A widow’s peak is considered a dominantly inherited trait. This means that any variation of AA or Aa would cause the trait to appear. If both of your parents have a widow’s peak, then it is possible that you will as well.

Does Having a Widow’s Peak Mean That You Will Have a Receding Hairline?

Other than finding out why a widow’s peak happens, some people also want to figure out if a widow’s peak will cause a receding hairline. Unfortunately, many people are unnecessarily worried. Despite widespread rumors about widow’s peaks and baldness, there is no scientific basis in these myths. Baldness and receding hairlines are not genetically linked to receding hairlines or widow’s peaks.

Anyone who has hair can end up having a receding hairline. When it comes to hair loss though, people who have a widow’s peak will often lose their hair along the sides of their head instead of the middle. This makes the widow’s peak appear more prominently. Meanwhile, someone with a straight hairline will typically lose hair in a way that makes their forehead appear larger.

Widow’s Peak Vs. Straight Hairline: What Hairstyles Are Best for a Widow’s Peak?

While many haircuts are designed for straight hairlines, this does not mean that it is hard to find a good style for a widow’s peak as well. The following ideas are designed with a widow’s peak in mind.

1. Pompadour

This retro hairstyle works well with the shape of a widow’s peak. Depending on the look you want and where you work, you can go with a taller or shorter pompadour. Keep in mind that this type of hairstyle requires a fair amount of styling to look good, so do not get it if you are not willing to take the time to style your hair every day.

2. Messy Fringe

A messy fringe gives you a friendly, likable look. It helps to cover up the widow’s peak if you dislike the V-shape, and it only takes a few moments to do it in the morning. After getting your hair styled in a messy fringe, use some wax to hide your widow’s peak.

3. Undercut

This hair style focuses on making the sides of your hair shorter so that the peak looks more prominent. It is a good way to style your hair if you like the way your widow’s peak looks, and you want to be more obvious. There are many variations of an undercut, so experiment with the one that suits you best.

4. Straight Fringe

A straight fringe is a common option for concealing a widow’s peak. You need to have longer hair than the average guy to help mask the V-shaped hairline. Straight fringes also help to minimize the length of your face, so they are ideal for anyone who has an overly long face shape.

5. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an easy styling option that works for anyone who wants to make their widow’s peak more noticeable. It can be done slightly shorter or longer depending on what you want, and you can vary the height of your hair on different parts of your head. Best of all, it is a low maintenance option for your daily style.

Female Options for Widow’s Peaks

If you want to show off your widow’s peak, part your hair at the center of the peak and pull it to the sides. Wearing your hair down and straight will make your widow’s peak even more apparent. If you want to wear your hair back, try one of the many different French braid styles so that your widow’s peak can be easily seen.

If you do not want to flaunt your peak, there are options available for hiding it. Bangs are one of the easiest ways to hide it. Among other options, you can try Bardot bangs or curtain bangs to conceal your widow’s peak.


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