Working Out Before Bed


exerciseWorking out and exercising is always beneficial to your health. However, some people like to squeeze in their workout whenever they can.

Whether working out in the gym or just at home in front of a few exercise DVD’s individuals who work out, vary the times of which they work out in. Some like mornings and others mid-afternoons, while others state that working out before bed is the best thing.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may be wondering if working out before bed is more beneficial or more disadvantageous.


Is Working Out Before Bed a Good Thing or a Bad Thing

When it comes to weighing in about working out before bed, experts and research indicate contradicting theories of its benefit and its disadvantages.

While some studies have demonstrated that people who work out before bed, sleep better, burn more calories while they sleep, and a refreshed body the next day when the woke up- others indicated that they get a surge of energy and have problems falling asleep.

The ones in the study who worked out before bed did report that they experienced quicker falling asleep times, calmer attitudes, and slept more soundly than when they do not work out before bed.

The polls are still out! While it is not harmful for you to workout before bed you circumstances may be uniquely different (good or bad.) It is solely up to you if you so choose to workout then or whenever you can fit in the time.


Getting The Most Out of Your Workout

Whether you workout a couple times a day or just get in a good session, there are some rules of thumb that can help you to get the most out of your workout. Here are some of our best suggestions listed below:

  • Dress comfortable to work out according to the weather
  • Always wear good shoes, they support your ankles and can help prevent issues later
  • Drink plenty of fluids, because as you work out you sweat so you need to replenish the water loss
  • Eat small snacks and wait at least a half/hour before partakng in your daily workout
  • Compliment your workouts by eating nutritious foods that have the essentials you need
  • Change up your workouts by incorporating cardo, weight training, and interval training to your regimen
  • Allow your body to rest and properly recover between your workout sessions


When Is the Best Time for Working Out?

Exercising no matter what time you perform it and as long as you try to get at least 1/2 hour to an hour in every 3-5 days a week is beneficial regardless of which time of day you work out at. Since every situation is different you may find working out in the morning gets your energy fired up to handle the day or you may find that working out before bed really helps you to get the sound sleep you need to wake up fresh and fit in the morning.

There is really, truly no best time to work out. It just matters that you workout, period. Depending upon your time constraints, schedule, and preference- anytime you choose to workout in a single day is to your great, health benefit.


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