Yogurt for yeast infection


download (3)A yeast infection is most common in women but can affect men as well and is the result of an imbalance in your immune system. The fungus Candida albicans grows in the body when the body’s pH level is destroyed. This bad bacterium then creates yeast infections that cause a nuisance for you. But there are several ways you can get rid of this yeast infection and yoghurt is one of the best food items that can help do so. Yoghurt helps remove yeast infections in the following manners:

How does yoghurt help treat yeast infections

Yoghurt is effective in treating yeast infections as it contains god bacterium called Lactobacillus acidophilus that is also found in your vagina and intestinal tract. This bacterium interacts with the sugar in your body and creates hydrogen peroxide. This is then transported throughout the body and helps restore the normal acidic balance. Thus yeast infections are reduced or removed altogether and the pH balance is restored in your body.

How to use yoghurt for yeast infections

You can either consume yoghurt or apply it directly on your skin to treat any kind of yeast infections.

Internal application

You should consume yoghurt daily as this helps in maintain the right amount of acid in your body and also increases the good bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus in your intestines. This prevents yeast infections from growing and spreading and keeps your immune system healthy.

External application

Yeast is mostly found in parts of the body that have added warmth, moisture and humidity like between the toes, under your arms and in between skin folds etc.  You can remove yeast infections by dabbing a thick paste of yoghurt on the affected areas. Leave it on for an hour and then rinse it off and you should ideally repeat this process three times in one day to cure the infection quickly.

You can also keep it overnight if the infection does not go or is more serious in nature. If you have severe yeast infections in the vagina, you can freeze unflavored and unsweetened yoghurt and then dip a tampon. You must them insert this completely coated tampon into your vagina and leave it overnight.  Rinse it when you wake up and dry it completely. Then apply yoghurt thrice in the day on the affected area and leave for one hour. Make sure you completely wash the labia and dry it thoroughly so as to prevent the yeast infection from growing again.

What yoghurt should one use?

Ideally you should only pick up unsweetened and unflavored yoghurt as this contains only Lactobacillus acidophilus and no added substances. The sugar in the sweetened yoghurt actually helps the yeast to grow and distorts the body’s pH balance. Thus only go for plain yoghurt that states Lactobacillus acidophilus on its container.

How much should you apply or consume

You should have one cup of yoghurt a day and you can increase your intake when you are trying to get rid of a yeast infection.  If you are applying it externally, make sure you apply it as a thick paste and don’t just cover the part that is infected but the outer regions as well. This helps prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.

Other remedies for yeast infections

You can also use the following home remedies to fight yeast infections:


download (4)Garlic can be mixed with yoghurt and applied or applied on its own as well. The anti-fungal properties of garlic make it effective in preventing Candida yeast from growing and you can apply cloves of garlic on the affected area. You can also wrap chopped garlic cloves in a cheesecloth and then dabbed on severely affected areas. Garlic can also be added to meal to prevent yeast infections in the body.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a light and anti-fungal oil that also prevents yeast from growing and spreading. It can be dabbed on a tampon and then placed in the vagina for an hour or just used directly on the affected areas.

Apple cider vinegar

You should add apple cider vinegar to a warm bath and then relax in it for around 2o minutes and then dry yourself completely. The anti-fungal properties of apple cider vinegar and the acidic content help prevent yeast infections from spreading in your body and keep it healthy.


Unsweetened cranberry juice is something you should have every morning as it has a good acidic content that prevents the Candida yeast from growing and spreading in the body. You can also use cranberry pills with antibiotics that don’t allow the yeast to start growing in the first place and fights it effectively to keep the body’s acid level normal and healthy. Make sure you use only the unsweetened variety to prevent aggravating the problem.


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