How to Delay Period Naturally

Keeping track of when your period should start is hard enough. Sometimes, you also want to delay your period from starting. Whether you have a romantic honeymoon in the works or an upcoming swimming competition, there are many reasons why you may want to delay your period naturally. To find out how to delay your period, read through the following list of natural options.

How to Delay Period Naturally

Keep in mind that you should generally let your period happen as it was supposed to happen. Unless you have an extremely important event, you should let your period occur normally because it is healthier for your body. If you try to change when your period starts, it can sometimes affect the regularity of your period for a month or more afterward.

1. Gelatin

One of the natural solutions for delaying your period is gelatin. You can easily buy packets of gelatin at your neighborhood grocery store. Open the package and pour it into a bowl filled with warm water. It is recommended that you drink this mixture for three times each day to achieve the desire results.

2. Breast Massage

When you are about to give birth, your doctor will sometimes recommend massaging your nipples to produce hormones that stimulate labor. Some women have also had success with massaging their breasts to naturally delay their periods. To do this method, you just have to give your breasts a gentle massage in a circular motion. Start at the nipple and work your way from your nipple to the outer portion of your breasts using clockwise and counterclockwise movements. Ideally, you should do this at least 200 times each day to help delay menstruation.

3. Herbal Options

Many herbs throughout history have been known for their effects on female menstrual cycles. Shepherd’s purse and yarrow are both effective at delaying menstruation. Use a powdered version of these herbs or grind up some of the fresh herbs. Make sure that you do not use more than recommended because it could lead to harmful side effects. Afterward, mix some water into the mixture and consume it. Shepherd’s purse is known for being effective at delaying your period, but you should make sure that it does not cause negative interactions with any other medications that you may be taking.

4. Get a Lot of Exercise

Intense exercise has been known to delay menstrual cycles. When you exercise a lot, it boost your testosterone levels, limits your estrogen and delays your period.

5. Stress Relief

Stress can change your hormonal levels if you are frequently under stress. You want to reduce the amount of stress in your life to keep your stressed out hormones from causing menstrual changes.

6. Natural Progesterone Creams

Normally, progesterone levels in your body will naturally increase during the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Using a natural progesterone cream basically tricks your body into thinking that you are still at the start of your cycle instead of at the end. Starting at ovulation, use at least ΒΌ teaspoon of progesterone cream twice every day until you want your period to come. It might not be able to delay your period for weeks, but it can delay it for a few extra days.

7. Lemon

Lemon is filled with citric acid and is extremely acidic. When you chew lemon, it can help to delay your period. In addition, chewing on lemon can help to relieve other problems like inflammation, tenderness and pain until your period arrives. Rather than eating the lemon, you can also squeeze the juice into a glass of water and drink it for the same benefits.

8. Foods You Should Eat or Avoid

Your diet can cause your period to be regular, late or irregular. Many foods that you consume can influence your hormonal levels. You should eliminate foods like sesame, ginger, peppers, garlic, papaya and ginger because these foods can make your period earlier. Of course, you could also use these foods to make your period come earlier than your expected event. Lentils, raspberry leaves and lemons can be used if you want to delay your menstrual cycle.

Non-Natural Ways to Delay Your Period

If you have a really important event coming up, you may want something that is guaranteed to delay your period for sure. While the following methods are generally not natural options, they also boast of better success rates.

1. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are often prescribed for women who have irregular menstrual cycles. If your cycle is generally abnormal and starts at different times, you may want to start using birth control so that your period starts at a set time every month.

If you are already on birth control pills, you can talk to your doctor about stacking your medication. You should always talk to your doctor before doing this to prevent side effects and unintended pregnancy. To stack your medication, you take the first three weeks of pills before immediately starting your next three weeks without allowing your period to happen. This method will ensure that your period does not start, but you should make sure to use other methods of protection to prevent a pregnancy.

2. Hormonal Options

Your period is all about your hormones. When your progesterone levels fall, it stimulates your body to start your period. You can go to your doctor to get norethisterone pills or supplements to stop your menstruation from happening right away. Progesterone hormonal therapy is used to increase the amount of progesterone in your body so that your body does not realize that it is time for your period to start.

While delaying your period is one option, you should also consider having your period start earlier. This is generally less stress for your body and easier to do. Talk to your doctor about which option is best for your health and current plans. Your doctor will be able to help you determine the type of progesterone cream, supplement or hormonal option will work best in your unique situation.


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