Things You Did Not Know About The Hickey


You have heard of them, you may have even gotten one yourself, but how much do you really know about the ever-so famous hickey? No, they aren’t just something teenagers do! They are for all ages and no matter what age you are, you may have some questions regarding them. There are a ton of little details that a lot of people aren’t aware when it comes to these bites of love. Here are all the things you more than likely did not know about the hickey:

How Are Hickeys Usually Given

Hickeys are given by putting your lips onto someone’s skin and creating an O shape with your mouth. After that all you do is suck. Even the slightest of sucking can create these marks in just a few seconds.

Hickeys Have Several Names

You may commonly know them just as hickeys or love-bites, but these little marks of passion go by many different names. There are two medically given names it carries. One: Erythemas. Erythemas are areas of the skin that have been reddened by the expanding of vessels of blood. Two: Hematoma. A hematoma is an accumulation of blood from broken blood vessels. Other things hickeys are called are: Love-Bites, passion marks, nibbles, dickeys, contusions, bruises, discoloration, blotches, blemishes or slag tags.  Whatever name you chose to call them, they all mean the same thing in the end!

Hickeys Are Really Just Bruises

That’s right. That is really all those little suckers are. There very minimal differences between a hickey gotten from some steamy love-biting and a simple bruise you receive from bumping into the corner of the wall. Both are formed when an immense pressure breaks these tiny little blood vessels under your skin called capillaries. When these vessels are broken they leak their blood and it spreads out under the skin, causing a purple-red color to appear. And voila, that’s how your bruise a.k.a hickey makes it appearance.

Hickeys Can Be A Bit Painful

Of course they can, since they are quite literally bruising on your body! The blood vessels opening doesn’t happen without some sort of repercussion. They will feel sore, like a bruise. If your partner creates big enough hickeys, they are even classified by doctors as ‘sex injuries’.

Hickeys Can Sometimes Be Dangerous

Yep, you read that right. Hickeys can be risky business. Enough power from your partners lips and their vacuum of pressure can create a blood clot. Blood clots can lead to strokes and paralysis. It’s so very, very, very (can’t stress the very enough) uncommon and probably won’t happen to you. However, it has happened to one or two extremely unlucky folks.

Hickeys May or May Not Be A Sign Of A Deficiency

Although hickeys are harmless a majority of the time, they can be caused by an underlying medical condition. Don’t panic, it’s not fatal. People who suffer from iron deficiencies will often find themselves covered with hickeys after a passion make-out session with their partner. Not just one or two, but several. People who have these deficiencies are usually diagnosed as Anemic and will need to take the proper supplements to even out their iron levels. If you find yourself covered with more than just a couple hickeys or find yourself bruising easily during love-making, you may want to consult a doctor to check if you have an iron deficiency.

Hickeys Can Give You Herpes

Well, not just any hickey. The person giving the hickey will have to be carrier of the herpes virus themselves in order to transfer it over to you. There’s a misconception that oral herpes can only be transferred from mouth to mouth or genital to genital. Nope! It can definitely be given to you through hickeys! If you have broken skin or if your partner breaks your skin, you may be at risk to receive the virus. Practicing safe sex skills will usually prevent this from happening, though.

The Length Of The Hickey Depends

Every hickey is different. Some are deeper and bigger, meaning they will last much longer. If your partner gets a little carried away and sucks really hard then you may be stuck with a very visible hickey for 2-3 weeks. However if the love-bite was created with less pressure, it could disappear in less than a couple days. Hickeys will fade over time, as your capillaries repair themselves, you will see the hickey change from deep red/purple into gray, yellow and finally back into your normal skin-tone.

There Is No Quick-Fix To A Hickey

Contrary to prior belief there is nothing that will get rid of your hickey overnight. There is no way that you personally can reach under your skin and repair your broken blood vessels. It just is not logical. There are myths that pressing a cold spoon on your hickey will make it rapidly disappear. There is a little truth behind that one. No, it won’t get rid of it, but it will help the swelling go down. Just like pressing a pack of frozen peas to a shiner on your eye will help relieve the pain and reduce swelling, something cold on your hickey will do the same.

Hickeys Are Usually Found In The Same Areas

There are common places that these tiny sex injuries are usually localized to. These areas are the neck, the collar bone, the thighs and the breast. The reasons that they are usually found there are because these are some of the most sensitive areas on your entire body. However, that means that there are a lot of nerve endings in those areas and you should always be extra cautious before using to harsh of pressure to create them. They can, like stated above, lead to paralysis and strokes, if they create clots or harm nerves in those spots.

Humans Aren’t The Only One Who Do Hickeys

Shocking, right? Hickeys originate from the animal kingdom itself! Studies found other mammals, such as penguins, also make little nips at their partner’s necks during mating. So it looks like we are not the only ones who take pleasure in the sensation that rises from getting or giving hickeys.

Hickeys Are Easily Hidden

Although there is no super fast, magical remedy that will get rid of them, you can do your best to conceal them from the general public if you find them a more than a little embarrassing. The best efforts are done through wearing a scarf or  turtleneck. You can also purchase or use makeup, such as a liquid foundation or a concealer, and dab it over the hickey to hide it.

The Best Way To Avoid A Hickey

Besides not letting your partner suck on your neck, there are only a couple of other ways to prevent a hickey. First, find out if you have an iron deficiency or not. If you do make sure you get the proper supplements you need before you create any pools of blood under your skin. If you aren’t lacking any iron, the other best way to avoid a love-bite mark is to take your vitamins regularly or eat foods with vitamins that stimulate proper circulation vitamins, like Vitamin K and Vitamin E.


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