Does Sperm Die When It Hits the Air?


download (1)This is one question that we cannot answer based on common sense as this has more serious connotations. Many people have even created several myths on this topic. Women are constantly wondering whether this question is true and will this dry sperm get them pregnant. Let us answer all these questions below so that we have a proper evaluation.

What Happens To Sperm When It Comes In Contact With Air?

The sperm dries up when exposed to air and once it loses it moisture, it is rendered ineffective and dead. This sperm cannot them affect you in any way. Once it is dead, there is nothing that can bring it back to life, even if you try moisturizing it. Sperms can only survive out of the body if it is placed in a warm environment where it as lots of moisture. It can then last for as long as 3-5 days.

Will Dry Semen Make You Pregnant?

This is one question that many women ask.  The answer is no. Once the sperm is dry, it is dead and ineffective and cannot get you pregnant. The only way you can get pregnant is if it is placed in a warm, moist environment or if you put some into your vagina immediately after ejaculation. Touching dry semen or putting it in your vagina will not make you pregnant.

How long does sperm last in a male reproductive system?

The reproductive cells, sperms, are created in the men’s testicles by spermatogenesis. In this process, these reproductive cells continuously divide and the division takes place in the seminiferous tubules. This then leads to the creation of immature cells called spermatids. These spermatidsthen go to the epididymis where they stay for about 2-3 weeks and become mature. The sperms stay here till they are ejaculated out of the body.

The sperm can live in the male body for around 74 days and if they are not released within this time span they degenerate into tinier particles and then are dissolved in the body. There are several factors that determine how long these sperm cells can last in a women’s vagina and the factors that determine how much they can penetrate a woman’s vagina.

How Long Will A Sperm Cell Last In A Woman’s Body?

Whether a woman will get pregnant or not depends on how long a sperm survives in a woman’s body. If the man ejaculates inside a woman’s vagina, only some sperm cells will actually enter and reach the cervix. Only two-three of these can fertilize the woman’s eggs and get her pregnant. If the rest of the sperm cells do not reach the cervix, they will dry out and die due to the acidic content in the vagina. Once they are inside the cervix, they can stay active for as long as 3-4 days and sometimes even 7 days. This is because when a woman ovulates, she creates cervical mucus that is moist and provides a safe path for the sperm cells to enter her fallopian tubes.


  1. Hello doc.. I do have some doubt that without any protection me and my partner had intercourse bt i haven’t ejaculated inside her but i guess that while having intercourse i was leaking pre cum so do i have to worry about it is there any chances of getting her pregnant.
    Waiting for your response

    • You and your partner chose to have intercourse without protection. Even though you did not ejaculate, it is still possible for your partner to become pregnant. She should monitor your experiences at this time. If she misses her period, then she should take a pregnancy test and confirm the results with a medical professional. Best of luck, Prithvi!

  2. So just wondering if semen was wiped off completely from hand then entered a woman like 5-10 min later could that cause a pregnancy? Like could sperm still be left behind and Alive on hand?

    • Theoretically, I suppose so, but it is highly, highly unlikely. You should still avoid having any bodily fluids come in contact with each other though because there are sexually transmitted diseases and bacteria that are easily spread.


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