Gargling With Peroxide


download (21)Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide is a substance that is comprised of a combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen chemically. From being a great household cleaner to a first aid staple,Peroxide is known to have many brilliant uses including whitening your teeth and cleaning your mouth out.

Gargling with peroxide can be done safely to help you,  however there are many precautions and other types of information that you need to be acquainted with before using it this way.

Gargling With Peroxide: Is it Really Safe?

Some people are so deathly afraid of Peroxide being ingested into their system that they just play it safe by not using it for something it is really effective at performing (teeth whitening.)

Although it is a chemical compound that tends to have acidic properties that can cause problems if ingested or swallowed in bulk amounts, if you gargle with peroxide properly it should cause no adverse health effects and should be completely safe.

Besides teeth whitening, gargling hydrogen peroxide has many other oral benefits such as:

  • Helping ease a toothache
  • Decreasing tooth decay
  • Cleaning and sanitizing your mouth from bacteria
  • Easing a sore throat
  • Loosening phlegm and mucus
  • Helping mouth sores and cavities

Note: When Hydrogen Peroxide is ingested in large amounts it can cause an array of adverse side effects and pose health risks. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience problems breathing, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, eye irritation, body pain, and chest pain.

Gargling with Peroxide: The Safest Way to Do it

Because it could lead to potential issues, you should make certain that you follow certain protocols and complete certain actions when gargling with peroxide at any time or using it orally.

Dilute the Hydrogen Peroxide First

First of all, and most importantly- you must dilute it down so it is not in its fully concentrated form. We suggest that you dilute it with water. The ideal amount would be 8 oz. of water mixed with 2 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide. If it does seem to week you can add one more tsp to the mix for a more concentrated experience, it should be absolutely still safe for you.

Gargle. Swish, Spit, and Rinse…

Never Swallow Hydrogen Peroxide!

As aforementioned it is very important that you understand that you should NOT EVER ingest or swallow any Hydrogen Peroxide. Always gargle and spit it right back out after swishing it around in your mouth and upper throat.

Do Not Allow Children, or Pregnant Women to Gargle Peroxide

Because children are small, it is best to avoid allowing them to gargle with peroxide. They could be poisoned if the solution is not diluted properly and all sorts of issues can occur that may detriment their health and can sometimes be fatal.

You Should Gargle 3-4 Times a Day for Best Results

For best results you should gargle with peroxide regularly 3-4 times per day, every day of the week. It works best when done just after you brush your teeth, have eaten, have drank anything, and before you resign for the night to sleep. Be sure to store hydrogen peroxide in a cool, dry area, away from children, and in areas where it is maintained and stored at room temperature.


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