How to Give yourself a Hickey on the Neck


What are hickeys?

Hickeys (also spelled hickies) may sometimes be referred to as kiss marks or love bites. They are bruises caused by sucking on, biting or aggressively kissing soft skin. Usually they are found on the neck or arm.

Your body contains many blood vessels that transport blood to all areas. The smallest of these are capillaries. If someone sucks hard on soft areas of your skin, this can cause a rupturing of the capillaries below the skin surface. This allows blood to seep into surrounding tissue.

So then, hickeys, much like bruises, are simply broken blood vessels under the skin’s surface, where blood has come out. The blood collects and clots under your skin. It starts out as red, but as it loses oxygenation, it dries out and turns brown or purple.

Hickeys have long been thought of as possession marks by the person who gives them. They are considered as a mild sadism form, where your partner gets pleasure from inflicting pain.

Hickeys may be non-sexual or sexual, and are quite popular with high school age youth. They are most commonly found on the neck, because it is an erogenous area and in plain sight.

Some people embrace the look of hickeys or love bites, while others may be embarrassed by them. You can even put fake hickeys on your neck, especially if you’d like to arouse jealousy in an ex-lover. Hickeys can also make others think that you have regular, passionate sex with someone. Whatever your reason might be, you can fake hickeys on the neck with these methods:

  • Using Make-up

This is a relatively safe way to give your neck the look of hickeys. It involves using eye shadow. You will need dark purple, dark pink and dark blue. If you have lighter skin, you can use lighter eye shadow.

Step 1 – Take the make-up brush. Get a small bit of your eye shadow on it. Don’t apply too much, or it will look fake.

Step 2 – Standing before your mirror, rub the brush gently in a circular motion about one inch across with pink eye shadow.

Step 3 – Now apply your purple shade of eye shadow. Use less purple than pink. Tap the darker color inside the circle you created with your pink color. Then use the entire brush and make ovals, replicating the shapes of hickeys.

Step 4 –  Blend your purple colored eye shadow on the outer regions of your fake hickey. Use less rather than more, because once the color is applied, it’s difficult to remove.

Step 5 – Apply your blue eye shadow. Do it in the same manner in which you did the purple color. The hickey will begin to look more realistic during this step.

Step 6 – Use hair spray (carefully) or makeup setting spray to cover the hickey area, to make sure it lasts.

  • Using a Bottle

article-2-pic-1This is more intense than the first method, so you need to exercise more care. This method often produces intense hickeys and you can injure your skin if you do them incorrectly. Be sure to use the bottle on the side of your neck – never near the throat.

Step 1 – Use a plastic 2-liter bottle and squeeze the middle, to force air out. The hickey will be more intense the more air you let out. It’s a good idea to experiment a bit first, by squeezing only a small bit of air out and placing the lip of the bottle against your skin.

Step 2 – Place your bottle flush with the skin, on the SIDE of the neck. Create suction by holding the bottle against the skin for about 15 seconds. Then pull it away quickly. Do this in front of a mirror, to make it easier to see what you’re doing.

Step 3 – You can widen your hickey if you like, by repeating the suction just to the side of the first mark, since the bottle neck is round and hickeys are usually oval in shape.

  • Using a Curling Iron

This should only be done with extreme care! Using a hot curling iron, burn your skin lightly in the same spot a few times until you form a fake hickey. Don’t hold the iron next to your skin for too long or you could more severely burn your skin! When done right, these fake hickeys will be shallow and will fade fairly soon.

Giving yourself Hickeys in other Places

The only difficult thing about giving yourself fake hickeys on the neck is that the ideal tool (your mouth) cannot reach it. But you can use your mouth to give yourself hickeys in other areas.

Just suck the skin wherever you want the hickey to be (the arm is a good place) very hard for about 20 seconds. Then release the skin. If you want a larger or darker hickey, repeat the process once more after waiting five minutes between them.

The sucking motion from your mouth (or a pop bottle) actually causes damage to thousands of tiny blood vessels, forming the bruises known as hickeys. Some people use their teeth along with their mouth for making hickeys, but sucking alone is usually enough to create a hickey.

How long do hickeys last?

Hickeys fade and dissipate at various rates, depending on how dark the initial bruise was. Most hickeys will last for a couple days or more, and intense hickeys may remain visible for a week, or even two weeks.

How can you get rid of hickeys?

If you don’t want your hickey to be apparent for long, there are a few steps you can take to speed healing. Remember that they are bruises, though, which usually take time to heal. Here are some ways to speed up their healing:


  • Icing the Hickey

Applying ice to the area right after you get a hickey will help to benefit the healing process. Do it for about 15 minutes every hour. Remember to put your ice in a towel, if you don’t Have an ice pack, so you don’t injure the skin further.

  • Applying Heat

When blood vessels that had previously burst heal beneath the skin, the remaining hickey that is still visible is made up of blood pooled under your skin. Your body will eventually re-absorb the blood and the hickey will fade and disappear.

If your hickey is still visible after two days, apply a hot water bottle or warm compress to the area. Don’t try this method before 48 hours have elapsed. This allows your blood vessels enough time to heal. If you use heat sooner, it could darken the hickey.

  • Using Peppermint or Mint Toothpaste

Lotions and oils with a mint base work at increasing blood flow when they are applied to the hickey. Mint toothpaste works, too, and it’s easier to find, but less effective.

To use mint, apply the toothpaste or oil on the hickey area. You’ll feel a bit of tingling. Once that stops, remove the mint from the skin. You can repeat this method, but it is not recommended to be done frequently, since it could irritate your skin.

  • Exercising and Eating Right

If you have a healthy lifestyle, your bruises will heal a bit faster. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water, so your body stays hydrated.


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