How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System?

540920389Adderall is a popularly known pharmaceutical or drug that is only available by prescription from a physician or health care professional.

It is often prescribed for those suffering from (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but it can also be used to treat other disorders and health conditions.It is a drug that is categorized in the amphetamine (a stimulant) family.

Because of its properties and capabilities to produce a type of “high”. Adderall is often used for recreation purposes. When taken for recreational use,  some people using Adderall without a prescription often beg the question ” How Long Does Adderall stay in your system?”

How Long does Adderall Stay in Your System?

When a drug test applies the properties in Adderall can be found in your urine, saliva, swear, and blood-stream. Whether a drug test will show it in your system is dependent upon several different things including:

  • Your weight
  • The specific way your body metabolizes drugs
  • What type and what dosage of Adderall is taken
  • What test (blood, urine, hair, saliva) is used to identify Adderall in your system

Types of Adderall

Depending on your prescribing physician or otherwise, there exists only 2 different types of Adderall (although there are different doses per pill.)

  • Regular Adderall- Which is released in full-force into the blood stream immediately when consumed and taken.
  • Extended Release Adderall- When taken it gradually is made active after consumption into the bloodstream.

How Long Does it Take for Adderall to Get OUT of Your System?

Both of these types of Adderall and all other types of pharmaceuticals often possess something referred to as a half-life. This half life is a measurement that supposedly gauges how much time passes before the drug is expelled & metabolized from your system entirely.

How to Calculate the Half-Life (* time it takes for a drug to be fully out of your system and body):

There is a way where you can utilize the average half-life of a certain type of drug including Adderall to estimate the time it will take to be full removed and out of your body. Here is the general formula:

  1. Find out the drug’s half-life. (a simple Google search will help you.)
  2. Now divide the Half-Life of the drug you question by the number 6. (ie. say the drug in question has a 7 hour shelf-life or half-life you would multiply 7 X 6- which would in turn equal 42 hours that it would equal to the estimated time that the drug would be officially out of your system (give or take according to your individual metabolism and other factors.)

So then this is a relative estimate, but consider that each person metabolizes drugs very differently- there is a wide range it may not necessarily take said amount of time for the drug to wear out of your system- it may take more.

Instead- you must factor in each unique circumstance and the differential of every person to metabolize a drug as their body so chooses.

Fir example specifically regarding Adderall:

Time it takes for regular Adderall to Move Out of Your System: Immediate release Adderall  contains a half life  that lasts for four hours or up to six hours. Taking into account the formula listed above, you would multiply 4-6 x 6. Given this equation it can be said that this type of  Adderall would be instilled in your system for 24- 36 hours of time ( a day and a half.)

Time it takes for Extended Release Adderall to Move Out of Your System: The type of extended release capsules and tablets available for Adderall have a half-life that can range from ten to thirteen hours time as it is gradually released in small dosages. To formulate the time it would take for this type of Adderall to be completely expelled out of your system- you should multiply both digits 10 & 13 by 6 which would ultimately equate to 60 and 78 hours. It  means that this particular type of Adderall will continue to be in your system from 60-78 hours from the time you took the last pill or dose.

Note: All of this should be considered an approximation since individuals will process drugs differently.

The Different Types of Drug Tests That Can Identify Adderall in Your System

There are all sorts of different pathological tests that can be performed to identify drug use, although each drug varies in the time it lasts in our system- the standard drug tests that most experts perform rely on samples of body fluids, blood, urine, saliva swabs and hair samples to determine if a person has taken a drug that is illegal or has not been prescribed to them from a licensed medical professional.

The Different Types of Tests That can DETECT Adderall in Your System:

Hair Strand Test for Adderall: Testing a hair strand is the least prominent way that normal agencies test for drugs. This test is much more expensive than the other types of drug tests. But it usually entails the professional cutting or taking a few strands of the hair located at the scalp. This test does detect adderall, and it is said that adderall will stay in your hair for 1-3 months time.

Saliva test for Adderall: A saliva test for detecting adderall and other drugs in the body is not a very popular test either. This test entails using a cotton swab and testing the salive to see if adderall is in your body. It is just as reliable as a urine test so with the equal being cost effective and simpler- most professionals just opt for the urine test over the saliva test,

Blood test for Adderall: Adderall is most likely to be detected in the body’s blood for only 12-24 hours after consumption. This is a result of the bloodstream’s purification process. Most often the blood test for drugs is not performed to detect if a person has been using illegal drugs and instead is used to monitor health conditions in patients who have been legally prescribed a medication.

Urine test for Adderall:  Urine tests for drugs are the most popularly utilized of all the tests that can detect certain drugs in the system. Adderall lingers in the system from 1 day to 4 days after you have taken your last dose. If you have been using Adderall frequently, and more consistentlythe adderall could be detected in your system for 7-10 days after your last dose.

Dangers of Taking Adderall

With any drug there are dangers and side effects that can be caused by a drugs and your body’s reaction to it. It is important for you to understand that there are many side effects and risks of taking Adderall. If you have been prescribed this medication do keep an eye on how you feel so that you can consult your doctor with any adverse effects.

On the other hand if you have not been prescribed this medicine and if you are taking it for recreational use do be advised that it is illegal to take a prescription medication if it has not been prescribed to you. Also there is no way to tell how much you should take, if you may be allergic or have an adverse reaction to it, and worse if you take it in this manner chances are it could pose more risk to your health.


  1. I take 70 mg of vyvanse everyday but ran out because the pharmacy was closed due to holiday. I took 2 30 mg aderalls until i could get my refill. I now have to take a drug test… Do they both show up the same? It is a 12 panel urine test

  2. I took about 25 mg of adderall on Wednesday. December 7th. I found out I have to take a drug test tomorrow December 13th. I never take it and it was just a random thing. I’m 260 lbs so a little larger. Will having 5 full days be enough?

    • You may be able to pass your drug test, but it would be beneficial for you to drink extra water and exercise as much as possible during this time. Perhaps take this as a sign that you should no longer use drugs that may cause you to fail a drug test. Best of luck, John!

  3. Hello I took a 30mg adderall on Saturday about 6:00 pm and had a random test today at 11:00 am. Saturday night, Sunday and Monday morning I dranked a lot of water plus a workout which included 20 min in the sauna.

    What do you think about the results of the test positive or not?

    • It might be out of your system. It takes about 5.5 half lives for adderall to leave your system, but that also depends on if you used extended release tablets, if you habitually take adderall, your body weight and other factors. Normally, you should give it at least two days. If you do not regularly use adderall and have a fairly low body weight, you might be okay.

  4. I have a prescription for Adderall but I am in the Navy (Nuclear) and not authorized to be on Adderall. I last took 10 mg of XR 9 days ago. I am going with the 13 hour half life assumption. So I am about 16 half lives later. At what point in time does half-life not matter, that it is just gone.

    What are my chances of positive result.

    • You are right to be concerned, as Adderall and other drugs may stay in your system longer than you may expect. It would be wise of you to not use Adderall if it is against the rules. Work out, drink water and hope that it is out of your system before the test. Take this time to look inward to determine what is more important to you, your career and reputation or Adderall. Remain positive as you move forward.

  5. I had someone pee for me that took a 5mg adderall and lotab 5 days before urine test i kept in the refridgerator for 4 days priir can i warm it slightly and pass mt test i need to have it show up in?

    • It would be wise for you to use your own urine for any tests. If your test is designed to determine if you are using Adderall and you are not supposed to be using it, then it would be wise for you to stop using it. Perhaps explain your situation and your needs to a medical professional, as it is likely that they will be able to help you. Remain positive and mindful, Larenda.

  6. I was previously prescribed Adderall in High School and then I made the decision to stop with the help of a doctor. I am considering my options for going back on it though because I took a leftover and it made a world of a difference. I took it on Friday and I am wondering if they will drug test me when I go in since it is a controlled substance.. I weigh 130 pounds, I am constantly drinking water, How long should I wait before I go in just to be on the safe side?

    • It would be wise of you to do exactly as your doctor and you have decided upon before. If you want to begin usage of Adderall again, then make an appointment with a doctor. It is important to never self-medicate as there is a potential for problems to be caused. Remain mindful as you move forward, Cammy!

  7. How long does it take for 30mgs of adderall to show in your urine? And which will make it show sooner, orally ingesting, or snorting?

    • It would be wise to never snort adderall. If you are finding that oral ingestion is not working for you, then it would be wise of you to speak with your doctor. If your urine is being tested for substances, it would also be wise to no longer use adderall unless you have a prescription. Remain positive and mindful as you move forward, Jennifer.

  8. I need to get a blood test taken to see if adderall is in my system how long should I wait before I get the blood test to make sure it’s out of my system I take it daily

    • Your doctor who is giving you this test should be able to answer these questions. If the purpose of your test is to determine if Adderall is still in your system, then your test will give you the answer. If you want to make a phone call to your doctor, that would be a wise course of action. Drink plenty of fluids and exercise and it should progress your situation.

  9. I took 2 Adderall on 3-23-2016 and have a hair follicle test on 10-10-2016. Is there a possibility that I may pop positive with either a head hair follicle? Or maybe a arm hair follicle test?

    • It depends on your test. Some hair follicle tests include options for methamphetamine and amphetamine. Adderall is considered an amphetamine, so it would show up on a hair, arm or any other type of hair test. With that said, the methamphetamine/amphetamine part of the test is more expensive, so it is not always used. If you are lucky, that portion of the test will not be included.

  10. I just popped pos on a drug test for adderall. I’m prescribed, so not an issue. I was surprised though that it was still in the urine. Almost a week had gone by since last dosage (10 mg) , and it still showed on test.

    • Sometimes, drugs are stored in your fat cells–THC is a notable example of this. While certain drugs like cocaine can wash out of your system in just a couple of days, you can still get a positive result on your drug test depending on the drug, the duration of use and your personal body chemistry. Interesting test results though!

        • It is likely that Adderall will not appear on your drug test. If they give you an area to write down your prescriptions, then be sure to write it there.

  11. I’miss prescribed Adderall, but usually take more than I’m supposed to. I have to take a mouth swab drug test for my new job. Will the test show the amount of Adderall in my system? Could I fail due to abuse of my prescription?

    • I am not sure. The tests normally look for illicit drugs, so the only prescription drugs that may appear are drugs like morphine that are chemically similar to illicit drugs like heroin. Even if adderall pops up on the test, the fact that you have a prescription for it means that it probably won’t be a problem.