Can You Live Without a Liver?


All major metabolic activities are happening in our body with the help of liver. It is the largest lobed glandular organ with a weight of about 3 pounds located on the right side of the abdomen.  The function of liver includes the production of biochemical for helping digestion, detoxification of different metabolites, protein synthesis, etc.  The liver has four lobes and is located safely under the diaphragm.  It receives 1.42 liters of blood every minute through the hepatic artery and portal vein.


Living without liver is impossible. So if somebody asks you with a stupid question, can you live without a liver, what will be your answer?  Well, the answer is given hereunder, and you can confront the question very confidently with the required facts and truths.  Continue reading.

Can you live without the liver?

It is a stupid question.  Never dream to live without a liver.  No, our medical science is not advanced to that level.  You can live even after removing your appendix or gallbladder, but living without liver is next impossible.

The liver is the most important organ in our body, and it support the body by producing various enzymes and proteins that are vital for the functioning of the other organs.  The main function of the liver is the purification process. It purifies and detoxifies the body and cleanse the body.  It also produces the bile enzyme that is essential for the digestive process.  The liver produces blood clotting substance and resists the body from internal bleeding.  So in general, we can say that the liver handle the toxic issues of the body, helps to absorb the nutrition and supply various enzymes for the body.  Above all, it is so exciting to note that one can lead a healthy life even if 75% of the liver is either damaged or removed.

Living with partial liver

Living with partial liver is possible. After reading this, you might be wondering because, in the introduction part of the article, we said living without liver is next impossible.  There are some interesting things to know about the magical properties of the liver.  The liver can grow and regenerate its normal size even if you lose part of the liver or removed it by surgery.  25% of the liver can grow back to its full size by replication process of liver cells.  Also, it is interesting to note that even if you have part of a liver, it won’t affect the functioning of the liver in producing the supports required for the body.  That means you can have a healthy life even if you lose 25% of the liver.  It is a good news for organ donors, and if you are ready to offer part of your liver, it will function normally and the liver can regenerate the donated portion.

There are many other organs in the body by which you can live part of that organ or even without that organ.  They are kidney, appendix, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, reproductive organs and sensory organs.   There are some organs by which you can live only part of it. They are intestine and brain.  You cannot live without an intestine and brain.   It is possible to live part of the small and large intestine and part of the brain.


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