Drinking Epsom Salt


Drinking Epsom SaltRecently a number of celebrities have come out to admit that the cure for many of their ailments comes down to one of our Grandmother’s favorite cure-all ingredients – epsom salts.

Bathing in the special salts are said to help with a flat stomach, remove toxins, rejuvenate skin and more according to the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, but could it be the case that drinking epsom salt drinks could actually do you a world of good too.

Before we look into drinking epsom salt drinks, we should start with a few warnings and reminders to ensue you are being safe.

Drinking Epsom Salts – Warnings & Precautions 

Because these are naturally occurring compounds that were initially discovered in the 17th century by a farmer who found a spring that seems to cure all ailments, drinking epsom salt-based drinks is considered to be safe as long as you use the highest grade or quality ingredients that you can find.

You should always discuss the cleanse with your doctor before you decide to start any kind of drink based diet with epsom salt. You may also find that drinking the salts can make you feel rather nauseous and this is something you must prepare yourself for.

There are certain medications and certain treatments with which you cannot drink epsom salts and these include digoxin and digitalis for cardiac concerns, antibiotics such as nitrofurantoin, demeclocycline and ciprofloxacin.

It is also not advisable to drink epsom salts while you are pregnant without first discussing it with a medical professional.

Why Does Drinking Epsom Salt Drinks Help? 

There are four main compounds in epsom salts – sulfur, magnesium, hydrogen and oxygen. These are all minerals the body needs in order to be considered fit and healthy. The main reason why you would drink it however is for the laxative effects it gives. Because of the high nutrient content, it works through your digestive system very quickly, encouraging waste product to be removed from the body, even waste products that you have been holding on to for some time.

Moving away from your digestive system and there have even been links to epsom salts reducing stress hormones in the body. Stress causes the magnesium levels in the body to plummet as adrenaline is increased, and the boost from the epsom salts can help to improve serotonin levels and bring you back to peace and tranquility again.

Using the same theory with the same hormones, you can also reduce your blood pressure by taking on an epsom salt detox, and you could also be assisting with reducing the symptoms of a number of other heart-related conditions also. Blood circulation as a whole is said to improve and this will reduce pressure put on your arteries as well as reducing the risk of you suffering with blood clots.

If you suffer with diabetes, the magnesium and sulfate present in epsom salts will help to improve the effects insulin has on your body, and in some cases can even reduce the chances of you getting diabetes in the first place.

As well as these, drinking epsom salt drinks during a detox or cleanse has also been shown to help with regulating body function, reducing muscle pain, improving muscle function and more.

Side Effects of Drinking Epsom Salts 

Because of the laxative effects, you can expect a number of side effects as a result of drinking epson salt drinks and these will vary but can include the following:




Stomach cramps

Excessive thirst 

Weakness or exhaustion

Because of this, you should not take epsom salt drinks for more than three days, or a week if you have been told to go ahead and do so by your doctor.

Another problem you will need to be aware of is something called magnesium toxicity which is when the body has essentially overdosed on levels of magnesium. If you already have a diet high in magnesium and then you drink epsom salts, a drink considered to be very magnesium-rich, you run the risk of injecting too much of the mineral and in some cases, this can be just as bad, if not worse, than not enough.

If you experience a sudden or gradual drop in your blood pressure whilst drinking epsom salt drinks, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. The same will apply for a flushed skin, high temperature, high heart rate, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness.

How to Do an Epsom Salt Detox 

If you have decided to do an epson salt detox, you will need to prepare for it. On the first day of the detox you will only be able to eat a fat-free breakfast. You can have some toast with honey, cooked cereal, or even just a vegetable platter but whatever you have, it must be fat-free.

By early afternoon, around 2pm, you should stop drinking anything else apart from the epson salt solution you are about to prepare.

You will need around three cups of water and into that you should dissolve around four tablespoons of high grade, high quality epsom salts. At around 6pm on the first day of your detox, you should drink three quarters of your drink. The rest you should drink at about 8pm, repeating the same cycle as you wake the next morning – drinking three quarters of your newly made epsom salt drink in the morning, and the rest a couple of hours later.

When you start to include food back into your diet again, start with smoothies and the fruit juices to give the stomach time to acclimatize again, incorporating more solid foods as you go.


    • Technically, you are not eat or drink anything else for a few days. Depending on your personal health, this could be extremely problematic though. You should really talk with your doctor before you do anything from this article though. Stay safe, Damaris Briggs!

    • I would recommend doing it on as empty a stomach as possible and preferably before bed. The more food in your guts when you drink this the more naucious you will feel. Also as a forewarning, it is incredibly bitter so down it quick as you can, wash it down with some water, and brush your teeth.

      • Thank you for sharing your insights and advice. It is always helpful when our community supports those with questions. Have a great day, Clockwork!


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