Jock Itch Smell

What does jock itch smell like? Fungal overgrowth in the groin area causes it. It comes with an embarrassing itch and rash, and it can also become smelly. How can you handle that? You can use self-care to get rid of jock itch.

Jock itch can actually be transmitted even from a man to a woman. It isn’t an STD, but is passed by skin contact in the area of the groin. Fungal cells are transmitted, and they may begin to grow on the skin, causing symptoms like small bumps and itching.


Can jock itch smell like fish or cheese?

You may experience a change in your body odor when you suffer from this health problem. The fungal infection will spread, and the skin may begin putting off a foul odor. How bad is that odor and what does it smell like?

In most cases, fungi overgrow in the genital area. They begin to feed on your skin and then you will have a full fungal infection. If you exercise or otherwise sweat a lot, you are more likely to experience this condition.

As fungi population increases, the metabolic activity does, too. The by-product leads to a bad smell that emanates from the area. The smell will be even worse if there is a lot of sweat in your groin area.

People who have had jock itch describe the smell as musky and cheesy. People around you may notice the smell, and this may cause you to feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

There are activities you can use to prevent this infection from putting off a smell. These activities will also aid in clearing up the infection.

  • For the first step, drink lots of water. This provides a way for your body to flush out the toxins. In this manner, odor can be kept to a minimum.
  • Tomato pulp, vinegar and baking soda are helpful odor-absorbers. Use baking soda and water to make paste, and rub it on the affected area with a clean washcloth. Or mix one tablespoon of vinegar in warm water and clean the affected area with that. Tomato pulp can be used in a paste, too. Use these remedies a few times a day or more to get rid of the smell.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing to reduce the amount you sweat. This allows your area to have adequate ventilation. Cotton clothes are helpful to keep that area dry. Getting rid of moisture will reduce the bad smell.


If the smell is extremely bad, try DIY and OTC remedies and treatments.

If you don’t seek treatment or treat yourself at home for jock itch, the fungi will multiply. That means there will be a metabolic waste increase. This can cause oozing and blistering in the affected area. These will combine to create a bad smell.

What makes female jock itch smell?

When females develop jock itch and it smells, that smell is usually a musky, cheesy smell. It differs from one person to another because everyone’s body chemistry is unique. The smell depends on the extent of the fungal infection, your natural body smell and what type of treatment you’re using, in addition to things you have eaten. Your normal body odor may distort the smell as your body gets rid of the toxins by sweating.

article-3-pic-3Some people think the odor of jock itch is like stale cheese or fish.

What is it that makes jock itch smell like cheese or fish?

In many cases, these types of smells are the result of the bacterial infection. Sweat in your groin area may add to the smell. In men, the smell is usually based in the region between the penis and the scrotum.

This general area is usually warm and has skin to skin contact. It is usually sweaty, too. This is a perfect breeding ground for fungal growth. As a result, the smell of fish or cheese may occur. Keeping that area cleaned well and completely dried will also help you in getting rid of fishy smell.

The foul odor is most often found in people who don’t maintain proper personal hygiene. You may also experience a discharge, along with the bad smell. If you experience a discharge with jock itch, consult your physician. People who have to live or work for long periods without bathing are most likely to have this occur.

Check out this VIDEO about treating jock itch.


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