Yellow Hands


Your skin can be discolored for a number of different reasons. Although some of the reasons for yellow hands may be minor, it could be a sign of a more serious disease. Before you start to panic, you should first rule out any dietary reasons or supplements that could be at fault. The following list includes the various causes and treatments for yellow hands. When in doubt, always make sure to consult with your doctor to make sure that your yellowed skin is not a sign of a more serious medical condition.

The Causes of Yellow Hands

1. Diabetes

One of the common causes of yellow hands is diabetes. In your body, diabetes may cause fat to metabolized in an abnormal way. It may also cause your hormone and metabolism to function abnormally. Through these actions, diabetes can cause a yellowed color on your hands. When this happens, your hands may look yellow or wax-like. Over time, diabetes can cause the muscles to atrophy, which can lead to larger spaces between your fingers. It may even make your hands appear sunken or yellow.

Treatment Options

If diabetes is the cause of your yellow hands, the best option for treatment is to tackle the root of the problem. You should carefully track your blood sugar and make sure that your glycemic level is under control. In addition, you may need to talk to your doctor about adjusting your daily insulin dosage. Since food and sugar intake can worsen diabetes, you will want to make sure that you eat a balanced diet rich in natural foods. Alcohol, sugar, snacks and processed foods should be completely avoided. If you can get your diabetes under control, the yellow color in your hands should go away, although the muscle wasting will most likely be permanent.

2. Jaundice

In general, jaundice is actually more of a symptom than a disease. If you have jaundice, it means that your skin is yellow due to the build up of a chemical known as bilirubin. This may be caused by a variety of medical conditions such as a metabolic disorder, hepatitis, liver problems, viral infections, chronic alcoholism and cirrhosis. All of these conditions can be serious, so you should consult with a doctor immediately if you believe that you have jaundiced skin.

Jaundice is caused when excess amounts of bilirubin are deposited under the skin. Since this chemical is also deposited in the whites of your eyes, your eyes, under your tongue and your skin may take on a yellow color. If chronic alcoholism or other liver conditions are at fault, jaundice develops because the liver is scarred and leaks bilirubin. When this happens, you can experience symptoms like easy bruising, confusion, weight fluctuations, nausea, fever, abdominal pain, chronic poor health and fatigue.

Treatment Options

If a medication is causing your liver to become inflamed, you should immediately talk to your doctor about discontinuing the medication. You should also stop any medication that is processed in the liver, discontinue taking Tylenol and stop drinking alcohol.

Herbal remedies like star fruit juice, sugarcane juice, bitter luffa juice or boiled snake gourd leaves may help to boost your liver function. Likewise, a health diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole foods will help your body to heal. While you are recovering, you should avoid any high sodium foods, junk food, processed meat, fast food, processed foods or fried food.

3. Excess Amounts of Vitamin B or Beta Carotene

Did you know that if you eat only carrots for a long time it can actually make your skin turn orange? It sounds strange, but it is entirely true. Foods that contain a lot of beta carotene like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and squash can cause excess beta carotene can build up in your skin. If you consume too much vitamin B or beta carotene on a daily basis, it can cause carotenemia or hypercarotenemia. Additionally, yellow hands may be caused by anorexia because this eating disorder causes metabolic problems. At times, consuming too much beta carotene can even cause orange or yellow colored stools.

Treatment Options

The obvious treatment for consuming too much beta carotene or vitamin Bis to reduce your intake. Gradually eliminate supplements that contain vitamin B and reduce the amount of food that you intake that is rich in this vitamin. Before long, you should notice that the yellow color of your hands decreases as the level of this vitamin returns to normal in your body. During this time, you may want to track the amount and types of vegetables that you eat every day. If this treatment does not work within two weeks, you should see your doctor about finding the cause of your yellowed hands.

4. Alternative Causes

In essence, any disease that harms your liver can end up producing yellowed hands. You may have gallstones blocking the ducts in your liver or you could have liver cancer. Malaria and certain parasites can cause yellow hands to occur. In addition, being around TNT (trinitrotoluene) that is used in fireworks or explosives can end up discoloring your hands. To ensure that more serious causes are not the source of your symptoms, you should always schedule a doctor’s appointment and consult with your physician.


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