Alexandria’s Genesis


Over the years, there has been a significant amount of controversy over the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis. Some attribute this condition to an urban legend or a myth that has grown over time. According to scientists, the condition does not current exist. The speculation that surrounds this topic makes it an interesting point of debate.

How Alexandria’s Genesis Works

This condition is thought to be a genetic mutation that occurs in a subset of people. Basically, the eyes transform from a blue or gray color to purple when the baby is about six months old. Once the child reaches puberty, their eyes deepen in color. They may look dark purple, royal purple of violet-blue purple. This does not affect the individual’s ability to see, but Alexandria’s Genesis may have other effects. According to the literature, people who have this medical disorder do not grow hair on their pubic, anal or facial areas. They still have hair on normal locations like the head, eyelashes and eyebrows. Some women who have this disorder may be unable to menstruate.

The History of Alexandria’s Genesis

About 1,000 years ago, the story of Alexandria’s Genesis began to take hold in Egypt. According to legend, a bright flash occurred in the sky and everyone who saw it developed purple eyes and pale skin. These people were rumored to be spirit people and gradually started to move north. Before long, they disappeared. Outside of legends, the first description of this condition in writing was in 1329. A newborn girl called Alexandria was born in England with purple eyes. Later on, she would grow up to give birth to other daughters who all possessed purple eyes. Each of these girls was said to live to over the age 100. Today, some proponents say that the cause of this genetic disorder was discovered in the 1960s.

Other Symptoms

Limited hair, long lives and purple eyes are some of the hallmark traits of Alexandria’s Genesis. Other than these symptoms, individuals are thought to have pale, white skin that cannot be burned or tanned. People who have the disorder maintain a balanced weight no matter how much they eat, and rarely produce waste. Some individuals claim that people with this disorder can live up to 150 years old, but they stop aging around 50 and look the same. Women are said to be the carriers of this mutation, and it is thought to effect Caucasians with black or blue hair more frequently.

alexandrias genesis

Is Alexandria’s Genesis Real?

Genetic mutations are extremely normal, and they occur throughout the human race. Conditions like albinism seem like fiction, but are real genetic defects. It is possible that a condition like this could occur, but it is highly unlikely. In 1998, the first actual appearance of Alexandria’s Genesis hit the web. The entire story of this genetic disorder was written by Cameron Aubernon in a piece of Daria fanfiction. Although the original website where it was published was taken down, it is still archived in Outpost Daria Reborn. According to Cameron Aubernon, the condition was created to justify the qualities of two of his characters. He made up the condition as a part of his fanfiction, and it somehow became a viral urban legend afterward.

It is always possible that some of the qualities that are associated with Alexandria’s Genesis could be true. There are a number of races and subsets of races that have extremely high-functioning metabolism rates and immune systems. Likewise, purple eyes are technically possible. If the eyes lacked any pigmentation, they would appear purple to someone looking at them. A lack of body hair could be possible through a disorder known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

The main problems with this condition being real would be the metabolism rate and the long lifespan. A high metabolism rate would increase the individual’s temperature if it was too high, so it would be impossible to be able to eat anything and weigh the same as the literature suggests. A high metabolism is possible, but the ability to continue eating and not gain weight would be impossible. The long lifespan and not aging after 50 is also unlikely. It is impossible to halt aging, although some people manage to look far younger than their current age.

Presently, the oldest person in the world is 126 without documentation and the oldest living person is 116 years old. With documented, verified proof, the oldest person to ever live was Jeanne Calment. She lived to the age of 122 and did not have Alexandria’s Genesis or anything like it. Instead, she seems to have enjoyed a lifestyle of biking, port wine, chocolate and two cigarettes a day. To date, no one has lived to 150 and had verified proof of their long life. Genetic disorders certainly occur from time to time, but it seems unlikely that Alexandria’s Genesis is a real disorder.


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