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OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is an anxiety disorder that causes the patient to perform or complete a particular set of tasks in a particular way or formation, usually referred to as rituals. It manifests itself in many different forms and usually, the patient isn’t aware that they have the condition or that they are doing anything differently to anyone else until it is pointed out to them.

Once ‘found out’, patients will regularly explain their rituals, refusing to see that there is anything odd with their behavior and often, the only treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy to ‘train’ the brain to handle things and situations in a different way.

There are a number of celebrities with OCD, testament that the condition doesn’t need to take over your life once you get it diagnosed and continue on with effective treatments.

Leonardo Di Caprio

The Titanic attic has openly admitted to suffering with OCD throughout his adult life and expressed difficult with various roles throughout his acting career. His ‘rituals’ include not being able to stand on chewing gum on the floor and also walking through doors multiple times.

During the filming of The Aviator, the role was a man who actually suffered with OCD so Leonardo Di Caprio stopped trying to control it. Sadly this had a knock-on effect and once filming had been completed and the movie was released, the actor had a hard time trying to regain control over his ‘ticks’ and admitted it too him many months to master it again.

Charlize Theron

Hollywood bombshell, Charlize Theron, has ‘organizational compulsions’ which means she feels the overwhelming urge to tidy and organize cabinets and cupboards before she can sleep at night. She, like many other OCD sufferers, will often suffer with insomnia at the thought of their organizational rituals not being completed and will even go as far as to clean and organize complete stranger’s cabinets in a bit to keep herself from getting agitated.

Cameron Diaz

This actress hasn’t officially come out and openly admitted to having OCD but many other co-workers and fellow actors and actresses have admitted to journalists that Cameron has small rituals and ticks that would commonly come hand in hand with the disorder.

As well as frequently washing her hands, Cameron is also said to have a fear of touching doorknobs, choosing to clean it or use her sweater as a protective ‘glove’ of sorts than touch it with her bare hands.

Daniel Radcliffe

The British Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe, has admitted to suffering with OCD when he was younger, once stating it took him over five minutes to do something as simple as switching off a light switch because of the various rituals and ticks that had to come first.

Frank Sinatra

It wasn’t until after his death that the truth about Frank Sinatra’s OCD came out  but his wife, Barbara Sinatra, let it slip in his memoirs.

Just like many other sufferers of the condition, cleanliness was very important to the singer and he was known to take multiple showers on a daily basis, sometimes as many as ten showers in a single day. He was also known to be a keen hand-washer and would regularly clean up after himself and other people.

Jessica Alba

The Fantastic Four actress, Jessica Alba, has many ticks including repeatedly brushing or combing her hair and also repeated washing of the hands.

On her 25th birthday, her condition came to a dramatic head when she suffered major anxiety at the two hundred balloons a boyfriend had left in her hotel room as a gift and surprise.

David Beckham

One of the most loved sportsman in the world, David Beckham is like many other footballer’s in the respect that they have special ticks and rituals they complete for ‘good luck’ before the big game.

David sufferers more than most, admitting that objects not in line often irritate him and he feels the need to put them in a logical, perfectly aligned order. He has also admitted that hotel rooms affect him the most, often rearranging them before being able to sleep.

Justin Timberlake

Self-diagnosed OCD sufferer, Justin Timberlake, always makes sure his refrigerator is stocked with certain foods at all times and can suffer with anxiety at the hands of this condition if its not. He, just like David Beckham, also has OCD issues with alignment and requires things to be at right-angles.

Donald Trump

He’s one of the most talked-about man on the planet but Donald Trump is also an OCD sufferer.

Classed as ‘borderline OCD’, Donald has issues with cleanliness just like most other OCD patients. He refuses to shake hands and is a compulsive hand-washer and also has a problem with the buttons of elevators because of the amount of people who would have touched it before, and also the amount of germs that would be transmitted.

There are a number of celebrities who have been known to have OCD over the years. Included in the list you will find Howard Stern, glove-wearing Howie Mandel, Billy Bob Thornton who repeatedly puts his mail in and out of the mailbox before opening them, and even TV personality Marc Summers. Even author and naturalist, Charles Darwin was reportedly a sufferer.

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