25 Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend


Many men are looking for things to do for their girlfriends happier. Unfortunately, most of them think that they need to do a big thing like taking her for a holiday overseas or on a yacht tour. You don’t need to do so much so that you can add a bit of spark to your relationship. There are some simple things that you can do to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated. Here are 25 cute things that you can do for her.


  1. Cook a meal for meal for her. It could be that you aren’t the greatest cook. However, you can try your best and help put her favorite meals on the table. You can add to the romance by putting off the lights and lighting candles to create that romantic setting. This is because there is something special with lighting candles and she will really appreciate.
  2. Write a note and leave her a sweet message. You can leave the note in her car or even in the kitchen. Another alternative is to write the message on the bathroom mirror. This will only take a few second and it will go a long way in brightening her day.
  3. Get in a good relationship with those close to her. It could be her mother or other family members of her family. You can also remember the names of her friends. This will show her that you are interested in her life and would like to become part of it.
  4. Watch a romantic movie. It can be fun watching movies together especially the romantic ones. Therefore, pick some snacks and enjoy a good movie together.
  5. Give her a little gift. There are times when the big gifts will only serve to make things uncomfortable due to the amount that you will spend on the lavish items. This is why at times all that you will need is a little gift that will come from the heart. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive but it will require a lot of thoughtfulness. It could be some flowers or chocolate.
  6. Notice the little changes. It could be that she has changed the style of her hair or she has a new dress. Complementing her for her efforts will go a long way in making your relationship better.
  7. Give her a massage. Many dudes usually underestimate the power of a relaxing massage. The moment you place your arms on her shoulders you will see her lighten up with that thankful smile. If you don’t know how to do massage, you can give her a gift card to a spa and ensure that you give her company there.
  8. Take her on an impromptu date. It could that the two of you are relaxing at home. You can come up with a spontaneous plan to take her out for dinner, coffee or ice cream. Many girls will love those spontaneous surprises. You can plan to take her on a secret weekend or vacation to a place that she has always loved and she would always like to do.
  9. Help with chores at home. If you happen to be lazing around the home while she is busy slaving with her chores, you can offer to assist her. She will love you more as this will be an indication that you care about her. Do not also overlook the little things such as carrying her grocery bag for her, or even holding her hand as you cross the street. You can give her a better seat or ensure that you have a better view whether in a flight or restaurant.
  10. Give her motivation. Motivation can work twice as better as doing other things. If she is finding it difficult to remain motivated, you can do something about it. You can join her and do something towards the goal. One thing that can be a great way of motivating one another is by working out together. This is on top of the fact that you will both look sexy and irresistible in a few months.
  11. Remember her special dates. Remember her special dates such as her birthday and ensure that they you make each of them memorable. Join her in some new activities or do something for the first time. You can snap some pictures together whenever you are trying some new things or even creating for her a photo album. In a few months, you will be able to create a book that is made of memories that will last for a lifetime. While anniversaries and birthdays are important, there are those days in her live when she will be aspiring for some bigger things. This could be a new project, job interview or even a new achievement. If she is focused on one of these important days, show your support for her. You can do this by helping around the house as she prepares for a job interview.
  12. Do some silly things together. If you can manage to remain playful in a relationship, it will be possible to make your relationship happier. You can fool, around with her by either teasing her or whispering some silly things in her ears. You can play games or make a home video that mimics a rock song.
  13. Be there for her. It could be that you haven’t had enough time together in the recent past. You can cancel a few appointments or even an outing with the boys to be there for her. Instead, spend the time with her doing something that both of you enjoys. This will enable her to see that you are always there for her and you are ready to provide her with a shoulder to lean on. Ensure that during those times you stand by her and provide her with total support rather than pulling her down or ridiculing her.
  14. Serenade her. While you may think that this is corny and clichéd, it can turn out to be really romantic. It can also be really fun especially if you are a bad singer. You can put on a love song and start dancing as you mouth the song’s lyric. You can be assured that she will love this.
  15. Complete her bucket list. You can sit down with her to find out about the things that she wants you to accomplish in a month or even years time. Once she has shared her list, you can assist her to strike off a few things from the to-do list.
  16. Offer her a pet as a gift. If your girlfriend loves animals, why don’t you buy her one as a gift? It could be a kitten or pup. If you would like to gift her something that is easier to be taken care of, you can buy her two fishes with fish bowls. You can assist her to name them.
  17. Paint her portrait. If the two of you happen to be lazing together on an afternoon, you can take a piece of paper and draw her sketch. It could be a funny caricature or anything else that remains of the good years.
  18. Surprise her. When she goes out to buy her groceries or even have her hair done, you can surprise her by helping her with the household chores. This could be something simple like helping with washing the dishes or even preparing her dinner. After all, it is the little things that really matter. If you happen to go out with friends for dinner, buy a takeaway for her and ensure that you take something to her. This is a sweet gesture particularly when she is feeling a bit bored to cook. A good idea would to take a few desserts home.
  19. Tell her you love her. This many look obvious but one thing that you will realize is that we never tire of hearing those words. Therefore, look into her eyes and let her know that you love her. It will not be necessary for you to stare hard and all you will need is to look into her eyes and see the magic work. You can also text her words or even send her a romantic song that will remind her of you. Another good alternative would be lying on one another’s arms and talk about the good thing as well as the bad things. Pillow talk is one of the key ingredients in a romantic relationship and it can play a big role in helping the two of you get closer. Even as you share your love feeling with her, also take time to listen to her and offer her advice. In case she had a bad day and would like to complain about the things that annoy her, be there to listen and offer your sympathy.
  20. Be thoughtful. Many girls love guys who are thoughtful but very few will talk of this. If she happens to be running late for a meeting, you can help her to arrange for the items. If the battery of her ipad is running low, you can charge it for her. Another good idea would be prepare a cup of coffee for her when she comes out to meet you after that long day at work.
  21. Protect her. Nothing makes a woman love you like showing her that you love, care and protect about her. A good idea would be to escort her to her car or even to her doorstep after that date. It is always advisable to call her after a date to find out if she got home safely. This will show her that you are concerned about her and she will always remain in your mind.
  22. Avoid creating disturbance. When she is asleep or is bust with something avoid disturbing her to get attention or just because you need her attention. Respect her time and when she goes out with the girls, don’t keep calling her to find out how she is doing or asking when she will get home.
  23. Be a gentleman. You will need to put her needs before yours whenever she is with you. This is the gentleman’s way of doing things. You should ensure that you pull a chair for her at the restaurant or choose the movie to watch for the night. Women love men who make their lives easier rather than complicating it and so she will appreciate the little things that you will be doing for her. There are many things that men are good at but women hate doing them .This could be fixing a bulb or improving the speed of her laptop. You can do these things for her and she will know that she has a guy whom she can depend on.
  24. Give up your bad habits. If you find that she is trying to give up her bad habits such as excessive shopping or smoking, you will need to provide her with the necessary emotional support. This means that if there is a bad habit that she doesn’t like in you, you should also try to give it up.
  25. Talk to her about her dreams. We all have dream but most of us do not have the determination and drive necessary to follow them. Therefore, you will need to talk about her dreams and find out ways in which you can help her to achieve them. You can help her to come up with some deadlines or just create the to-do-lists. Before she can realize it, you will have helped her to achieve more than just the dream.

Even as you do these things for her, the most important thing is to ensure that you pay attention to the things she loves and do them for her. With time, you will be able to create that romantic relationship that will be admired in your neighborhood.


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