40 Flirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask A Guy


In the relationship environment, the two partners need to find a way to keep their fire burning. As a lady, you cannot just sit back and relax once he tells you that he loves you. This can make the relationship too cold and as a matter of fact, you might remain in darkness for a long period of time. Everyone is well versed that most guys would not take the initiative to tell you some of their inner secrets. These can only be disclosed to you when you pose them questions. In this article, you will gain cognition on the top 40 flirty “would you rather,” questions that can bring new light in your relationship. Consider each one of them keenly.

  1. Would you rather caress a girl or be caressed by her?

caressing the girl

Not all men are the same. There are those who will prefer to act first by caressing the girl. However, some are not like so. They prefer the other way round. This question can be used by a girl who wants to apprehend her guy better.

  1. Would you rather stick to one girlfriend or prefer multiple at once?

Would you rather stick to one girlfriend

There are those guys who are driven by the fact that the best love is when you stick to a single girlfriend. They will always employ several ways to make them happy. On the other hand, some men prefer that dating several girlfriends will make them famous and feel satisfied. Therefore if you want to know about such

  1. Would you rather have a short term or a lengthy relationship with a girl?

Would you rather have a short term

People have different interests when it comes to relationships. There are men who are interested in dating until they get married. In contrast, some men are only interested in the relationships for their own selfish interests and therefore, once they achieve their goals, they vanish!

  1. Would you rather consider dating a hot girlfriend or you can be prefer one with a winning personality irrespective of physical attraction?

Would you rather consider dating a hot girlfriend

When it comes to the case of physical appearance, personal attributes and personality, each guy takes a special place. You can therefore ask this question to a guy to tell whether they prefer outlook perfection or the charisma disregarding the physical characteristics of the girl.

  1. Would you rather tell your girl the bitter truth or comfort her with a whole load of lies?

Would you rather tell your girl the bitter truth

In relationships, there are moments when telling the truth becomes a nightmare especially when it concerns something regretful. Therefore, you would want to know whether your own a guy who would keep lying or one who is frank.

  1. Would you rather take your girlfriend for a date on a Valentine’s or stay indoors but make her feel great?

Would you rather take your girlfriend for a date

Does your guy give priority to amatory nights with drinks as he talks to you in a cool voice or would he rather take you out for a movie? Such things can give an acquit description of your expectations with regards to the future happiness with him.

  1. Would you rather keep searching for true love or give up on the first heartbreak?

Would you rather keep searching for true love

There are men who would drop by the wayside once they feel hurt. They would not take time to forgive and forget so that they can focus on the future. Such are guys who would most probably keep grudges.

  1. Would you rather choose to stay with your girlfriend at the expensive of gaining riches?

Would you rather choose to stay with your girlfriend

When he is in a dilemma to make a single selection between his girlfriend and the cash, would he hold on the girl or would he substitute her for money?

  1. Would you rather fall in love with someone more erstwhile or date your junior?

Would you rather fall in love with someone

They say age does not determine love. Is your man the kind of a guy who would fall in love with someone more mature or does he have a taste for a lady who is relatively younger?

  1. Would you rather make love in the bedroom or in the sitting room?

in the bedroom or in the sitting room

This question addresses to get understanding about the comfortable place he prefers to make. That is, whether in the bedroom or in the sitting room.

  1. Would you rather make the first move or wait for her to do it?

Would you rather make the first move

There are some people who would fall for a lady but would rather prefer hiding their feeling and pretend to be okay. There are however, those who will not shy off and hence approach the lady to express their feelings.

  1. Would you rather cuddle or make out?

Would you rather cuddle

This is a question that directs you to know whether your man will feel okay to make out with you upon meeting or he would simply show affection through touching and holding you.

  1. Would you rather turn on when you see my nakedness or not?

If you are not sure about why the guy claims to love you, this is one of the questions you can ask him. It will let you gain insight on whether his special interest is in sex or in true love.

  1. Would you rather give priority to a sexy figure or brainy one?

flirty would you rather questions

In some cases, some of the bright female minds might not be quite attention-grabbing types. On the other hand, it is possible to find sexy girls but devoid of wit. This is a perfect question to ask a guy about which chick he can go for among the above two.

  1. Would you rather consider being single or in a relationship?relationships

It is not a mandate that every guy will be in a relationship at a teenage age. You can employ this question when you want to apprehend whether they guy can stay comfortably happy while single or when in a relationship.

  1. Would you rather beat your wife or forgive her for a mistake?

Mistakes are inevitable sometimes. Ask your guy to get where his heart lies, that is, whether in forgiving or punishing.

  1. Would you rather love disabled lady who loves you back or love a hot lady who does not return the same?

flirty would you rather questions-3

It is said that love does not ask “why?” As long as it exists, a guy can love a girl irrespective of the physical wellness at the expense of a cute alternative.

  1. Would you rather save your mum or your girlfriend if you only have one option to do so?

Although it sounds quite improbable, you can employ this question to your guy when you want to know the level at which he is in love with you. From his talk, you will denote from the voice.

  1. Would you rather sleep naked or in a night attire?

As a matter of fact, sleeping naked is a behavior adopted by some guys. Therefore, if you are the kind that hates this, you can ask this to know if your guy belongs to that category.

  1. Would you rather cry when in a problem or stay dry-eyed?

flirty would you rather questions-4

As it is a common knowledge, most of the ladies do not have taste for guys who show their emotions through shading tears. Therefore to know whether you are with the right man, pose this question unexpectedly to him.

  1. Would you rather remain a virgin until 50 or would you choose to break it at a tender age?

This question can be adverted to a man when the lady is in need of knowing the exact time the guy wants to marry. It is true that he will not respond to it by estimation but will rather reveal the exact time he wishes to make a family.

  1. Would you rather love your mummy more or would you do so for your daddy?

flirty would you rather questions-5

Love for the parents should be equal whether to the dad or the mum. Nevertheless, it is said that men have more affection towards their mothers, hence this question can be used to prove this.

  1. Would you rather like it to make love only once in a while or you would want to do it more frequently?

People have varying sexual desires. As lady, it is your responsibility to ask your man whether he is a frequent or a once in a while person.

  1. Would you rather have sex with lights switched on or when switched off?

flirty would you rather questions-6

This is fascinating! This will provide insight to you as a lady to be able to know the moments when your mister right enjoys the copulation the most. You can then use this to sustain his happiness.

  1. Given that you had the choice, would you rather have sex at dawn or in the dark?

flirty would you rather questions-7

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to make love either when it is already morning or whether it is deep in the night. You therefore need to discuss with your better half about the best time you are both comfortable.

  1. Would you rather deceive on your lover with your ex or with a stranger?

This is a tough question to pose to a guy. However, if you need to know, he would choose to reveal to you his choice between the two options.

  1. If you are aroused, would you rather wait for your lover or do it with a stranger?

This can be asked by the girl when she wants to get versed on whether her guy has the attribute of patience or not.

  1. Would you rather kiss a girl on the first date or hold on your feelings?

flirty would you rather questions-8

This question can be addressed by a lady who wants to know about the intimacy level of a guy when given the very first date.

  1. Since you are a white, would you fall for a white lady or a sexy black one?

Racism should not be the key factor when it comes to choosing a soul mate. One can use this to see whether a man has some aspects of racism.

  1. If your soul mate is HIV positive, would you rather continue dating her or put a halt?

flirty would you rather questions-9

Although most guys would say no, you can still ask a guy this question. If he had already made up his mind on the particular girl, he will not deny it.

  1. If you discover that the girl you love has ever terminated a pregnancy before, would you rather keep the course with her or call it a quit?

Matters to do with pregnancy termination can to some extent, determine whether a guy reduce his affection to a girl or remain unaffected.

  1. Would you rather build a good house or purchase a Ferrari with a billion dollar cash?

flirty would you rather questions-10

Provided that you want to know how a given guy does his spending, you can opt for this question. It is evident that he will give an acquit explanation on his budgetary planning for the money.

  1. Would you rather prefer food cooked by your mum or a meal prepared by your girlfriend?

If the guy loves you more, he would simply choose the one prepared by his lover. If he is uncertain, it might be a difficult question to him.

  1. If you are a virgin, would you rather make out with a virgin lady on the first time or with one who is not?

Matters that concern breaking virginity are better answered if a girl asks the guy. She has the power to make him give out his opinions on the same.

  1. Would you rather marry a doctor or an athlete?

flirty would you rather questions-11

People have varying tastes when it comes to choosing their life partners. This is hence a good question to pose in such a setting.

  1. Would you rather fall for a sexy married lady or for a widower?

It is common to find some married women and widowers getting involved in love affairs with teens. This question can be used in such context to know who among the two the guy can say yes to.

  1. Would you rather love a taller partner or one who is shorter?

flirty would you rather questions-12

Nowadays, the height is one of the major parameters that guys look for when choosing their girlfriends. Therefore, ask him whether he likes a taller or a shorter girl.

  1. For the case of selection, would you rather get intimate with a fat lady or a slim girl?

Most guys have a taste for slim ladies. A few however, prefer fat ones. Have a talk with him to know where he lies and you will understand him better.

  1. Would you rather lose your eye for a girl or lose it for money?

flirty would you rather questions-13

You might want to know how much a guy can love his girlfriend. Through the above question, you can denote.

  1. Would you rather prefer living in the rural or stick to the city

As a lady, you must comprehend what your man loves. That is, whether he loves staying in the village with his mum and da or whether his choice is the city.


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  1. I prefer guys who are sweet,sensitive,and romantic!??I like guys who love me for my personality,and who are equally as smart as me.I would NEVER except someone dumb but hot who only cares about looks?!And I like unique guys are are different from other men.Someone who’s unique in great way

    • It sounds like you know exactly what you want in a relationship! Now, you just have to find that special someone! Good luck, Meredith!


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