Functions of Fats in the Body


healthy fatsThe new revolution in this society makes some believe that all fats are just bad for you. However, it is a proven truth that in every diet everyone needs a bit of healthy fats included in their diet.

Healthy fats provide many health benefits to a person’s body including: maintaining our body’s average temperature, providing sustainance which the body uses to derive energy, and also enabling us to absorb vital essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

But with even all this aforementioned information, you still may be at a loss for understanding how functions of fat in the body really, truly work. This is where this post will come in very handy for you!

To make it very clear that healthy fats play an important role in providing significant nutrition and substantial essentials to help your body to perform more optimally, we have broken it down for you to better absorb this vast information…

Functions of Fats in the Body: Bad Fats and Good Fats

2009-09-23-cookbacon2First of all, there is such thing as healthy fats and bad fats that you can consume from various food groupings. The bad fats like trans-fats are the ones that are REALLY bad for you. The foods that contain trans-fats are foods such as fried foods, fatty red meats, bacon, processed snack foods, baked goods  margarine, and there is still a large list left. But it provides you with a general idea, anyway….

However, there are certain good fats that you need to sustain your body that come from foods such as, olive oil, nuts and legumes,fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines that contain an important cancer fighting, immune boosting, anti aging fat known as an Omega 3’s. Other foods contain healthy non-saturated fats are foods like, Avocodos, eggs, and nuts.

Functions of Fats in the Body: How Do The Work?

There are many functions of fat in the body where they play a crucial part in your body’s overall ability to function properly. Here are just a few ways that fats function and benefit the human body…

images (27)Create Healthy Fat Stores: There are certain reasons a person does have at least a small amount of fat on their body. Whether it is to help with body heat in cold climates or to have fat stores in case of sudden weight loss or lack of food, the body needs some healthy fats so it can store it for these purposes.

Helps the Body to Better Absorb essential Nutrients, Mineral, and Vitamins: Fats that are healthy are beneficial to the body because they also help a person to absorb essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that they need for all of the organs and systems to function optimally.

12Helps The Body to Maintain a Normal Body Temperature: You may already understand that heavier people that possess more fat content on their body are warmer than those who possess nearly no body fat. The reason for this is that fat functions to help the body to balance its core temperature.

Healthy Fats are Expended as Free Energy: The body needs the calories and macronutrients contained in foods. You need to eat a set amount of healthy fats so that your body has a balance that assists it in expelling calories and essentials as energy/

Boosts Your Immune System: There is a large role that eating healthy fats play in protecting your body and systems from diseases, illnesses, and more. Getting the recommended daily dosage of fat can really help you from falling prey and being more prone to catch & contract diseases because of a weakened immune system.

Many Other Numeral Functions: Among the above mentioned functions of fat in the body, there is still tens of other functions of fat in the body that healthy fats contribute towards including: optimizes cells membranes in the body and in the brain, contribute to the growth and health of nails, skin, & hair, and also help boost hormone production.

Foods that Help Functions of Fat in the Body

1lbFatWhen opting to get  the recommended amount of healthy fats in your diet, you should absolutely stick to polysaturated fats or monosaturated fats. Each of these types of fat help you to decrease your risks of contracting cardiovascular disease (clogged arteries.) These good fats can also help lower your bad cholesterol and to increase good cholesterol levels in your blood stream.

The worst types of fats you can consumer too much of are considered  Trasn and saturated fats. The increase cholesterol in the blood stream and can cause you to be of higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Additionally, these fats are present in foods such as processed, pre-packaged foods, beef and pork, lobster and shrimp and other seafoods (sans salmon and tuna), and in most dairy foods (whole milk, cheese, sour cream, cream, margarine, butter.)

There is an ample list of foods that help functions of fat in the body;These are the types of healthy fats you should try to distribute and include in your daily diet listed below:


IMG_5076Eggs are a substantial source of good fat. Although there is always great debate of whether eating them often causes cholesterol levels to rise, the good that they provide the body outweighs the  bad. Eggs are high in protein..

They contain a total of 5 grams of fat where only 1% is saturated.  If you are concerned about the fat content in eggs, you can opt to not eat the yolk of the egg as it is where the highest content of saturated fat is contained.


avocado-sliced-in-halfAvocadoes are a substantial source of good fat as it only contains a very limited amount of saturated fat.

Its redemption from being referred to as a high fat food is that it has been discovered that eating avocodoes can actually help decrease your bad cholesterol level. Its fat content is a whopping 30 grams in a single serving.

Salmon, Sardine, and Tuna

salmonAlthough a vast amount of seafood dishes and cuisines contain a high amount of trans and saturated fats, tuna, sardines, and especially salmon have the good type of healthy fat along with essential fatty acids that promote many health benefits.

For best results most experts and doctors suggest that a person include at minimum 2 servings of this type of healthy-fat fish.


deluxe-mixed-nuts-roasted-unsaltedStudies performed on the impact of nuts and legumes on the body have proven that the functions of fat in the body provided by the consumption of pecans, peanuts, pistaccios, cashews, Walnuts and almonds can decrease their risk for getting diabetes& heart disease. Additionally each different type of nut can contain other essentials such as omega 3’s, cartenoids, and other vitamins that are beneficial to one’s health.

Olive Oil

Olive-Oil (1)Olive oil used in cooking, included in your diet and on your skin can be medicinally beneficial.

It is a natural oil that is known to fight & prevent cancer, decrease the risk for heart disease, and also help balance blood pressure.

Although it is relatively high in calories, if you moderate your use of it- its very good for you!


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