15 Things To Talk About With A Girl


Before you can become a pro on how to talk to women, you must fail a few tests. However, some people are just unlucky because as much as they try, they cannot make any improvement. You do not have to keep tying yourself in this mess. If you really need to convince someone’s heart, you must first learn how to bring up an appropriate conversation and maintain it lively. As a man, think of how many girlfriends you lost simply because of some irrelevant topics you brought up? Perhaps they are countless. Nevertheless, you do not have to regret the past but to learn from it for a better present and the future. If you ever made a mistake before, it is high time that you should reform and start doing the right thing. You will your most appropriate aid here.

How to find the best topic to talk about with a girl

Finding the best topic to talk to a girl is not as easy as you might think. Some people are however blessed in this and when you take them close to any lady, they will quickly learn her mind and will bring up the most appropriate topic within the shortest period of time. On the contrary, other guys are unlucky. Even if they stay with a girl a thousand years, they will never bring up an enchanting topic. Such people exist and they need help. Are you one of them? In case you just nodded your head, you have the most appropriate solution. The following five hints can help you find the best topic to talk about with a girl:

  1. Understand her likes and dislikes

Girls like adventures and therefore, there are many things they like most. Similarly, there are some things they dislike and when you bring them up naively, they might get furious. You therefore need to watch closely and discover what her likes and dislikes are. If she feels irritated at the mention of something, you should take note of it so that when you want to bring up a conversation, you will avoid it. However, when you have good comprehension of her likes, you will simply pick up one idea and bring it up. Quickly, you will engage her in the conversation because she will be enjoying the topic.

  1. Ask her directly

At times, you might have no choice but simply to ask her what she wishes you to talk about. This is best employed when you feel she has something in her thoughts that she wants you to talk about but cannot because of shyness. When you ask her to open up, she will definitely feel relieved and therefore, she will not hesitate to bring it up. However, you should be very conscious not to say anything against her feelings. If she needed your help, you must assure her that you will be there for her any time she feels lonely.

  1. Take time to know her better

One greatest mistake that guys make when they want to talk to their girlfriends is that, they try to do everything so fast without taking their time to understand them better. Girls are people who might be quite difficult to understand if you are not very keen. You therefore need to take your time and simply watch her closely before you can attempt to bring up any sensitive topic that might stir up her emotions.

  1. Understand her state of mind

Gils are hormonal people and this is something that all guys must know. Being in this state, their moods and emotions are guided by hormonal changes in the body. You therefore need to understand when she is moody and when she fine. At times, girls might do things they do not comprehend when you ask them some time later. Therefore, at such times, the best topic to talk to them is should touch on comfort and encouragements. Moreover, when she shows sadness, you should quickly understand that she needs a shoulder and therefore, the topic should as well be pertinent. On the other side, when she is in her happy mood, she definitely wants you to talk about things that will simply make her laugh and enjoy the moment. You should utilize such time to tell her all the good things you have deep in your heart and this will with no doubt drive her crazy.

  1. Ask her friends

This is especially when you just met recently and you do not understand her very well. You can identify her closest friends. Her friends can be handy in this case and they can give you a way out. You do not have to hesitate. Face her directly in the eyes and ask them what your girl likes talking about when they are together. I bet this will save a lot of your time and you will be able to avoid bringing up topics that might embarrass her. Even though friends are helpful, you should be very observant. Some friends might want to turn you down and therefore, they might tell you undesirable things that might turn on her anger. In cases where you have doubts, simply think twice before you utter “hello.”

Things to talk about with a girl

It is true that there are people who have stayed with girls for more than ten years but they have never had even a single kiss, leave alone sex! As ridiculous as it sounds, this can be drive one crazy and think that he is a failure. No, you are not. By simply putting more focus on the topics you bring about when you are with her, things can be a bit different. Who does not know that girls are driven by words? Whatever you tell her can make a great difference. If you are one of those people who have poor communication skills, you have an opportunity to make a change. It is good that you have a few things at the back of your mind so that whenever you get in contact with her, you have something to say rather than appearing blank.  It can be your lucky day and the simple words you say to her can create a huge impact. You will be shocked to be asked for a date in the next few minutes after your hot conversation.

There are guys who like spending their time with shy girls such that when they encounter extrovert girls, they get completely confused. This is an implication that you not only have to learn on how to talk to introvert girls but also to extroverts. By equipping yourself with these skills, you will be one of the few lucky guys. Moreover, some girls might just refuse to tell you anything unless you bring up a good topic. They think that if they decide to break up the silence, either they may say something wrong or they might feel weaker. It is natural for girls to shy away from boys. Even though you might have fallen a hundred times, it is high time you make a turn around by mastering these 15 vital things. Whenever you want to talk to a girl let them rule your conversation:

  1. Talk about her passion

As far as you are too much into her, you should let this be the first thing to talk about. Although people have made it a cliché, the word has not yet lost its meaning. Girls are normally passionate about different things in life. For instance, there are those who will tell you that there passion is to help the aged while others will tell you that there passion is to become successful politicians in future. As far as she mentions this to you, you should be ready to bring it up as a topic. I bet she will be very happy to hear you talk about her passion. She will be pleased to pose a few questions to you and her expectations will be great. However, when you talk about this topic, you should take care not to say much negative things about her passion because this will definitely discourage her. If what she dreams about is worth going form, then do not hesitate to support her and even promise to help her make her dreams come true.  If the lady works in one of the most respectable firms in the city, you should quickly know that she has a passion for something different, perhaps not related to her career.

  1. The importance of family

When a girl loves you, she expects that you also love her back and also extent the love to her family. You must not do it otherwise because hatred to her family might stir up her wrath. There are girls who like to identify themselves with their native cultures. Right from the conversation, you will be able to tell whether she loves her values and customs including her family or not. For instance, if she tells you that she does not like her family, something should strike up your mind to give her a piece of advice. Family is all that we have and we must respect every family member. They are people that God has given to us and therefore, we must show love and happiness towards them. Girls that do not want to identify themselves with their families are more likely to frown whenever any of their family members nears the compound. By advising her on the importance of having a family therefore, you might successfully change their minds.

  1. The craziest thing she has ever done

As long as we live with all kinds of people in the society, there are many crazy things we done especially when we are alone. Most girls would try to hide such things for fear of embarrassment. However, if you assure them that you will not criticize her if she tells you, she will be definitely open with you and you get every detail. Make sure you avert from making any kind of judgment to her. However, if you find it funny, you can crack a few jokes out of it and enjoy as you laugh together.

  1. The meaning of life

There are women who like talking much about life and philosophy. This does not mean they are too talkative but it is just something they enjoy doing. Therefore, when you bring up such topic, they will quickly join you and you two will have a great time with no regrets.

  1. Love

Love is almost talked everywhere. Most girls would not be embarrassed to talk about love especially if they have feeling for you. From the conversation you will probe up, you will read in between the lines that she really wants you. She might for examples ask you about some of the features you like on a girl or tell you about the kind of a man she would like to spend the rest of her life with. Be ready to take up the challenge and prepare to response appropriately.

  1. Travel adventures in her life

Almost everyone has had an adventure on a journey. Therefore, you can request her to tell you about a travel adventure she will never forget. When she is done, you can take the challenge and then tell her about yours as well. If you have ever gone to the strangest place, let her know about the experience.

  1. The craziest sexual experiences

Are you dating a girl who has ever been another relationship before? Definitely, she might have a story to tell. You have to be a good listener in order to probe her to tell you more of the story. Do not criticize her if she tells you something sensitive

  1. Her dreams

At least every person has something he or she would like to achieve in life. This can be a great topic where you can both share your dreams. Dreams can vary from one person to another. Therefore, even if you believe what she is telling you are not a big deal, you have to lower your ego and just listen, smile and laugh wherever necessary.

  1. The art of seduction

The girl you are talking to might have been seduced by someone in life or vice versa. She might have been looking for someone trustworthy to share the ordeal. It is not wrong to let the girl know about your long term dream of becoming one of the best seducers in the town so that you can end up with multiple women. This willdefinitely not make her judge you but the story will probe up a discussion.

  1. Her biggest secret

Girls are people who have biggest secrets that no one has ever known about. Therefore, if she likes you, she will let the cat out of the basket. However, you must promise her that it will be kept confidential. The fact that she has told you means that she trusts you and therefore, you must not misuse this trust.

  1. Her hobbies

Girls are known to have lots of hobbies although some of them might not be true. If she tells you something you doubt about, you do not have to make a joke out of it. Instead, simple encourage her to go for them. It is definite that she might ask you to narrate to her your hobbies. You must think fast and know that this could be a way of trying to find out if you two match each other.

  1. Movies

Do you like movies so much? If you do, you can give her an opportunity to tell you some of her best movies. It is fun when you two love similar movies. You can even try to narrate some of them just to extent the story to another level. This is an opportunity to talk about your favorite actors and actresses and even your worst actors as well.

  1. Music

Who does not listen to music? Her music might not match yours but still you should be in a position to appreciate what she enjoys most. In case you would want her to listen to a particular music, you should find a romantic way to pass this message or otherwise, you might just ruin everything. Be eager to support her great artists so that she can be sure you love her plus everything she loves.

  1. Her favorite celebrity

Each person has a passion to at least one or two celebrities. Be it in movies or sports, you should be ready to listen. If this contradicts to what you know, do not bring up an argument but simply support what she is saying. After she has talked and you have listened, you can tell her about your choices. Giving her a chance to talk about her celebrities is a good way to learn more about her general personality about people.

  1. Childhood memories

Everyone has a big story to tell as far as childhood memories are concerned. Ask her to tell you some of the crazy things she recalls doing when she was still a small kid. In case you have some bit of her history, you can even forge ahead to remind her of some of the crazy things she used to do. This will make you laugh and just enjoy being around each other.

Things not to talk about with a girl

As much as you are eager to start talking to her, you should keep it in mind that there are some things that girls would not want to hear. It is only when you read and master them that you will be in a position to avoid them. The y may seem simple but trust me there are guys who have broken up with their loved ones simply because they uttered about some of these forbidden things. You do not have to taste the same water but you can learn so that you avoid them in future. These have been clearly outlined below:

  1. Religion

It is crazy when a guy starts to talk to a girl about religion. You should by all means avert from mentioning it because this might change the girl’s perspective about you. For instance, she might think you are too religious and therefore, you might not be interested in owning her heart. Instead of wasting your time here, think of something more sensible

  1. Your possessions

Most girls will view you as a proud person when you start boasting about how much money you have in the bank, how many cars you have and the big mansion you have in one of the biggest estates in the city. This might cost you and you might not see her again. To be on the safer side, simply make sure that you avoid this as much as you can.

  1. Ex-girlfriends

Most girls want you to focus on them and avoid thinking about those who were in your life many years back. This tells them that you have no interest in them. Therefore, instead of losing such a pretty girls because of talking about your ex-girlfriends, simply tell her how pretty she is or how the dress she is wearing is looks fabulous to you. After the talk, you can be sure that you would have worn part of her heart. Always be careful when it comes to this topic.

  1. Politics

It is true that only a handful of girls will smile at you when you bring up this topic. Most of them will think you luck something sensible you can tell them and therefore, if you were planning to propose anything like a date, they might definitely say no.

  1. Weird sexual stories

Sex is something sensitive and you must know what to tell them and what to keep to yourself. If you choose to open up every weird thing you have ever done with your ex-girlfriends, you can be sure that she will not still have the same interest in you as she had before. To be secure, simply leave it out of your conversation.


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