Yellow Feet

yellow feetIf you’ve found yourself checking your skin color and asking what are all the causes of yellow skin, let’s name some of the conditions besides jaundice. Discoloration of the skin can be caused by numerous reasons, from drug consumption to a food consumption. It can be nothing to worry about, but it would be wise to consult with your doctor in order to consider every possibility and exclude all the severe conditions.

Causes of Yellow Skin

Let’s name some of the most frequent conditions which cause yellow skin.


The jaundice is a condition known for yellow skin color. It is caused by bilirubin build up in the blood. The cause of excessive bilirubin levels can also be due to many things such as red blood cells disease, liver damage, blockage of the biliary duct, etc. All of these can cause two types of bilirubin in the system, one is conjugated and the other is non-conjugated. These two types can cause different symptoms which depend on chemical properties of both types of bilirubin. Bilirubin that is caused by biliary duct blockage is the conjugated bilirubin which can be seen in the urine as dark brown color, where it produces the urobilinogen and also cause jaundice of the skin. The feces will be white since the bilirubin which gives the color to the feces does not come to the intestines due to bile blockage. Other causes of jaundice can result from pancreatic cancer, hemolysis, malaria and other reasons.


This is a condition caused by excessive beta-carotene in the tissue which causes yellow/orange skin. Beta-carotene can be found in carrots, potatoes, oranges, spinach, etc. The sole of the feet and also the palms of the hands turn orange which is harmless condition and it goes away after diet regulation. Columbia University’s Health Services report that three 8-inch carrots a day or over 20 mg per day can cause hypercarotenemia.

Trinitrotoluene Poisoning

TNT is an explosive which can give a skin discoloration of those who get in touch with it. The hands and feet can turn yellow and this happens when the nitro group from TNT reacts with melanin from the skin.

Yellow Nails

Some conditions can cause yellow nails like some respiratory diseases or lymphedema. This can have some associated symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, swelling of the hands, nail cuticle detachment, dark fingernails, etc.

How to Treat Yellow Skin?

It is important to diagnose the right cause of yellow skin discoloration. Some conditions such as Hypercarotenemia doesn’t need special drugs, just a diet correction. Others, such as anemia can be treated with iron supplements and special diet or folate and B12 vitamin. Anemia can show the result after month or two of treatments. Other causes such as liver disease have to be treated by professionals. These conditions include hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer. Other conditions such as respiratory diseases and lymphedema need to be surgically corrected and treated with proper medication.

If you are worried about your health or you’re feeling any other symptoms, you should go visit your doctor and check your health in order to prevent any complications.

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