Belly Button Bleeding


The belly button, technically called umbilicus, is actually a scar from your birth. It left there on your tummy when the umbilical cord is cut off during childbirth. While it is an object of amusement for children, some adults find it seductive. People often get the navel pierced too. But, proper care should be taken if you want to save yourself the embarrassment due to any discharge or odor coming out as a result of any (6)

If you have been observing any kind of smell or even a little bleeding from your belly button, you are absolutely right if you think it’s serious. It is not a common problem. Thus, many people do not know about it. The common cause of infection in navel is infection. However, it can also occur due to fungal growth. It can also occur due to an injury. But, whatever is the cause, belly button bleeding is poses a considerable risk to your overall health if you do not cure it in time.

Once your doctor determines the cause of discharge from your navel after examining required tests, you must follow the proper track of treatment.

Causes of belly button bleeding

There are several unnoticed causes of bleeding from the navel. Let us take a look at the few of them:

Skin Infection

Skin infection is the most common reason why you might be experiencing discharge from your navel. Belly button is one of the best places for bacteria and fungi to grow because they find a moist, dark and warm place to grow. If there is skin infection, you might observe the following symptoms:

The area around the navel becomes colored due to swelling. After a while, the discharge begins followed by minor bleeding. However, this bleeding may increase later. But, no matter what is the amount of bleeding, you must consult a doctor.

The type of treatment given to you will depend upon the extent and type of infection. You could be recommended oral medications or medicated topicals.

Cyst growth

Though it is rare cause, it can still be a possibility that you might have developed cyst, which causes bleeding. The cyst is also known as a duct more accurately, and is a urachal remnant. It implies that we required a link from our umbilicus to the abdominal wall while we were still in the mother’s womb. However, when we grow out, this link does not close over and the result is occasional bleeding. This cause may pose serious threat for infection despite being a normative cause and hence, must be taken seriously.


If you have suffered a trauma or an injury, which has created an abrasion or a wound in the navel, you must rush for cure as soon as you notice it. However, it may not surface immediately, because the bruising does not seem much grave. But, it may compromise the tissue around the area and may begin the blood discharge through the belly button. This cause is common among people who have given birth to a child, had undergone an abdominal surgery, or met an accident which impacted the navel area.

Surgical procedure

The surgeries which include using the navel space as a doorway for laproscopic operation tools may also cause bleeding from belly button.

Belly button piercingdownload (7)

This cause is becoming more common after the trend of piercing in the navel has caught up. If the piercing is not done correctly, or proper care is not done afterwards, this area might catch infection. It is also important to note that this infection in the navel may get communicated to others as well. Thus, you must be very careful if you are suffering an infection due to piercing.

Some other causes

Sometimes, you might be under more serious conditions like problems in your reproductive system or in your abdomen.

What can you do about bleeding from the navel?

Seek the doctor consultation immediately if you see even a small amount of bleeding from the navel. If this condition is left untreated, it may result in serious complications. If you leave it untreated, it may spread in the abdomen and cause other problems as well. The doctors can do the appropriate examination and conduct tests to determine the cause of infection. You may be prescribed antibiotic medicines and anti-fungal creams to heal the wound.

Even if you do not see any other symptoms except bleeding, you must not delay to seek treatment.

How to maintain hygiene in the belly button?

  • Wash the belly button area every day with an antibacterial soap. Also, ensure that the area is pat dried after the wash. This routine is particularly important for those who have a navel piercing.
  • Allow the navel scab over entirely. The scab is a crucial part of the process of healing. Thus, do not scratch or pick at the navel.
  • If you have an infection already, do not use any cosmetic products in the area, even those with the label of “antiseptic”. It is better to use salty warm water to clean the area and then pat dry.

What others have to say about belly button bleeding?

  1. “One fine day, my navel began to hurt very badly when I pushed on it. There was some redness around the navel skin. After a few days, my belly button began seeping very dreadful smelling pus. The blood also came out after every few minutes and the redness and the pain was gone. After some weeks, there is no oozing of pus from the navel frequently. But, it happens occasionally, with the unpleasant smell. I have planned to see a doctor but can anyone suggest what this problem can be?”


  1. “This is the most awkward medical condition I have ever faced. I have an innie navel. Some days ago, the belly button began aching a lot. So, I tried to poke it a little and did my finest efforts to leave it untouched. It was crusty and dry last morning (not the complete area, only a small knob of skin inside the navel that is also becoming prominent). It also began bleeding last night. I hoped that it would heal on its own but it’s getting worse. It also bled today morning.

The problematic area seems to be that knob only. It seems more yellowish and bigger than before. It does not hurt till the time I poke it. The sensation is less than some actual pain.

I have planned to see a doctor. But, if anyone knows what it is, or have undergone any similar situation, please enlighten me. And yes, my navel is not pierced.”


  1. I just found blood when I was itching around my belly button it smell kinda foul I did have a surgery a couple years ago around my belly button I had a hernia so what does anyone think

    • It would be beneficial for you to speak with a medical professional at this time. It is possible that you have an infection. Continue to monitor your symptoms at this time. This will help you address any questions that your doctor may have for you. Best of luck, Cynthia!

  2. I had my tubes tied through my belly button. Ever since, I get pains there, bleeding and discharge with a fowl smell. I’m on medicaid and making appointments isn’t always the easiest. There’s always a waiting list and sometimes it’s so long that changing doctors seems like a better option but then again all the other medicaid doctors are impossible to get into right away.
    I need help, I’m very scared about this. What do I do?

    • You may want to speak with another doctor. Perhaps speak with a walk in clinic doctor, as their prices may be more reasonable than another doctor. Make an appointment at this time. Continue to monitor your experiences. This will help you best address any questions that your doctor may have. Best of luck, Sharise!

  3. My belly button is moist, especially when I am sweaty from working outside, but I have not worked outside in a few days and my belly button has been bleeding during the night and I woke up to crusty blood encircling my belly button. This seems to be an on and off problem. What do you think?

    • Did you injure it or pick at it? have you had your belly button pierced recently? It sounds like you injured it in some way. Even if you do not pick at your belly button, it is possible that you do it during your sleep without realizing it. Or, you are allergic to something in your clothes that is irritating the skin and causing it to bleed. If this does not stop happening and you can’t find a reason for it, go to your doctor.

    • Make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. Do not worry about what tests they do. It is important that you speak with a doctor. Make an appointment today. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you can better answer your doctor’s questions. Best of luck, Kathh!

  4. I saw my doctor today who confirmed I had an infection in my navel. He took a swab and sent me home with antibiotics and wipes to clean it. Since then I have had to wipe blood and discharge from it twice and every time I move to much I once again start bleeding (enough to overflow the navel whilst on my back) should I seek a hospital or wait as the doctor did not see me bleed and was probably unaware of how much it was leaking.

    • It depends on how much it is bleeding. If you are gushing blood, by all means, go to the doctor again immediately. If it is just a little blood, it may just be from the scab re-breaking open whenever you move. If you are not comfortable or you are bleeding a lot, then it is certainly a good idea to go to the doctor to get help. You may also be able to call the doctor’s office from home, and they will be able to tell you if you need to come in without you having to actually leave your house.

  5. yesterday my belly button had started lightly bleeding an had infection in it to an i was wandering if where i had my tubes tied through my belly button three years ago have anything to do with it

    • It is likely not caused by your tubes being tied. However, if the infection is close to the incision, then it would be most wise of you to make an appointment with a medical professional. In fact, you may want to do so anyway. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you can best answer your doctor’s questions in the future. Remain positive and mindful as you move forward, Miller!

  6. I suddenly find myself in the same situation as the other posters. At first there was bleeding around my belly button, then scabbed over, then more bleeding and another scab. I do have a skin issue that I attributed to a medication side effect, but perhaps that’s not the case at all.

    • Could you possibly have an allergy to your belt buckle, pant’s button or shirt? If you cannot figure out the cause of the bleeding, you may want to visit your doctor to get check out. It is also possible that something happened to cause the bleeding and you did not realize–like getting cut during the night or while you were busy. Since you wear clothes, this could have brushed off the scab and made it bleed again. At any rate, I would put a bandage over it so that the scab does not get knocked off and visit your doctor if it does not start to heal. Good luck!

  7. Hello i have this Problem .. i have blood in my bally from 3 months… I don’t know why… But its cut in the center of belly.. and i don’t want to go hospital … Can anyone please help…am very scard for operation or somthing like that… Really too much worry about it… And also i have no pain + hurt… But its always Blood leaking and after some time i have to Clean it ..

    • If you have a cut in the center of your stomach, then it would be best for you to speak with a doctor. If you are unable to do so, then you should share this with your family so they can do their best to help you. If you do not want to speak with your family, then be sure to take proper care of your wound. Perhaps use some alcohol or other antiseptic and then cover it with a bandage. Try to care for your wound as best as possible.

    • I had this problem a dew years ago and they discovered i had an abcess as well as a cyst. I had surgery and was in a lot of pain. Now years later im dealing with same issue again so back to the hospital

      • Oh, dear–that does not sound like fun at all. I had a cyst once that ruptured, and the pain was nearly unbearable. Hopefully, your doctor will be able to take care of it and you can stop being in so much pain. Good luck, Amy Detlefsen!


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